The Natural Treatment Of Hiatus Hernia

The Natural Treatment Of Hiatus Hernia

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker, author
of Candida Crusher. Thanks for checking out my video. I have a request from my YouTube subscriber
to my Candida Crusher channel regarding hiatus hernia. Eric, can you please explain about hiatus
hernia and also the natural treatment for it? What’s the most effective way to remedy this
problem? I’ve got it pretty bad. Hiatus hernia is actually not that uncommon. It tends to occur more in people like my age,
50 plus. Many people who have this problem, in fact,
are not really sure what they’ve got. I think they’ve got a nerve or acid stomach. They think that they have heartburn or reflux. Let’s have a look at what a hiatus hernia
is. When we chew food and swallow it, it goes
through the mouth into the esophagus into the stomach. But to do so, it has to pass through this
thick area of muscle called the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a powerful part of the body
that really helps the lungs to work properly and helps the lung to expand. It’s a very important part of respiration
or breathing. The esophagus is a hollow tube then it goes
through this big piece of thick muscle, the diaphragm. All a hiatus hernia is is basically the stomach
being displaced and coming up into the esophageal region. Now, what happens is you can have some stomach
acid coming back up through the diaphragm, so the bottom part of the esophagus giving
like reflex or reflux disease or GERD or heartburn. It can be really uncomfortable for some people. But there are other causes also naturally. They call hiatus hernia “the great mimic”
of that condition. People who’ve got it may think, as I mentioned,
that they’ve’ got something wrong with their stomach. Some people may think they’re getting a heart
attack, in fact. Thinking “Oh, my god. I’ve got pain in the chest. Quick, call the doctor. I’m dying of a heart attack.” Why does it occur? How does it occur? It tends to occur more in women than men. It tends to occur in older people. I’ve seen it in more unfit people, larger
people, people that carry quite a bit of weight. People who tend to keep in good physical shape,
eat the right kind of food and don’t stress so much have much less a problem with hiatus
hernia. Some people also believe that it can be from
repressed emotions, being peeved off or angry or I can’t stomach this anymore. Things like that. I certainly believe that there will be some
kind of emotional component to some people’s presentation of it. Under acid stomach is very common. In fact, I’m going to do some videos on hypochlorhydria. Where a person has not enough production of
digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid. That can mimic itself like an overproduction
and give heartburn. There are certain ways we can fix hiatus hernia
up and keep it under control. One thing I’d like you to consider if you’ve
got it and you’ve been diagnosed with it is you take up breathing, is to learn how to
breathe properly. How to activate your vagus nerve properly. How to really use the diaphragm properly. By seeing an expert Buteyko practitioner and
you can find them in America by going to the Buteyko website and look for a registered
professional. We’ve got them in New Zealand, Australia. We’ve got them Europe. We’ve got them in the USA. These people are going to help you immensely
if you’ve got a hiatus hernia. A couple of years ago, I started searching
online for a technique that would really help my patients. And I found an interesting YouTube video by
a Dr. David Williams, but there are many other videos you can similarly see. I’m going to demonstrate that technique right
now. It’s quite a simple technique. What we’re going to try to do is we’re going
to try to relax the diaphragm and we’re going to try to make the hole a little bit bigger. I’m going to show you in a minute and then
we’re going to try to force that diaphragm down a little bit and then tighten that area
up again. If you do this exercise every single day and
you continue it on for quite a few weeks and months and also learn how to breathe properly
through Buteyko and understand the connection with eating the right kind of food and learn
to back off the stress, you should be able to reverse this thing naturally and get it
in check. You should not have to remain on acid blocking
medication for the rest of your life like your doctor leads you to believe. It’s a pretty dumb thing to keep medication
to block stomach acid when a simple technique like I’ll show you can give you enormous relief
from this condition. I want you to stand up. The first thing we’re going to do, which I’m
not going to do, but I’ll show you is you get a glass. In this case, it’s a cup. Then you’re going to put probably about half
to three quarters of water in the glass. You don’t have to have the water too hot,
but reasonably warm water. You’re going to drink that water. Then you’re going to relax for a minute and
just breathe in and out and try to do a little bit of belly breathing. Then you’re going to lift the hands up. Then what we’re going here is we’re bringing
the diaphragm up a little bit and we’re opening the hole there by doing this. What we’re going to do now when we’ve done
that, we’ve got the hands in this position, and we’ve got that water in our stomach to
relax our stomach. Put a bit of weight in there is you can just
do a bit of gentle dropping on the ground like I’m doing now. Now, some breathing again. What we’re trying to do now is activate the
diaphragm and close that hole off a little bit. What I’ve just shown you there is a very simple
technique to relax the diaphragm, expand it, put a bit of weight in the tummy and then
with gravity, pull that tummy down and just hopefully close the diaphragm off properly. With proper breathing control, when you learn
how to master breathing properly, nasal breathing, belly breathing, never mouth breathing, which
is the essence of Buteyko and slowing your rate of breath right now. You’re going to master the ability to control
hiatus hernia naturally. I can almost certainly guarantee within six
months of doing this, you’re going to rarely be bothered by GERD again. Give it a go. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. Lots of tips like that. And the other one is click on the link below
in the description box and you can get a free Candida report. Thanks for tuning in.

22 Replies to “The Natural Treatment Of Hiatus Hernia”

  1. Hello Eric, i'm a 20 year old guy who has hiatal hernia and i really have acid problems and because of that i've got chronical pharangytis. Because of all that i'm really stressed out and i really don't know what to do. I am verry young for these kinds of issues. How can i reduce&cure my pharangytis,reflux and hiatal hernia naturally? You're reply would mean the world to me.

  2. I've been diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia, if I master this technique and use it for a couple months, will I be able to Lift heavy weights again during exercise?

  3. Hi Eric, is it normal if i can feel, and even just about visibly see, a hard bulge in my chest in the middle where the hiatus is? I am 26 years old and was diagnosed with a 2-3cm sliding hiatus hernia last year, my main symptoms are hoarseness/sore throat and bloating and I also get short of breath sometimes. Do you think it is still possible to reverse this if i practice diaphragmatic breathing and Dr Williams' technique daily? I am concerned that I have developed this so young so am keen to start trying to reverse it if possible!

  4. Hi this is a very useful video. I have one question, is it possible that the first time(s) you do the "drop" exercises, it pains more while it falls back into position?

  5. I have had part of a rib removed years ago as part of reconstructive surgery. Never had a problem until whiplash car injury
    a few years back when I was told I had dislocated ribs/rib joints and did have severe spasm in the rib cage and diaphragm area.
    Coudl this contribute to what seem to be hiatal hernia symptoms and do you think given the alterations fromthe rib graft that the self healing techniques can still work. As you say it is annoying and some people suggest not lifting things and other physical restrictions which seems not a good long term propostion. Are there any excescise options that you feel are particulary well suited to helping rebuild. i know my upper body and core have been stressed and I was not able to excercise
    the way I used to for quiet some time, Gained weight had foot and ankle problems that seemed to stem form the imbalance in the chest structure moveing into the pelvic floor and also causing spasms in the hips at odd times, standing on a ladder while lifting the arms, walking in sand became a problem that i never experience before. So back to good rehab excercises that might help rebuild while not aggravating. Will of course do the water thing but in view of the other factors would like to know what is good to do to start strengthening and excercising again.

  6. I have been off Prilosec for a few weeks now, taking Betain HCL with Pepsin daily with my protein rich meals, and supplementing with probiotics and apple cider vinegar; also reducing my meal quantities and eating healthier. I recently learned that an Hiatal Hernia was noted during my endoscopy about a year ago. Can you tell me whether it would be okay to continue with the HCL supplements, knowing now that I do have the hiatal hernia, and that it could be an irritant to it?

  7. Thanks for posting; I'm going to try this. How many times for the up and down motion, and how many times per day?

  8. I liked one difference in your instructions for the treatment with drinking water, which is to use warm water. I had not seen others recommend that. It makes sense, to help everything relax inside. I'm also curious why you call it "hiatus" hernia, where all the literature I am reading says "hiatal".

  9. Hi, can you tell me if this technique can 'cure' a hiatus hernia or is it a way to relieve the symptoms? I have a 4cm hernia and apparently a loose diaphragm due to hyper mobility. Thanks

  10. Dr, can buteyko breathing help with shortness of breath due tô hiatal hérnia. My worst sympton is the extreme fatigue caused by stomach dont allowing the diaphragm tô fully expand. When i try a deep abdominal breathing i feel my diaphragm being squeezed.

  11. Hi. Unfortunately I can't do the heel dropping exercise because I have 2 bulging spinal discs. Is there another exercise I can do? What about 'stomach pulling'? John Douillard has a Youtube video on the technique.

  12. Hiatal hernia is a swallowing disorder. IQoro Sweden has developed a medical device that addresses hiatal hernia.

  13. What about h pylori ? I have a very small hernia was found 9 years ago through X-ray so now for last two months I have chest pain shortness of breath sore throat back pain caughing sensation acid reflux and also I was diagnosed with h pylori last week again after 9 years,,, do you think if I eradicate the h pylori my symptoms will go away a well???

  14. I don't know if I have a hiatus hernia. But I can't swallow well, I need to chew many times a little piece of food before swallowing. Later, if I cheer up to eat a little more. It's possible that I can't breathe well or feel pressure between my neck and my chest. My reflux was caused my medicine against my allergy. I have overweight. 50 pounds. I have a better diet today but I want to heal without surgery. For your experience those symptom is from hiatus hernia?

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