7 Replies to “The Origin of Vaccines”

  1. Bullshit.  Edward Jenner got (Bought) his medical degree from a Scotland diploma mill; he never attended medical school.  Jenner took an 8 year old boy against his will, slit open his wrists and smeared puss into the wounds from milkmaid boils, and as if this was not criminal enough, he then took puss from a boil of a man with what was assumed at the time to be a lethal disease; smallpox.  BY every measure and every moral and ethical standard, Jenner and his experiments are criminal.  And that is the foundation of this barbaric practice of vaccination.

  2. It was pluming , soap and sanitation that wiped out every thing and vaccines has a 1 out 50 chance that your kid will become autistic. Only the 3rd world ware they shit on the street and don't wash there hands and cloths has deadly viruses affecting people. This is just propaganda.

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