The Perfect Battery Pack?

The Perfect Battery Pack?

Feels good to be home~ People send me a lot of things here Today I’ve got something I really- I have no idea what it is Alright it’s from Mophie so, I’m assuming there’s a battery type of, conversation we’re about to have, about all the cool batteries, for your various gadgets Check out the art work here, this dude in the middle he’s obviously the savior Everyone needs a little bit of juice from the man This dosen’t look like something you could buy in a store I think Mophie went to the next level here like this is made out of some… It’s a serious box, it’s heavy *reveals holy grail* *subtle* Whooh Woah! It looks to me, like we are working with, the latest in battery pack solution. So, this is called the Power Station It’s got that Rose Gold You could see here couple of USBs. A USB IN for charging it up. Battery indicator on the side. Very slim. What’s this guy over here? The Charge Force Power Station. That’s a bigger boy. Now this one is 10,000 mAh This guy over here is 6,040 Next up, ooh this one has a nice little curve to it And one of my favorite things ever, built in cable. OHH! LET’S TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER! WHAT!? Micro USB AND Lightning, Jack pick that up, this is important! This is what should have been done a long time ago Alright? These are some of my favourite packs, the one ones that has the cables built-in Line up your phone along side, pull the cable out, put it in like that, and then just have ’em both in your pocket charging at the same time Oooh, this is like Christmas here, Power Station USB C So they took the words right out of my mouth there, so if you’re on Oh, I don’t know any of the number of USB C devices that are out there Uh, maybe you’re on one of these new MacBooks, you get the idea Alright, ok, so, those are the new packs But, look at this Christmas is not over yet, I almost missed that, Jack pick that up! Number 4/10. This is super limited right here Woah Holy moly! O_O Just when you thought they were done So, this goes over the product line a little bit more over here We’re looking at 20,000 mAh in a Space Grey, that’s gonna match a Space Grey… iPhone or iPad Now there’s 2 separate output’s on here, 1 AMP, 2.1 AMPS I just realized, ok, this one the Charge Force Power Station, This is actually.. Oh, now this I’ma use, This is actually a wireless charger as well. So, it’s a battery backup but also wireless charger You’ve got your wireless charger that’s always with you, but then you got the extra juice that’s already in it as well. That is a slim version of this guy It’s again that universal adaptable cable Micro USB or lightning If your all about portability, I mean that is smaller than your phone So that’s Power Station Mini, again no cable but, super slim So, this one comes in this blue, pink, there’s purple, white and black so, *Knock knock who’s there interrupting FaceTime* This one here, ahh. Ok, so I’m starting to get it now. This is part of the plus series like this alright, so, 2 smaller sizes then the big boy with the cable built in Those are the different series Now- Oh my *laughs*, they hit me with the cables too, look, lots of really short ones I get way to excited about short cables Little short micro USB cables, a couple of USB C cables So, there you have it Let me know in the comments, which is your favorite? Is it all about wireless charging for you? Is it about having the built in cable? Do you need a big one, do you want a small one? It looks to me like, they’ve really expanded their product line, here. I’m gonna go with the wireless, I’ve been using the S7. You guys might not know this, but I’ve been using an S7 with a juice pack on it Okay? On this device heres giving me twice as much battery life, I carry this with me. And I’m on some kind of Iron Man level Boom, boom Wireless charging on the back up battery. Be the Juice Man Your gadgets depend on it … So does your life.

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  1. i will never understand why someone woud buy mophie. they are expensive, they are extreemly large in relation to capacity, i mean the 10000mah one in the begining is the size of 20000mah of another brand. i recomend ravpower and xaiomi, and the lithium ion seems to be more relaiable than lithium polymer. a benefit of li-ion powerbanks is that they for the most part use 18650 bateries and can be switched ut when old in most cases if you have som basic skills. to any one thinking of purchesing a powerbank i suggest you take your time and do the reserch.

  2. All that extra capacity…
    All that extra cost…
    And they went for the bog standard Chinese-style 4-LED power indicator that really gives you no idea how much juice is left.

  3. wow wow wow!
    pls check out the world's most multifunctional battery pack on my channel.
    also its on sale ONLY on kickstarter. 25% off!

  4. laptop charging but no one seems to take it serieouly nowadays lol. From a poor guy having a laptop that is 4yrs old.

  5. 4400/5200mah is the perfect battery pack for me, because they don't take too long to charge and they're pretty small too.

  6. Are any of these strong enough to charge a Surface pro 4? Any power pack can handle a phone. I need to know if it can handle 2-in-1s or laptops. I guess the Watt/Amp is the part I'm more worried about

  7. Anybody know a online site were I can get power banks from can someone tell me soon I'm looking to get a power bank thanks

  8. I say there should be one with 20000 milamps, wireless charging built in cable and 2 USB ports. That way you could charge 4-5 devices at once. Now that! Is the future of portable chargers.

  9. i used a battery pack yesterday that had a usb that let you plug it in right side up or upside down which worked really well and should be in more products

  10. Is there a portable battery that will charge an iPhone Ipad and a Macbook Pro 2015? I know I'll need it to switch cables to make it work but before I go buy one I want to know it is compatable with my devices.

  11. DON'T BUY ANY OF THESE! THEY ARE OBSOLETE!the best battery bank is the ravpower pd-058-2 26800 30w is USB c and supports USB c fast charging with the USB PD (Power Delivery) spec, which allows you to charge at 15v 2amps over a USB C to USB C cable that supports USB PD. The reason I bought it was because it's the only battery bank I found that supports USB PD that the Nintendo Switch supports. The only caveat is you need to plug the battery bank into the switch while it's in sleep, it will then turn on the screen and say it's charging, you are good to go. if you try to charge while it's on, nothing happens, so starting charge in sleep mode is key.

    The battery bank charger that it comes with is on Benson's bad list but Ravpower stopped shipping it with a charger and instead includes a USB c cable.

  12. Is Mophie trying to become the Apple of power banks? These things are way too damn expensive. Like, hell, I might splurge and buy an Anker, but there's no damn way I'm paying this Mophie tax. Fuck them for even trying.

  13. i always try to get the biggest battery compacity fro20 – 30 bucks on amazon and i have found anywhere from around 20,000 – 30,000 MAH. youll be surprised at what you can find on amazon.

  14. I know this comment maybe late. But just got done checking out Poweradd's 30,000 mah power bank w/ 3 output connectors and 2 input connectors 4 around $40 (bang 4 buck hard 2 beat).

  15. Thanks for posting this I am like looking at your videos in 2017 for christmas ideas but have you done anything recent with battery packs?

  16. I just bought the USB-C then realized that it doesn’t work with iPhones and only MacBooks apparently? Gotta take it back… ehhhhhhh

  17. So I need a Power Bank battery, i dont really care if it's wireless or not. The thing that i care about is that it can charge my phone (s9 plus) 2 or 3 times and that the battery is multi voltage so i cam charge it in the U.S and in Europe! So can you give me a suggestion of a product i can use?

  18. Lou could you plz send me a good batter pack. My house just burned down and I'm just bouncing around and it's really hard to keep my phone and laptop charged and I'm really into batter packs
    I know you probley won't get this buy it would be so cool to get something from you I watch all your videos and follow you on Ig and I justkvr your show. Keep up the great videos bro.

  19. I got a powerBank that has two USBS it's 5000 milliamp and has an LCD display for showing the battery percentage

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