The Power of the Morning Walk — vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

I’d like to share one of my very
favorite tips with you for staying youthful and healthy. This one
involves a traditional Ayurvedic Rasayana. Rasayana means a “rejuvenative”. The
story goes, that an ancient king in India called upon all of the great Ayurvedic
physicians of the time and called them to his court. He wanted to select the
best one for his family and he asked them what is the one rejuvenative that
is available to every man, cost nothing, and is very easy to do? The answer
was given by the winning Vaidya, was — a morning walk. A walk in the morning!
Preferably outdoors in the morning light. I’ve been recommending a morning walk
to my patients and trying to do it myself as regularly as I can because; it
does indeed make you feel so fresh and enliven. It uplifts your mood for the
entire day it gets your circulation going. And somehow, if you have to spend the whole day inside — somehow it doesn’t matter as much. I wanted to
share with you a very interesting piece of research that just came out of
Northwestern University. They actually studied light exposure and
its effect on the human body. And what they found was that being outside in the
morning getting morning light dramatically influences our metabolism
for the entire day. They discovered that people who are leaner, have less fat,
actually get more morning light exposure. And the conclusion of their study was
that being outdoors in the morning, for at least 20 minutes, is beneficial for weight maintenance. And that as much as 20% of our body mass and our weight is determined by how much morning light we get. So, if we don’t get
enough light in the morning, then what happens is our body clock gets desynchronized, altering our metabolism. And even though we eat the same amount of food, will tend to gain more weight. So the advice of the winning Vaidya, and my advice to you today is: get out in the morning, for at least 20 minutes, even on
a cloudy day and walk. Enjoy the beautiful, enlivening, refreshing air of
the morning and the morning light; it will benefit your metabolism and your weight
all day long and also help you sleep at night. This is Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf helping you awaken your power to heal.

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