The REAL cause of Delayed Ejaculation (and how to cure it)

The REAL cause of Delayed Ejaculation (and how to cure it)

Hi, I am sex and
relationship coach Caitlin V and today we’re gonna talk about delayed ejaculation. See what I did there,
coz it’s like a delay. Have you ever not been able to reach orgasm
when you wanted to? Have you ever had the experience of not being able to
ejaculate on command? When you are ready to even after an intense amount
of sexual stimulation? Then you my friend have experienced
delayed ejaculation. All that means, all that
delayed ejaculations is, is a condition in
which a man cannot reach orgasm and
cannot ejaculate when he wants to within a reasonable
amount of time and with a reasonable amount
of sexual stimulation. You’ve been watching my
channel before first of all, thanks, second, this will
not be news to you. But if you’re new
here guess what, I don’t really believe in
playing exactly by the book and I don’t believe
that the medical definition of a lot of terms really does a good job of
describing what that term mean. I don’t care if they say 5, 10,
20, 35, 45 minutes is “delayed.” Delayed is when you are
ready to reach orgasm your partner is ready
for you to reach orgasm and you’re not
able to get there. That’s a delay. That qualifies as delayed
ejaculation in my book and I’m gonna tell
you why it happens and how to fix it. For those of you who are already
subscribed to my channel, you know that mostly I talk
about premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation
is very common. It affects as many as one in
three men in their lifetime. It affects probably all men at
least once in their lifetime, but there is a small but
important contingent of men about one to four percent
of the population who experience
delayed ejaculation, and just like premature
ejaculation, delayed ejaculation causes
all kinds of frustration. It causes heartache,
it causes heartbreak, it causes broken
up relationships, it causes a ton of
confusion and anger, and difficulty for the
people whom it affects. … The reason we need to talk
about delayed ejaculation is not just because it
affects a lot of men, but because it’s really
poorly misunderstood. We have a lot of
ideas in our culture about what men should be, the kind of sex that
men should have. That they should
always want sex, and they should always be
able to cum and ejaculate, exactly when they want
to not a minute sooner. Men you know you have bodies and bodies are unpredictable bodies have changes they
fluctuate from day to day. This is true for women’s bodies
this is also true of men’s bodies. It’s important that
we talk about this. The other reason that we
really need to talk about this is that women make
female partners of men who have
delayed ejaculation often totally misunderstand
what’s going on. They assume that their men
is not turned on by them, is not aroused by them, they are not doing it right, they’re not touching, squeezing, licking, sucking him right, and that’s not the case. At least that’s not the case
for all men all the time. It might be the case
sometimes for some men, but for men who experience
delayed ejaculation on an ongoing basis, usually has nothing to do
with their female partner. It is not her fault. It is not a lack of his
attraction to her, it’s not a lack of her skills, it’s not them not
understanding each other, or having a great sexual bond. Really it more often than
not has to do with just him and his physiology
and his psychology and that’s exactly what
we’re going to get into, and that’s exactly what
we’re gonna talk about. So, if you are a man
who experiences this, please heed this advice and if you are the
female partner of a man who experiences this, please know it’s not your fault, and send him this video so that the two of you can
actually work together to help him cure his
delayed ejaculation, or at least manage it. So that it doesn’t become an
issue or point of frustration or even the cause of a break up in your life and in
your relationship. What causes delayed ejaculation? Well, there are a
number of causes number one, age. It is a natural
condition of the body to become less sensitized and less able to reach
ejaculation over time. So, if you are a
man who is aging, and I don’t mean
someone who is like, oh my God I’m 38 I
can’t believe I’m… Not that kind of aging I
mean really aging, right. In your 50’s, 60’s,
70’s, even 80’s it’s not unusual for you to be experiencing delayed ejaculation and I’ll get into exactly what you can do about
it in just a minute. Because there is hope for you, you can do things to help cure your delayed ejaculation, and they work for older men as well as younger men. DE can also be caused
by a medical condition. This could be inflammation, this could be a
hormone imbalance, this could be a whole
bunch of things that you can go and speak
to your doctor about. So, if you are experiencing
delayed ejaculation, go see a urologist, go
see a medical doctor. Ask them… tell them
about your condition, tell them about the symptoms
that you are experiencing and ask them to do a full
and complete check-up of your entire pelvis
and your genital region just in case and in order to
rule out any medical causes. Another very common reason are prescription
drug side effects. So, if you recently been
prescribed a prescription drug, go to your doctor,
ask her or him if they can prescribe you a
different combination of drugs. Ask them if they can change the prescription
that you are on, ask them if there’s
something that can be done or your condition can be managed in a different or
maybe holistic way So that you won’t experience
delayed ejaculation, but you’ll know if you recently
went on a prescription drug and that’s the cause, then you know that
you can actually do something about it
which is great, but what about the number one cause of delayed ejaculation? At least in the
clients who I see the people who come
to me for coaching, the number one cause of
delayed ejaculation is improper or poor
masturbation techniques, and that includes
improper or extreme use or over reliance on pornography, So, a lot of men learn
how to masturbate without anyone ever
teaching them, right. Like you just figure it out, it feels good when you do this and sometimes this is rubbing yourself
against the mattress or between the box
spring in the mattress or into a pillow, or
something that’s dry and rough and harsh, and you condition your body, you get used to reaching
orgasm through that way. Through this way that’s very
difficult for a partner to actually recreate during sex. If you’re used to
humping a pillow, and then you try to
hump a woman’s body, they’re very different. They have some things
in common probably, but a lot of things different like one is dry and one is wet, one’s rough and one’s smooth, one might be a little harder and one might be a
little softer, okay. So, when you get with a partner, if you’ve been
masturbating in one way and partner sex feels
a very different way, you’re not going to be
able to reach orgasm. The good news about that
is that it is totally fixable no matter how long you’ve been
masturbating in that way. You can recondition your body, but what about porn. For a lot of men, especially men who are in their
like early 30’s late 20’s today, they grew up with internet porn, they grew up with an
extreme amount of pornography at their fingertip. Bukkake scenes, tentacle
porn, you name it. Wilma and Fred Flintstones
like whatever it was, right. A lot of men grew up watching
and having unfettered access to all kinds of pornography
and what did this do? Well, it conditioned
your brain to need a lot of sexual stimulus in order to reach orgasm, and for a lot of men,
that feedback loop, that cycle that they’ve
gotten their brain into means that without extreme porn or without like a whole harem. If you’re not familiar with
how your brain works on porn, watch my video on using your
lizard brain to overcome PE because the same
things apply here. You actually become
completely addicted to the high sensations to the extreme amount of
sensation that porn provides. To the extreme amount
of visual sensation of arousal, that porn provides and then when you’re with a
partner and she’s just one person and she’s not into
tentacle fantasies then you’re out of luck. It’s gonna be really hard
for you to reach orgasm because you are used to
reaching orgasm after being exposed to a pretty
extreme amount of stimulus. But fear not, the great, the most exciting
part of all this is that no matter which
of these four reasons or which of these four causes of delayed ejaculation
caused yours, all of them can be
managed, cured, fixed, overcome, with some
pretty simple techniques and a little bit of patience and probably a little
bit of elbow grease. So, if you have delayed
ejaculation what can you do? Number one go to a doctor. Make sure that you rule out
any kind of medical causes. Including any
prescription, drugs talk with your doctor, tell them what you’re taking, tell
them what you’re experiencing and ask them to do a check-up. Ask them if there are
any potential reasons, any potential things going on that are causing your
delayed ejaculation and see if there’s
anything that they can do to help you to manage it. After you’ve ruled that out or concurrently you can
try the following things Number one, increase
stimulation. So, this is especially if
your delayed ejaculation is caused because of age. You’re going to need more
stimulation in order to get off. It’s just the nature
of your nerve endings. They are not as sensitive
as they used to be, and so, you can use a
vibrator, that’s right boys. They’re not just for women
you can use them too. You can use that vibrator
on the tip of your penis, on the shaft of your penis, you can use it on your perineum. Also affectionately
known as the taint, you can use a vibrator or have your partner
put his or her hands there in order to increase
the amount of stimulation that you’re receiving. You also can do some
really extra juicy fun prostate stimulating. I know that for a lot
of men out there you’re gonna write
in the comments like Ooh, she just recommended
that I put things in my butt. That’s right, I
did I recommended that you put things in
your butt, you know why, because you have a whole butt with tons of nerve endings and you’ve got a prostate
something that I don’t have I can’t even
experience it, okay. You got all these really awesome pleasure centers
in your back door and then up around the corner, only like three inches inside, it’s like about the
length of a finger or there’s a really
great prostate stimulating toys out there and if you’re having trouble reaching orgasm when you want to adding some extra stimulation can feel…! It can
feel really good even if you don’t have
delayed ejaculation. You could play with your
prostate, it’s awesome. You have this whole tool of
pleasure available to you and you’re not using it. Use it, milk it, love it, enjoy
it, appreciate it, go slow, go gentle. I did a whole podcast
episode on butt stuff recently explaining exactly how you can start to explore
your backdoor I will link to that
in the show notes, I will link to that in
the notes of this video. Play with your prostate,
use a vibrator. Turn up the stimulation
excite your nerve endings. That’s number one, number two is change how you masturbate. Okay, you saw this one coming. If you’ve been masturbating
using a death grip without using any lube,
using a couch cushion. You just got to change
the way you masturbate change it to feel
like a woman feels. Change it to feel like
how a body feels. Use something that’s
warm and wet and smooth. Buy a fleshlight,
buy one of those toys that like
looks like a body that you just put
down in the bed and you can hump away at it. Use one of those. Use a microwaved banana
peel, not too hot. Do whatever you need to
do in order to recreate the feeling of being
with a person. So that when you are
having sex with a person, your body is used to reaching orgasm in that way. This might take a while, okay. You’ve been masturbating one way probably for at least a decade Maybe longer, maybe
two, maybe three, maybe four decades, okay. It’s gonna take your brain
a little bit of time in order to retrain itself to
reach orgasm in a different way. Here’s the crazy part. The best part, your body was made
to reach orgasm. You literally evolved by the very fact that your ancestors ejaculated. That’s the only way
that you got here and you have thousands
of years of successful male ejaculation
behind you, okay. We all do. Your body will figure it out, your body wants nothing
more than to reach orgasm. That’s how it figured out how to
do it with the couch cushions or the… one of the thing
to begin with, right. So, if you give it enough time, your body will actually be able to rewire all of its circuits in order to reach orgasm. The same is true for
women who use vibrators, the same is true for anyone
who has any particular thing that they need in
order to get off over time with a lot of
patience and a lot of love okay, you can’t just do this
while you hate yourself you have to love yourself
through this whole process. That’s a different video, we’ll get into that if
you need more of that. Fill out my coaching
application form because there’s way outside of
what we can just do on YouTube. But if you can love yourself, if you can see that
you are worthy of the patience, the
time, and the work that it takes in order for
you to get there, you will get there. I promise you that. Your body was
designed to do this. Or number three, don’t
masturbate at all. Only have partnered sex, only have sex with your partner. Save all of that arousal
and the buildup and the tension for the release that you will have
with your partner. If you are a man and you’re
masturbating on one night and then you’re expecting not
to have delayed ejaculation later that night or on the next
day but it keeps happening. Quit masturbating and see if that doesn’t
make a difference when you’re with your partner. If you’re able to reach
orgasm more quickly because you had more time to build up between
ejaculations. and finally, I feel if you
knew me you’d see this one coming out. Quit
watching porn, okay. I personally do not have
anything against porn I think it’s great especially for men who are into
things like tentacle rape. Who want to… by the way
I’m kind of noticing about myself recently
that I’m into tentacles. I think that there is something
kinda sexy about tentacles. I don’t know where
this came from. I didn’t really know this about
myself until very recently, but if you’re into
tentacles that’s great. Porn’s probably the best
way for you to get off on the idea of tentacle, okay. Only because I don’t know
and please don’t tell me how to make this
happen in real life. It’s no judgment. If you’re into tentacles
that’s great, okay. I don’t know how you can
experience that in real life. So, if you watch porn
that includes tentacles and that’s the way that you
get off, that’s awesome, but that’s sad. If you’re
experiencing delayed ejaculation, you need to start retraining
your brain on partnered sex, and partnered sex does not look like being just able to hit next and have a different
woman in front of you doing different stuff over and over and over again. Hour after hour, that’s
not how the world work. If you’re having sex
with one woman, she’s got a limited
list of things that she’s willing
to do with you and that’s what you’re
here to work with, that’s all you’ve
got to work with. So, you can’t spend Monday night watching an entire harem of blondes, brunettes, redheads, Asian women, black women, Native
American women, you name it. Doing all kinds of kinky
stuff and then Tuesday you’re with your partner and she’s only willing
to have missionary and you expect that
your brain is gonna act in the exact same way
your body is gonna act you’re gonna ejaculate
in the exact same way. It’s not the same circumstances. You can’t expect that your body is
gonna be able to do the same thing. It just doesn’t work that way. So quit watching porn. When you masturbate, visualize yourself
with your partner, and see if that doesn’t
solve the issue for you. I lost an earring, I got really excited
about that last point. … it was the tentacle porn, I don’t know. What about it, are you into it? Of course, you think everyone
is into tentacles porn. Now, you learned a little
bit more about me. Okay, so, in summary, if you
have delayed ejaculation, you’re experiencing
that or your partner is do not fret. There’re many common
causes and there are many ways that you can go about restoring your ejaculation, your power to ejaculate
when the time is right. With a little bit of patience
and a lot of tenderness, and if you need some
help in the process, feel free to follow the links below to apply for on one coaching with me. Where if you are experiencing
this, I can help guide you through the
steps that are required for you to never have a
problem with either premature or delayed ejaculation
ever again. Thank you so much for watching, thank you for subscribing, and I will see you here soon.

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