The Snooks : About homeopathy

The Snooks : About homeopathy

The Snooks – O homeopatii Všimli ste si, ako sme každý jedinečný? Je to úžasné, však? Homeopatia s týmto pohľadom súhlasí. Preto sa homeopatia zameriava na človeka a nie na ochorenie. Jednotlivé ochorenia ovplyvňujú každého z nás jedinečným spôsobom, pretože sa jeden od druhého líšime. Preto, pre rôznych ľudí vyberieme rôzne homeopatiká. V registrovaných lekárňach existuje vyše 4000 homeopatík. Každý dostane homeopatikum, ktoré potrebuje, účinné, prirodzené, individuálne zvolené. Ak chcete zistiť viac, navštívte stránku Slovenské titulky Dagmar Ferencziová pre

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  1. Brilliant. Having been using homeopathy for years. Very natural and not tested on animals only humans so very safe

  2. What would "non-individualised treatment" means ? If you are trying to imply that medicine is not individualized, then you should be deeply ashamed. Individualized sugar pills, that's bullshit.

  3. if you tell me my cure from hyperthyroidism is bullshit, than you must have some blidness in you. for me and my family is the only medicine that works, and fast. 

  4. How do I know this isn't just a convenient excuse for inconsistent treatment from patient to patient and/or homeopath to homeopath?

    If a homeopth made all their own preparations and lived in a hard water area, how would the water molecules know to ignore the calcium and magnesium and only remember the good stuff? And if there was already trace amounts of poison in the water, and diluting it makes it stronger, how de we not die taking the more dilute homeopathic version? And if you didn't bang it correctly on your leather/horse hair thingy and the memory process didn't work, how do you tell?

  5. If you think Homoeopathy works, you may think that you can move objects with you mind. They are both magic tricks… and you can create the illusion that it works. I can do a magic trick to make it look like I can move objects with my mind……… and bend keys too… But it's Just that, I magic trick that I can teach to someone else.

  6. First time that we use homeopathy was 35 years ago, our daughter had bronquites and since the NEVER had any episode, after that we use for our animals and WORKS GREAT every time🙏🏼‼️The other day a dogbite my finger I took Arnica hpthy and din't have any pain( my nail still dark blue…but no pain at all).Righht now My dog has allergies and taking homeopathy he stops it hing and scratching and helps his separation anxiety too👏🏼‼️This morning my husband wake up with nausea, took hpthy and is already better and eating his breakfast (too much peanut butter before going to bed with a fatty liver).

  7. homeopathy saved my life when standard medicine nearly killed me and gave me 2 weeks…I'm now a homeopath and the miracles I see every day remind me of how healing should be instead of poisoning oneself constantly.

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