The Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

The Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is
exploding in numbers as well as severity and
the trends are alarming. One lethal bacteria,
called CRE, has spread to 44 states in the
last 10 years. Clostridium difficile,
which causes deadly diarrhea, is up
400% since 2007 And 67% of Salmonella
Typhi cases are resistant to at least one antibiotic Every year, more than
2 million people in the United States get
infections resistant to antibiotics designed
to fight them. For the FIRST TIME,
CDC has ranked these infections into
categories– urgent, serious and concerning –
based on the severity of illness they cause, how
often they occur and how quickly they could spread. 23,000 people die
each year from these infections, many more by
complications they cause. CDC recommends 4 actions. ALL must be taken. prevent infections and the
spread of disease track drug-resistant
bacteria improve use of antibiotics and find new drugs and
diagnostic tests for resistant bacteria. The time for action is NOW
to reverse these deadly

2 Replies to “The Threat of Antibiotic Resistance”

  1. I love how the CDC doesn't mention the overuse of antibiotics in industrial farming. If anything is leading towards super bugs, it's industrial dirty farming.

  2. People need to start learning the power of garlic. It is literally the most powerful antibiotic known to exist and has been shown to destroy all known harmful types of bacteria with 100% efficiency. Yes, literally 100%. As in works every single time guaranteed. Not only can it destroy all known harmful bacteria but it's a literal impossibility for the bacteria to develop a resistance to it.

    Why you ask? Well conventional synthetic man-made antibiotics are only composed of 1 or 2 different chemicals whereas garlic is composed of over dozens of different chemicals. The bacteria is able to figure out and adapt to the simpler synthetic antibiotics because it's chemical composition is simple. The composition of garlic however is so much more complex that the bacteria has literally zero chance of ever adapting to it. It's basically exactly like a pin code. Imagine standard antibiotics as being a 1 or 2 digit code, very easy to figure out. Whereas garlic is like using a 10 digit pin code which essentially makes it impossible to ever figure out.

    Also interesting to note is that garlic not only kills all known bacteria but can kill virtually all known viruses, fungus and parasites. The power of garlic doesn't stop there either. It's also a more effective blood thinner than any prescribed by a doctor and is the most effective method known for removing plaque off the walls of arteries.

    Does it stop there? Nope.Studies have shown that there is a direct link with the rate of cancer and the ingestion of garlic. As the ingestion of garlic increases, the risk of cancer likewise decreases. The higher the intake of garlic, the lower the risk of cancer, especially cancers involving the gastrointestinal tract.

    It's also very interesting to note that for a very long time before the true cause of disease was known that garlic was thought to ward off evil spirits. Before modern knowledge of things like bacteria and viruses, people thought evil spirits caused disease. The garlic was actually killing the bacteria/viruses while primitive people thought it was warding off evil spirits.

    The best part of all? It's dirt cheap! Garlic is literally the oldest cultivated food in the history of mankind. It's so cheap because it's incredibly easy to grow and is found on almost every continent around the world. It must be noted that only raw garlic will work and all garlic supplements are literally useless and worthless. The main components break down completely about an hour after a clove is chopped up. It must either be consumed raw or very lightly cooked. Either way, it is best to chop it up and leave to sit for about 10 minutes as this will maximize the potential benefits.

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