The Truth About Coffee Enemas Hidden From You by Big Pharma – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

The late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez: So to answer
your original question, the three components: individualized diet, individualized supplements,
large doses of pancreatic enzymes. The third component is detoxification, which is often
the component of the therapy that elicits the most grins and mockery from
conventional doctors. But it’s really very simple. When Kelly was treating himself he
was taking the pancreatic enzymes and tumors were breaking down and that’s when he got
really sick; almost life threateningly sick. First, they thought the enzymes weren’t
working anymore but then he realized the tumors are shrinking. I’m getting sick. And then he realized I’m reacting to the tumor waste.
And indeed conventional oncologists know today in 2014 that nothing is more toxic to the
human than dead cancer. In fact, chemotherapy, though it doesn’t work for most cancers,
does work for some like Hodgkin’s and certain leukemias. And in a Hodgkin’s patient, if
you break a tumor down too fast with chemo you’ll kill the patient from the dead tumor.
And they call it tumor lysis syndrome. It’s recognized in the textbooks, all my textbooks,
conventional textbooks, talk about it. Well, Kelly recognized that back in 1963 when he
was trying to get over his own cancer. And he started going into the literature as he
always did. He was a great scholar. He would go into the literature trying to find some
technique that would help his liver and kidney work better. The liver and the kidney are
the body’s main detoxification organs. That’s for environmental chemicals, our own metabolic
waste, the dead cancer process – neutralize and prepare for excretion. And he opens up the Merck manual and lo and
behold, there are coffee enemas. You know, the interesting thing or the sad thing is,
the ironic thing, Kelly was brutalized in the media for his use of coffee enemas and
we get attacked about it today too. But they come right out of the conventional medical
literature. He didn’t learn about it from alien space beings, you know, injected into
his brain through some mystic psychic experience. He didn’t learn about them through some
alternative throw away journals or something else. He learned about them from the conventional
medical textbooks. The Merck manual is a compendium of conventional therapies. And
they were in the Merck manual. Coffee enemas were in the Merck manual right up until the
1970s. And when I was doing my investigation of Kelly, the trained investigative reporter
that I was, I called up the editor of the Merck manual then and had a talk with him.
And he said the only reason they were taken out is we get kind of folksy and we had all
this high tech stuff to use. And he had files on coffee enemas, which he sent me. And dozens
of studies from the 20s and the 1930s and 40s at major institutions where they’re
using coffee enemas for a variety of things — arthritis, mental illness. I have a study from the New
England Journal of Medicine, the preeminent medical journal in the US, 1932 from
Harvard Medical School, a group of research psychiatrists successfully treated what we
today call bipolar illness, in those days they called it manic-depressive, with enemas. And their hypothesis was that there were toxins
from the intestinal track that were polluting the mind and that’s what was causing the
mental illness. And they put these people on enemas and colonics and they got well and
they got them off medication and out of the hospital. It was in the New England Journal.
I have a copy, 1932. I have a study from Uruguay; just because its Uruguay doesn’t mean they
weren’t serious scientists. And people downplay it if it’s not from Boston. It was
a good study. Patients with septic shock. In those days septic shock occurs because gram negative bacteria produce a polysaccharide – kind of a carbohydrate that’s toxic to the
human and people die from that. The death rate today is still in the range of 40 to
50 percent with septic shock. In those days, it was like 90
percent. Well, these people in Uruguay at an intensive care, what we would call an intensive
care unit today, had learned about coffee enemas from the conventional medical world,
started treating their patients with coffee enemas and had great success. We published
it in a peer review journal. We have a translation that was originally published in Spanish.
Almost like 90 percent reversal with septic shock. That should have changed the way hospitalists
treat septic shock all over the world. It was ignored because it was folksy. It wasn’t
high tech, even then in 1941–42. So we have dozens of articles. Kelly collected them,
dozens of articles from the mainstream, peer reviewed medical literature and discussing
the use of enemas, coffee enemas, other types of colonics, and the successful treatment
of all kinds of illnesses. So he incorporated them into his practice and it helped and he
added other things like liver flushes and colon cleanses and juice fasts and skin brushing
which is an all naturopathic technique to get them the lymphatics to work better, kidney
flushes, all kinds of techniques that we still use today.

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  1. Awesome information! Thank-you:) Now I realize why I must do these coffee enemas when detoxing…even though I find them hard to do.

  2. rest in peace Dr.

    i would like to add something that no one ever talks about, and is skin and soap.
    The skin the last stage organ for purify and extract toxins from the body.
    Like the extra hole of a bathroom sink, its the safety hole to avoid all the water in the flloor.
    Same with skin, the last stage to remove all the toxins are all the pores of the skin.

    And we  put glicering gel shower gel and anti transpirants, thats bad, the best is to use bar soap. 
    if you don't believe do the test, go to the kitchen, put oil in your hands, and try to clean it with gel soap. (not very clean yet right?)
    Try again with bar soap, (what a difference!! no residues and cleans like crazy!)

    Now use it everyday for shower or hands, and keep 100% clean the last stage to detoxify your body… this will return a bigger difference than you think in your health,
    you ont even need deodorant, you are 100% odor free.

  3. I meant tackling and I am sorry for your loss but know that now they don't have to suffer emotional or physically and soon there will be a 100% cure for cancer

  4. Thanks for the captions.  The information is spot-on.  But he is almost impossible to hear and understand what he is saying.

  5. Watch "The Truth About Coffee Enemas Hidden From You by Big Pharma – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez" on YouTube

    I feel this doctor speaks goodness.

  6. Didn't he also speak for eating high fat animal protein? If he ate that way of course he died of a heart attack.
    Vegan mostly raw and organic non GMO is the only way today to live well.

  7. After 1;30 min. He opens up the pharmaceutical companies MERCK manual and all the cures are coffee enemas!!!!!! Of course ORGANIC coffee and non sodium fluoride/ chlorine tap water.

  8. I guess it depends on the type of coffee because most of our coffee comes from Brazil where they use up to 14 different types of pesticides on each coffee crop!

  9. I know this maybe a little bit weird but when I do my enemas once I'm done I have to use the bathroom right after. I mean not even seconds later. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. He was a great man; a brave, courageous, caring individual – he will be missed.

  11. See Doctor Gerson's Coffee Enemas on YouTube…..  You MUST use golden roast ORGANIC coffee.  Other will be toxic to your blood stream.

  12. Somebody tell this guy to speak up a bit. Sounds like he's had too much coffee (the speed he's talking about)

  13. Thank you for sharing this information.. I think the doctor just talk way too fast and he almost did not take a breath. He talks as if there was no period exclamation or commas…. so hard to keep up luckily the CCs help a lot!

  14. Fantastic info and I concur it's healing properties as a Huntington's Disease patient. Thank you so much for sharing this important info.???✨

  15. Gerson was famous for his coffee enemas…..and a vegan diet, to control and eliminate cancer. I thought it was his concept…..

  16. I'm wondering what grade if coffee is best and what kind of water….distilled water??? Natural spring water????? I have questions

  17. Great video…extra virgin olive oil works great to flush my kindneys-every 3 months I take 3 tablespoons of it each time.

  18. This man is a genius. Big pharma may have knocked him off … but he has left his knowledge for everyone. The people are waking up !!!!!

  19. is so crazzy when every one makes a vid on this topic they just say makes you toxic no one ever says make your skin down your back bern prickly down your legs prikly

  20. The information shared in this video is important.
    The presenter speaks much too fast and too low.
    Please edit this video with another speakers or transcript so we can share it.
    I know cancer patients who needs this information!

  21. Coffee enemas are excellent if using organic coffee and sterile water. But people should not perform it at home without a medical professional or constant blood and urine testing every week or so. The caffeine along with the flushing itself will flush out vital electrolytes. Maybe doing this while on a juice diet would be much safer. You need to get the electrolytes back in fast as you flush them out.

  22. I just did a cleansing enrma before my coffee enemas. The cleansing ones always cause the most cramps, especially if I haven't done one in awhile…… Ow!

  23. Dr Robynne Chutkan integrative gastroenterologist and microbiome expert, assistant professor of medicine at Georgetown University Hospital, says leaky gut "is likely to emerge as one of the most significant medical concepts of our time." C. albicans has a tight association with bacterial species read the The Yeast Syndrome by John Parks Trowbridge, M.D.and The Mind-Gut connection by Emeran Mayer, & Missing Microbes by Martin Blaser and The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough Book by William G Crook Rob Knight Prof. Simon Carding, Leader of the Gut Health and Food Safety Research Programme, Institute of Food Research and Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia Biofilms – a presentation by Melissa Ponce Vitamin C flush – My First Experience and Eliminating Biofilm Modulating the Gut Microbiome – the Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics Connecting our dynamic gut microbiomes to the brain- Rob Knight, UC San Diego Giulia Enders had been working on her Ph.D in Gastroenterology when a presentation on the gut won her the Science Slam prize in her native Germany. John Parks Trowbridge, M. D. Deep Blood Fungus: Dental and Other Connections to Devastating Illnesses, Part 1 Dr. John Bergman Dr. Michael Ruscio….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.4.272…0j0i30k1.0.7GnUydESflg Dr. Peter Osborne Doug Kaufmann Mr. Kauffmann became certified by the American Society of Allergy Technicians (ASAT) and worked to that end with G. Howard Gottschalk, M.D. in his Los Angeles allergy clinic. Dr. Gottschalk sent Doug to the Washington University School of Medicine in 1974 for a course in Food Allergy. This course would alter his career, in that he learned of the many physical and mental symptoms that were directly linked to diet. He would later discover that food allergy surfaced when intestinal leakage occurred and allergy tests only determined the end result of this process. Intestinal fungal overgrowth after taking antibiotics could cause intestinal leakage. These findings fueled Doug's interest in food and fungal-related research, most of which is still unknown to physicians and medical researchers. Once and for all, let's straighten a few things out regarding copper: The majority of people are not "very high in copper". In fact, it's the opposite. What the media fail to mention, is a report by the US Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences which stated that only 25% of the US population gets enough copper daily (which is mentioned in this video). With this conflicting information, how can we know what to do? According to recent researches as many as 75% of the population just in the U.S have a severe or mild copper deficiency. How To Heal Your Gut Naturally N-Acetyl Cysteine to help get rid for biofilms and also take hydrogen peroxide food grade mixed down so its 2 or 3 percent, Turpentine pine oil, Kefir out of Milk/Coconut Milk for Good Bacteria and femented veg, Pau D'arco Tea anti-microbial, anti-fungal, lump of fresh ginger and nearly half bulb of garlic chopped up, Herbs like Urvi ursal, black walnut, golden seal, wormwood, calendula marigold, made drink out of. Oil of Oregano with 86 Percent Minimum Carvacrol mixed on a table spoon with olive oil and had once a day, apple cider vinegar little with food, Coconut Oil anti-fungal to cook in, Black Cumin Seed Oil i drank one or two tables spoons a day, Colloidal Silver sometimes have this, caprylic acid tablets some times take on odd days, Olive extract 15ml daily there is so much out there that helps to boost immune system like chaga mushroom to drink..turmeric i make capsules NAC to break up the biofilms in my body. NAC is breaking up the mucus lining

  24. The simple observation here is that toxic FOOD is the problem. Unnatural, processed food, which sticks to the large intestine, fermenting and producing toxins and encouraging candida overgrowth (which produces a dozen or more toxins). IT ALL BEGINS WITH FOOD! Food->chronic inflammation->disease.

    This can be easily corrected by intermittent fasting, which ignites a process called AUTOPHAGY, which helps eliminate the toxins in the body, and throws away dysfunctional or unhealthy cells (including CANCER!).

    Enemas are one step on the road to a healthy body, but not the cure. If you ignore the real cause, which is toxic food, then enemas only continue to treat the symptoms. A lot of herbs or supplements that people claim cure cancer, are combined with a complete change in diet, transitioning to healthy food and eating habits. Or in other cases, where people go on a vegetable juice diet. It's the food that is doing most of the work to cure disease, even cancer. And just as importantly it's eliminating the wrong kind of food, which provides the cure.

    It's like we're all drug addicts and we can't recognize or admit we're addicted to junk food.


  25. 2:26 I believe the reason that study found success with treating certain psychological disorders with enemas, has to do with the role of of our gut microbiota, the "second brain" in the gut (enteric nervous system), and the vagus nerve which connects the ENS to the brain. Research has found that our microbiota actually control serotonin, for example, which certainly affects things like depression. They also affect the vagus nerve which sends messages to the brain to affect our mood. Intuitively we've come up with a word for this: our "gut feeling."

    There's also plenty of anecdotal evidence that people feel a lot better emotionally as well as physically energized, when they eat the right foods. Conversely if you eat a lot of the wrong foods, especially before sleeping, you'll get a lot of feedback from the vagus nerve. (Strange, disturbing dreams, difficulty sleeping, etc.)

  26. I don’t know what y’all are talking about in the comments, I didn’t have any problems understanding what he was saying. Very informative!

  27. Why do doctors talk so fast throwing out all those big words barley stopping to breathe as if it makes them sound smarter… the point of being a doctor is to heal, inform and teach others… not confuse

  28. I suffered head ache of a magnitude for years. Gone by the coffee enemas: no severe headaches since I started. Just for relaxing, I do now coffee enemas two times a week. I went to a body scan April 2019: liver and kidney function perfect! Anyone who is having something chronic situation like obesity, constipation, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, skin problems, headaches etc., I recommend of trying coffee enemas. It is safe and inexpensive.

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