The Truth About Drug Addiction Treatment(Story time)-EveningTV

The Truth About Drug Addiction Treatment(Story time)-EveningTV

Hi everybody I’m
Evening Ransom and welcome to Embracing Reality with Evening Ransom. I’m coming
up on a birthday I’m also coming up on the anniversary of my son’s death my
channels a little bit diverse compared to I took they do have a few other
things you know I have my son’s music I have like your death experiences I have
you know talk about addiction you know so have a few other things they talk
about on top of narcissistic abuse but they’re all really really related and
you know they’re very much connected in my story I went you know one really big
area that I am really focused on is just the absolute lie and the myth of drug
treatment of the current state of drug treatment is it’s it’s outrageous that
has been allowed to continue unchanged this antiquated system it’s actually
even worse than psychology psychology’s pretty bad too but drug treatment is
truly it’s incredible what’s going on they sit they tell you drug treatment is
an answer they say sanur you know if you ever your
loved one isn’t is addicted send into drug treatment that’ll be the answer
don’t treat me is not an answer it is not an answer and it might even make it
worse in fact in in Noah’s case I think it did make it worse I think it was
harmful especially the first time he went because it was it was truly
outrageous truly outrageous what happened. I was so scared and my son said he wanted to go get some help and so I did my research
and I found what was supposed to be the top, top place
for kids under 18 that had co-occurring disorders. so depression and
mental health issues along with addiction. At that time the depression and
the mental health issues were far bigger a problem than addiction. What had
caused this all was that we were my ex-husband had started a custody battle
against me elves done that when they’re in their teen teen years and he’s just
doing the whole attacking thing I was hoovering who heard me and was doing the
attacking all over again like complete instant replay of what he had done about
eight years earlier and you know this time he wasn’t getting anywhere because
I was a lot smarter he wasn’t winning he wasn’t I was you know I was
beating him at everything he did but he it still took a long time and he still
was doing it I was still super stressful only kids I mean even like kidnapped
them at one point. It was just crazy. my then fiance offered to pay for this
really exclusive expensive place that it was the best place and all the stuff
supposed to be the best place and he was there with a-list celebrity children I
mean you just wouldn’t believe who he was roommates with he’s dealt with
insurance had to pay cash but they get him in there and they diagnosed him with
Si PTSD and they tell me before he goes there that they have treatments for all
this stuff they are not treatments without no treatment is pharmaceuticals
the front they have they give him pills they give drugs well that was his
solution he he was giving himself drugs he didn’t need them for that right so
and they didn’t understand her a personality disorders so why I took him
there he said please just make sure you don’t ever get left alone with my dad
because his dad was coming down there you know he had been he had been at
boarding school in California for an entire school year his dead into one
single time but now that we were in the midst of this custody battle he was all
the time showing up in this treatment center that we were paying for and
acting like he was just this poor poor guy that couldn’t afford it to help pay
for it and also a by that couldn’t understand you know
didn’t understand anything that was going on and you know acted all like
like they were everyone was so smart and and the treatment people loved they were
completely he was completely pandering to their egos and there was this young
woman who is about 10 years younger than me probably in charge of this whole
thing and I tell her about his personality disorder and I say you know
his dad has got antisocial personality disorder and our system personally sir
and no as requested not to be left alone with him and I want to make sure that
you know I’m protect him and they don’t they don’t do that they
don’t honor no this request at our on my request and they she this woman is
Justin believe threatened by me because I’m questioning I thinks she’s doing I’m
questioning the pharmaceuticals they gonna run he ends up because he’s gay
he’s just puffed up he’s got me just gained a ton of weight he can’t stay
awake so basically he ends up leaving this place after four months and he is
gained and he was 80 pounds and he can’t stay awake he’s completely he’s on more
drugs and more doped up and he was when he got there by far and meanwhile and
we’re still dealing with all these outrageous bills because they don’t you
know they don’t gel with insurance and I mean to this day I think there’s like
ten thousand dollars still that weren’t it’s still over reimbursement that we’re
I’m still fighting for and and the insurance company is sunny it wasn’t
necessary I’m like really is that true because he’s dead now I
think maybe treatment was necessary it just the the outrageous things that
happen but this joy treatment center they didn’t they they weren’t totally
ill-equipped to help him completely they’re better there’s a psychologist um
a psychiatrist diagnosed him with C PTSD but they offered him no treatment no
trauma treatment at all and all the treatment that he was in in five years
of treatment and he was in he was in and patient treatment that was the
second-longest the longest time was the very last when he was in treatment for
nine months inpatient treatment and then he was in various different times for 30
days 60 days in an you know and outpatient treatment as well not once
did he get any treatment for trauma and these are simple treatment there are
simple available treatments and even at even at more than you would pay to have
him at the Four Seasons Hotel you know I’m paying outrageous fees they if
they’re you know he didn’t get he didn’t get any EMDR he didn’t get any healing
tapping techniques he didn’t even they didn’t really talk about it and he was
way more traumatized they traumatized him there she was you know really awful
they treatment program based on the 12 steps which is most of them is a problem
because it’s very it’s the the 12 steps are shaming and moralistic and they’re
just completely wrong a therapy was never really that successful but it was
that where was successful was with middle-aged white men in the 50s who
were alcoholics you know milk laughing it was not meant for the heroin addicts
of 2016 it’s the same it’s not modified it’s not changed there is no other
population that would be this underserved that would be that we would
let that happen you know can you imagine that we had any other problem that was
being treated with ninety percent failure rate since the 40s or 50s and
everyone was promoting it like this was the best we could do and everyone was
promoting and treating it like it was an answer no one tells you that it’s not
answer you as you know when you’re sitting your loved one there you’re
going there you think it’s an answer and it’s also it’s built in that if it’s not
an answer it’s your fault if it doesn’t work for you it’s
your fault you know it’s it’s the most outrageous thing when we were doing all
this I was doing everything that was possible because I just want to help him
so bad and you know I wanted to be I wanted to give him every opportunity to
get to get past this and I believed that by doing that by getting into the the
best the top treatment center that I was getting him the best chances no one ever
dressed trauma it’s like you can’t drive to a solution for him drugs weren’t the
problem the problem was the trauma and you know it wasn’t even the problem
wasn’t depression her wasn’t anxiety from was an addiction the depression and
the anxiety and the ATD and the and the the flashbacks and then all that stuff
that those were symptoms of trauma and the addiction was were developed because
of this of the solution he was self-medicating
he was self-medicating his city so you can’t just take away the magnet
medication you know you know it’s like it’s like I’d you break your leg and you
just take away the cast in the pain medicine and expect the person to be
okay you know you have to fix the problem and not once not once in all
these expensive whether it was expensive or it was inexpensive or what not once
did we ever get at the problem the other thing that we did that we had to go we
went to Costa Rica to do was I boga which plant medicine it’s not legal in
this country and I if I had known I just didn’t know enough I think that that was
that was a good solution but he we need to follow up with it more you know he
like he needed to have ongoing like second they had like you know maybe a
follow-up time and then maybe daily daily low doses really good day by
ayelet Waldman and she discovered that Mike reducing with LSD was he care for
her and of course she had to break the law
to do it and all that stuff so that’s what this book is about is how you know
micro dosing on these hallucinogenic drugs is proving to be effective and
depression addiction things like that so that I thought that was really great
because it really takes into the mainstream because she was not a drug
addict she was just a depressed mom this morning I took LSD the table I’m sitting
at right now is not breathing my keyboard is not exploding as psychedelic
fireworks lightning bolts shooting from the letters R and P I am NOT giddy and
frantic or zoned out with bliss I feel no transcendent sense of one’s
oneness with the universe or with the divine on the contrary I feel normal to
a new conversation about how we’re going to deal with trauma addiction depression
it’s all connected and gabber mate’ is you know he is like my hero he’s a lot
of people’s hero but he’s a well-known MD he eventually he started working with
drug addicts in Vancouver became famous huge advocate for you know that these
are it’s a problem of trauma and until we deal with trauma
we can’t help anybody and it’s absolutely true it’s just and the fact
that the fact that that is my that that is earth-shattering that figured that
out when these treatment centers are charging outrageous amounts of money
they know they’re failing they know that they’re not helping anybody I didn’t
know that I don’t think the parents sending their kids there know that you
know but I was uh uh and it was outrageous to me but it wasn’t until my
son had died that I realized that it was just a big joke but that treatment
centers aren’t helping people they’re failing almost everyone
and that it’s allowed to go on and that that’s just the best we can do and what
it says to me as it says that we consider drug addicts there that they’re
the ultimate being and the last group that we are just free to discriminate
against and and it’s only because of their particular addiction because and
everybody else most everybody has got some kind of addiction you know it’s
just the drug addictions are really just you know they get really discriminate
against and then of course we because to criminalized them you know it becomes
this big you know it just says it’s just sets them apart to be discriminated
against to be considered criminals to have but just it’s just the way the
approach that we have to it is just so ineffective and and destructive and it’s
just it’s all failed it all has to be completely reformed and that’s what
that’s what compelled me to come on here and to tell my story and to start
talking about narcissistic abuse get that out in the open because it’s
because it’s also a treat is that the only people that know about that are the
victims know people that know about that are the victims and everybody else seems
to not know that it’s going on or seems to be in complete denial about it
and so I really believe in that this is one this is one reason Donald Trump you
had to be president is because narcissism is now going to be something
that we all know about

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  1. Hi Evening, Dr Breggin covers this briefly in his Toxic Psychiatry. I've tried AA up until two years ago, then gave it up all together. I'm grateful for this one, I learned something new! Take care and thanks!

  2. It is shameful that trauma is not addressed in these supposedly Drug Addiction Treatment centers. Trauma is why we want to escape! I am so sorry that Noah didn't get a fair chance to receive the help he needed. Bless your heart Evening.

  3. It is obvious that trauma is at the root of a lot of mental illness and addiction.Well, of course, if they (eg. Big Pharm, health, rehab and mental health industries.. ) treat the trauma, they wouldn't be able to rake in their profits.

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