The Try Guys Try Therapy

The Try Guys Try Therapy

(instrumental guitar music) – [Dr. Jenn] Is being
told what to do something that bothers you in
all areas of your life? – Is this happening now? – When you are in a room with me, therapy is always happening. – Damn. (“Try Guys Theme”) – [Zach] Today we’re doing group therapy. I’m super amped on this. – I’ve never been to
therapy, but I’ll do it. I dunno what it’s about, but I’ll do it. – I don’t really see the point of it. – What could go wrong? What could go wrong? So many things. – I’m Dr. Jenn. – [In unison] Hi, Dr. Jenn. – Welcome to therapy. – Should we lie down on each other? – You don’t have to. We’re not doing Freudian analysis, but I do want you to be comfortable. – Lay on him. I think therapy is super useful, and not something that anyone
should ever be afraid of. – So what do you do? – I’m a shrink. I do individual therapy, couples’ therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. This is almost like work therapy. You probably eat together, you talk in between shoots together. – We’ve slept together. – We have slept together. – There, you sleep together. – Not the coolest kind, yet. – Not the coolest kind. – Yeah. – The G kind. – We’re great friends,
we work together a lot. We work together really well, but I don’t think we’re perfect, and I’m really excited to see, you know, are there underlying issues? – Why should I pay someone to talk to me, when I could just talk to someone? – When you sit down with a professional, they’re a neutral person. If you ask your mother, your father, your best friend, one of these guys, everyone has their own
agenda in your life, even if it’s positive. When you see a professional,
they don’t have an agenda. – What if I feel like
I’m doing really good? I think I’m pretty perfect. – I believe everyone has
room for improvement. – Strong men talk about
their feelings, bro. – I think a lot of people
think that I’m the most conceited Try Guy, because of my hair. I think Keith is the most conceited. – I’m Keith, of the Try Guys, A.K.A Justin Timberlake of NSYNC. – We’re on camera a lot doing bits. – I hope people think I’m so
cool, I’m so down to earth. – But a lot of Keith’s funny stuff is about wanting to be the
center of attention. Almost to the point of
being kinda conceited. – [Keith] The crowd just
screamed bloody murder, just by being beautiful
Keith and the rest. – And it makes me uncomfortable. – Everybody’s really talented in Try Guys at what they’re good at. I think that my skills are probably lower than everyone else’s, on the things other than performing, so I play more into
the performance aspect, because that’s one of the things that I do think I’m good at. – Did you know that about him? – No, I didn’t know that about him. I said something difficult to Keith. He wasn’t defensive. He was kind of was very
introspective about it. I think you are one of the best
performers, if not the best. – You know, it’s hard to bring up a concern you have with somebody, but I’m glad that he did, so if it’s something that I can
change, then I’ll change it. I think Zach should be more confident. – I sometimes feel like I need to say like three times as many lines as them just to get one good quote in. When I was a kid, I was
not good at anything else, like, that’s why I started
doing creative stuff, and that’s part of why I was depressed. Like I hated doing sports. That’s how you’re cool. You’re either cool ’cause you play sports, or you don’t play sports
and you’re not cool, so I wasn’t cool. (announcer’s yelling) – [Voiceover] Weak
transition there out of Zach. – [Voiceover] That’s
gotta be one of the worst transitions I’ve ever seen
on American Ninja Warrior. – Zach has a tendency to be
really worried about stuff. – I’m not a masculine
man, I never have been, and I have no qualms about that. – Are you like scared to get hit? – Absolutely. (gasping) – Don’t you have problems about that? That’s like, I would have
so many problems with that. – What’s the alternative? – When you say, you know, “I’m not that masculine,
I’m not that strong guy,” I think that you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. – I think he gets in
his own way sometimes. – I’m never confident in
what I’ve done on a shoot. I always just see the thing
that I didn’t do right. – When you obsess and beat yourself up, it ceases to become productive. Whereas you’re able to take and go, “Okay, this is how I grow as a performer,” well then it’s actually kind of a good thing that it happened. – Shit, Dr. Jenn. (laughing) – Ned should be more comfortable being himself in more places. – I’m a manager with a lot
of other responsibilities. I feel like I don’t always have as much time to commit to doing Try Guys projects, and I end up working extra. – Balance I think would be good for Ned. – So I talked about Keith earlier, and I was thinking about
it more as we were talking, and I think a lot if it stems from me being pulled in a lot
of different directions, both in work and family life. – You’re actually being a
role model to these guys when it comes to being in a relationship. – I am married.
– [Eugene] Ned is married. Ned is married as fuck. – My wife. My wife. I miss my wife. We are thinking about having a baby. I sometimes get anxious that I’m not being as much of a contributor
to the group as I can, and I have to compensate for that. – Did you guys know that he felt that way? – I mean, he’s in a really tough place, and I think it’s really admirable
how much he’s able to do. – I’d like for you to
look at your schedule, and kinda go “Okay, where
can I have some down time?” Even if it’s 20 minutes of vegging out, you know, playing computer games, or just like hanging out with your wife. I think you need to start
inserting those into your life, so that you don’t resent other people. – I have an ironic sense that
therapy is explicitly designed for people like me who don’t
have access to their feelings. – We gotta push that wall down. Eugene’s gotta have his walls pushed down. – You have a little bit
of a rebellious spirit. – A little bit? (laughing) – Have you electrocuted
anyone’s taint before? – No. – Oh my god, it’s even worse now. Oh this is the worst. – I feel like you shut me out. Eugene is one of the most uniquely talented people I’ve ever encountered. I feel like a lot of the time when, you know, Eugene takes the lead on Ned, he doesn’t want our help, and he doesn’t want us to get involved, and it’s a little hurtful. – Did you know he felt that way? – I am aware that I shut people out during creative processes. – You could even be missing out on things from these three guys, that might make your
next video even better. So you were saying that you don’t like to be told what to do? – Yeah, I’d agree with that. I have two sisters, where I
know we were highly competitive. – [Eugene’s sister] How are you so skinny? – We can prove to mom I’m
finally the prettiest sister. – Oh my god! – But as a family, it’s kind of like, the underlying expectation was just to be better than everyone else. – It must have been a lot of pressure. – Yeah, yeah. So if I was gonna be the
artsy one, which I was, I had to be the best artsy person. – [Dr. Jenn] Yeah. – Touch my hands. – Why? – Oh, they’re sweaty. – Your hands are really sweaty right now. – Ew, ew, why’d you do that? – ‘Cause I don’t wanna be here. – That was awful. (laughing) – I get that the family you come from, you’re not used to talking
about certain things, so it’s uncomfortable to talk about it, but my goal is for you
to leave here knowing more about yourself
than before I got here. – Blegh. This is highly uncomfortable. – I like that he had an insight, and then immediately recoiled from it. (laughing) – I feel something, I just
don’t know what it is. – Thank you so much for trusting me, and opening up to me, and for
being open to this process. I appreciate it. – Thank you, Dr. Jenn. – Thank you, Dr. Jenn.
– [Keith] Thank you, Dr. Jenn. – The scariest thing I
ever done, in this series, is sit down with my friends and a woman who is just intent on
knowing more about me. Maybe I should just open up all around? Maybe I should go to therapy? – Hug. – [Try Guys in unison] Hug! – [Keith] Oh, that’s Eugene’s favorite. Eugene loves this, he’s
gonna be so excited. Oh my god, he’s gonna love to hug. – [Dr. Jenn] Aww, thank you. – [Keith] Here he comes. – [Dr. Jenn] Thank you. – I don’t mind hugging Dr. Jenn. No, I thought you were gonna
make us do a group hug… – [Try Guys in unison] Yay. (upbeat instrumental music)

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  1. This why i hate therapy. The therapist said very little and what she did say was super vague and broad. All she did was get them to talk.

  2. ~hugs Zack~ I understand you. Your not my favorite try guy bc we share the same favorite color but also bc I can relate to you so much ❤️ love you buddy

  3. Literally I hope I find someone as amazing as Zach. He's easily my favorite Try Guy. And although I don't blame Eugene for how he is, whatever issues he has must be difficult not only for him, but those surrounding him. The others do well with him.

  4. That therapist is not very good, she creeps me out as artificial and the things she says are very very basic, like I could have done this with 12, actualy I did this with 12 . . . . they could have seated literaly everyone there and it would not make much difference, just someone from buzzfeed, a random person from the street, for what is showed you don't need a therapist . . . the videois great cause how open to "critique" and advice the guys where . . . but she had not any part in it

  5. watching 3+ years later and noticing how much eugene has grown emotionally since then!! i also found it interesting how he said he "didn't get the point" of therapy, but tbh he's the one who could probably benefit the most from it

  6. Damnit. Zachs is a frickin living embodient of me. Eugenes a nonliving imbodiment. And Keith and Ned are too frickin cool for me

  7. Aaaawwww so sweet!! I know deep down inside Eugene definitely needs a hug from his friends once in a while ?

  8. title: the try guys try therapy

    shows some of the gayest looking guys on the planet

    seems legit.

    but honestly I don't blame buzzfeed, if they were actual try guys they wouldn't even dare to show up on a therapy video

  9. I counted the number of videos where Ned didn't talk about his wife so far. And its just 4 of them!! :-D. He seems like he loves to talk about it like a newly married girl, but terrified of his wife and the responsibilities :).

  10. Eugene's comments about how he would have a problem not being a 'masculine' guy really show how far he's come in present day

  11. This is really late, but I hope Zach and all the try guys know that they're perfect to us the way they are ❤️

  12. therapy isn't for everyone, I need to go and honestly, it's making things worse. last time my therapist asked me how I've been sleeping and thats when I realized how bad it's been getting, she asked me why and blah blah blah and it was because in the end I always end up worrying. when I got home I started to panic about how it really wasn't helping and I was worried about what I said, how my voice was so small and then that spiraled into other things and I ended up falling asleep around 5 am. My parents say speaking to people will help me and my anxiety, but thats like throwing a fish onto land saying "It'll help them breath air better"

  13. im crying rn because i relate so much to what zach talks about in his… therapy thingy. and it confuses me because i never heard anyone talk about that (at least not like this) & wasn't quite aware that I had this problem until watching this video? (idk if this made any sense or is grammatically correct, i'm sorry, i'm german and crying, so maybe that explains why I'm not able to articulate myself properly)

  14. So this is from years ago, and I’m just watching it now, and i felt like I should just say if anyone is unsure about therapy, i suffer from severe depression and anxiety, and I’ve been in therapy for almost 3 years now and I find it very helpful.

  15. I honestly think in this day and age, having zero toxic masculinity is sooo much more attractive than the biggest muscles ever.

    Eugene may be physically more good looking but Zach's openness and willingness to simply accept and announce his truth as it is very attractive. Like someone said. It takes a strong man to take about their feelings.
    Looks reeally aren't everything.

  16. It’s proof eugene loves hugs but is afraid to admit it when he crosses his arms and acts uncomfortable then slightly moves toward the hug 7:25. So cute

  17. Seriously even in the comments trying to be a therapist anywasy really therapy is very helpful i had to do extensive therapy to deal with my layered post traumatic stress disorder, i use not to even be able to be in a room with more than 4 people without having a meltdown, but now i can be around hundreds of people and be perfectly fine.

  18. I have had mentors/councilors/therapy and all of that since i was 2 and i am still in the process of this

  19. I feel that Eugene is the most ignorant person in the group at times. His reluctance and pessimism are so overwhelming. I mean this with the things that he's not interested or invested in. I don't think he's ignorant in general, just he too easily brushes things off that he doesn't care about.

  20. Yeah, there’s a reason why people are always talking about therapy these days is cause… people used to stigmatize therapy and mental health to death, and therapy is SO HELPFUL!

  21. I wish men can express their feelings without society saying that they’re not supposed to do that because it’s not attractive or manly

  22. I am most concerned about is Eugene. As handsome and cool as he is, he does have a lot of baggage from the past. Additionally, where the others show progression in relationships, he hasn’t. He has grown in his professional achievements but seems locked into being a stereotype. I don’t think it is because of the other 3. He needs help with self-acceptance because it appears the only person who doesn’t accept him as he is, is him. Until he does, finding and maintaining a strong stable intimate relationship with another will be difficult. Go to therapy and save your liver. Namaste, Eugene.

  23. Zack: I am not a masculine man, i don't have problems admitting it
    Eugene: Doesn't that bother you? I would be so troubled by that
    Zack: What's the ulternative?
    Dude…..i felt that

  24. I love how Zach is so forthcoming with every aspect of his life. He does.'t even know how strong he is but we can see it. Honesty is strength Zack you don't have to lift a truck to know you're strong. I'm proud of you guys. You're not just funny you're true to who you are. There are many steps you guys have taken over the the years that you would not have before…THAT'S GROWTH.

  25. I’m in DBT therapy, it just adds more hell to my hell. I hate mostly because I don’t want help with my mental health.

  26. I like all the try guys. But Zack is by far my favorite. He is so sweet, funny, honest, and very good to look at (in my opinion.) There are so many good qualities about Zack.

  27. Watching the older videos it's pretty clear how much the guys have grown over the last few years. I really hope this experience was helpful. No one should be afraid to go to counseling or therapy. If you've done it and didn't find it helpful, it's likely you just haven't connected with the right therapy style or therapist for your needs. Going to counseling or a therapist should be like going to your family doctor. Normal and good for you to do regularly.

  28. I’m literally Eugene… we’re also both Capricorns. I’m also very artsy and is always told by ppl how good I am but I never feel comfortable when it comes to compliments. I shut ppl out or just simply don’t tlk to anyone when I’m not okay. I don’t want to feel like a burden when I “talk about it”. I do however listen to other ppl’s suggestions when It comes to creating but I’m the one that gets ignored. I always put a wall up because I’d rather help others when they’re down rather than feeling like a burden when I express about my feelings…

  29. I like how even though Eugene is very reserved and kinda the grumpy friend they put there feet up and he just like accepts it and sinks into the couch as well. He really dose like them

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