The Ultimate iPhone 7 Case?

The Ultimate iPhone 7 Case?

So for those of you that follow me on Instagram, You already saw a teaser of this right here This is an abundance of cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus I’m going to try to break it down for you. Show you what the landscape looks like… In the world of cases for your new iPhone One of the first things I noticed when I was handling these latest and greatest Apple products.. Is just how slippery they are! This thing is whatever they did on the finish here, just makes it incredibly slide-y. There’s a lot in front of me here. Hopefully help you select the right case for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. So first up the bumper case, Drop protection from 11 feet, What does that look like? So it can fall from basketball heights supposedly… That’s… pretty amazing! You’ve still got a physical button to press there, the bottom has access as well. Having given up the whole design aesthetic of the iPhone And then it gives you that grip as well We have the official Apple leather case Now these aren’t cheap Made out of a real leather though *Sniffs* Yeah that’s leather Snaps right on pretty easily With real leather especially this tan color.. There’s gonna be some nuance, imperfections.. But this is how you know it’s real leather As nice as they look they are a little bit flimsy So I don’t know how much protection that offers up Way more grippy than the… Stock naked iPhone So there you have it Holy smokes Lew are you crazy !? Military strength protection Like what a weird combination of worlds Oh my… Gadoosh! That is… Solid So it’s like a soft shell interior which then goes into this hard exterior Maybe you are a military minded bling type individual What next ? Presidio Clear This to me looks like a – a basic clear case So it won’t yellow It resists UV light Have protection without completely covering up the design of your product So you can still see you’ve got the matte black iPhone And the extra protection Look at this monster! This is the Defender Triple layer protection.. screen protector.. belt clip Kind of bulks up the phone a little bit, but a ton of grip I’m pretty confident that in a – in a case like this you are not gonna need to worry at all You might have to worry about the case attacking you This part clips on.. Nice and easy And then.. Maneuver that around the outside It’s hard to say you can do better.. Than the defender This one is a little bit different It’s from UAG and it’s got a built in wallet It’s not like it got super fat because of it On the back here.. You’ve got a spot for some cards And it clips down Hey if you are trying to eliminate your fat wallet and force yourself to only bring what you need That’s kind of cool! Next up we’ve got the official Apple silicone cases I’ll open up the red one here.. Woah that – that was.. super satisfying well done Oooooh And on the big boy.. A ton more grip Rep the red! What’s this one called? Plasma.. A vibrant yellow for the boss players out there You’ve got these bolts so you look tougher than you actually are That’s kinda of an interesting look right there Now this guy is an even bigger boy This has an armor frame Top grain leather 2x against the military standard, and a 10 year warranty Slides in super easy Woooh! I mean that’s a kind of statement.. You gotta be up for that.. That’s aggressive, That’s rugged But if you wanna go straight RoboCop/Terminator/Every action hero of all time That might be your one right there Next up we’ve got this product from Moshi which is kind of funny because they’ve labeled it as “Premium vegan leather” Which to me is like a kind of hipster way of saying synthetic leather This is military grade drop protection But I bet you it doesn’t smell like leather *Sniffs* No not at all It actually feels kinda nice though This one has a.. A harder shell to it You know what.. I don’t really mind that This one is another bumper case but for the bigger 7 plus.. So same concept as the first Another UAG one.. This is the Pathfinder Plasma, Monarch and now Pathfinder One.. solid piece of plastic I mean that’s just if you want a slightly more subdued version Now maybe you want something that’s a little bit less.. Kind of.. Obvious Here’s one from Spigen called “The crystal hybrid” This is kinda cool So that’s very clear
with a hard shell around the exterior Phone goes in here first and then the next part kinda locks it all in It’s gonna give you some grip This the only one we’ve got that can kinda have a little viewing stand to it We got one more.. Competitor from Otterbox This is called “Symmetry” It’s a hard shell, I’ll tell you what You drop it nothing happens.. You’re not concerned If you’re kind of like a mid-range protection person and you still want that nice easy in and out From your pocket that has you covered The sides grip it a little bit, but not much Let’s – I wanna show you what I’m talking about with this one.. With the defender A real breakdown of the craziness that is.. The case market You might be able to repurpose a 6S case But even on the 7 the camera cut out is slightly larger What am I going to use? Oh man this is – that’s a tough one I’m gonna go Robocop for a little bit.. Total recall.. Terminator.. Something about this one speaks to me so.. If you see me in the street you’re gonna know what’s up! Pooororooobabbababa Who’s better than you?

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  1. Hey unbox therapy, I've watched your videos on I phone 7 cases and I didn't see a life proof case test. I think you should put it to the test on on I phone 7.

  2. Hey guys follow me on instagram – manumanu_2727 if u follow me I will follow you back so please follow me

  3. I watched a review of the UAG and the reviewer didn't know it was a wallet too and it was super cringy because he was like 4

  4. Got my black iPhone 7 on Sunday. Ordered rhinoshield case and screen protector on the same day. Dropped my phone Monday morning and the screen shattered. Monday afternoon – case arrives. Just my luck.

  5. The defender on the plus is too big. I have it for the 6s plus and I had to get a slim case after a while, it was too much to deal with.

  6. Good job on picking UAG case. I only use them now and have done for last 3 phones. The cars look awesome, really functional with great protection and they look fantastic. Now they even have that wallet one.

  7. This case looks pretty cool, but does anyone know anything about it?

  8. Me and My son really love that slicon case i want the matte yellow one and my son wants the. Matte red , matte white and matte black

  9. I had the defender and the back of the case peels and it gets a ugly wear color but it’s a great case. I’ve dropped it off my balcony which is about 20 feet and my phone was fine

  10. I’ve been using a $40 wooden case I got from Best Buy for about a year now, absolutely love it. Wooden cases just look so damn slick

  11. I don’t know why but I have always LOVED watching your videos ☺️I even got my bf into watching you!!

  12. I’m not careful so I’m a Otterbox Defender type of person. I can literally throw my phone and it wouldn’t crack 🙂

  13. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. i really wanted that monarch series of uag, but i think it was too expensive for a case…i still use the plazma case

  15. i used to have the otterbox and griffin bulky ones but they wouldnt fit in my pockets. So i switched to the mous case, its thin and best protection for its small size. and im a case freak, i'd never use a slim case unless it really does protect well

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