The Worst Gadget EVER On Unbox Therapy…

The Worst Gadget EVER On Unbox Therapy…

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  1. Had to be honest here… save your money, avoid this thing and get a simple power bank for less. You'll be much happier.

  2. Would love to see you make a stupid experiment video with this product doing things like strapping it to a ceiling fan, a car rim and things like that to see how it affects it

  3. This damn thing reminds me of those stupid "kinetic – motion charging" Flashlights of a few years back … Yes, the very ones Everyone became Too embarrassed to Charge; because the Charging Motion, became a creepy – " I " can't wait for the next "happy ending" ! Also making the Flashlight look like a "sexual device" ! Wonder how many of "us" still have one of those things, in "the land of the lost" section of a Garage; Attic or Basement ??? 😉 lol

  4. The worst gadget on unbox therapy:

    The remote controlled vibrating butt plug that Willy do bought that was defective

    You guys remember that? What a waste of an episode.

  5. Ever picked orders for a warehouse? We walk around 10 miles at least. Where I work we pay more the harder you work. So I usually walk about 20 to 25 miles a day of work. I have used this thing. After your review to try and see if it will do anything. While I can charge the device. It's not worth it. Even fully charged the device doesn't even charge my phone at all. So it may be a battery issue. Because it's definitely being charged. It's just not storing that power anywhere.

  6. Did they forget to put a bridge rectifier in it or something? LOL.

    For the non-engineers, the bouncing generates A/C current, so if you don't rectify it correctly you get positive current when the metal core goes one direction followed by a negative current when it goes the other way; essentially reversing any net gain in power. It would be like 1 – 1 = 0, instead of 1 + 1 = 2.

  7. i absolutely love your channel brother, i have been watching this channel for years now, and i swear it never gets old, please keep it up bro.

  8. I mean it might be useful if you got stuck on an island and your phone Is dead and you got that charger you could just run for a bit and it may charge up t 5% of battery meaning you can call for help I'll give it a 4/10

  9. i think the product works when you put the motion charger on a wheel of your bycicle and a cable from the wheel to the steer where your phone can be put in a holster and get charged while on the move. otherwise you could always recycle it. ?

  10. Dude tie this on your wiener and try wanking up till the charger is full. This technology is kind of meant to transfer your energy to the battery

  11. So… You read the descriptin of what it's supposed to do…. And you needed SOMEONE ELSE to tell you it's a piece of garbage?

  12. Terrible device but good way to make clean energy they should make big one and make something shake it to make energy

  13. A crank type is better than, you can even diy the crank onto a gearbox to a bike and charge hundreds of times better than this :-/

  14. This doesn't work, categorically, for the same reason you don't see self charging cars. It's possible, and SHOULD BE a thing maybe years from now but our machines are not even CLOSE to efficient enough. there are ideas on how to do this, but yea…especially not from a random company for $100 you're not gonna get that 80% efficiency rating in energy conversion.

  15. I could debunk this thing SO hard with actual science…
    Firstly, heat energy (and kinetic energy) CANNOT be translated into electrical energy, by ANY means.
    Secondly, energy cannot be created (or destroyed), which is basically what they're saying this does.

  16. It might be a good product to keep in your go bag for when things hit the fan and the power grid goes down. That’s about it lol

  17. It's meant to have an onboard battery that gets charged by movement and then an output charge regulator that sends a stable amount of power out. Was never meant to work with a dead battery your phone doesn't charge off 1 or 2 watts but that would charge it's onboard battery

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