They Call It The Hover Camera…

They Call It The Hover Camera…

K – it’s official: we’re in the future now. I’ve got another thing that flies, here on the table today. Yes, I’m excited. You should be too. It’s called “The Hover Camera.” They hit me up, they were like “you wanna be the first.. …to take a look… …at our hovering camera that will follow you around… …like a cool little buddy, like a little sidekick… …that flies?” You know what I did. Send it over! It’s kind of a drone You can fly it, but it can also work autonomously and just follow you around, and track your face. It’s super portable, it folds up. You can see on the front here, it’s got a 4K video camera, 13 megapixel photo camera. You just kind of hold it there, you just set it up and it just *bhizzz* – it hovers on it’s… hover camera. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your smart phone, and stream the video back to it. Ooooooooh! Cool little… …carrying case. Look at the, ah, organization there! Wow! Carrying bag, power adapter, screwdriver kit, and a charger, extra propellers, and.. the case strap, unbelievable. *Oooo* look at.. *Paa* It’s tiny! Here the batteries. Do they give you two from the get-go? They do! Look at that, ooooh. So, there’s a camera on the front, this is the one that’s going to shoot the video, and so on. the battery attaches here in the top. So you just slide it in like this. Oh. Okay. Wi-Fi network, hover camera…password? 12345678. I am now connected. Apparently, all you do, you hold it up you hit the button again and you just leave it. You let it do the work, you let it hover. Now, I don’t know, I don’t have a, I don’t know. *Woooooh* If you wanna bring it down, apparently, you just grab it. *Haaaaa* *Ha ha ha ha ha* I have a visual on what the hover camera actually sees. Know what I’m saying? Look at that! *Oooooooooooo* Face tracking… …you can track a person, you can adjust the angle of the camera, and then you can have the hover camera do a 360 kind of orbit mode. Woah – that’s that’s strange *Whoaaaaaaaaaah* You just let it go! *Ohhhh!* Up….down. Now you can see, I could keep pressing down, but, the sensors are actually indicating how close it is to this surface so in order to keep it safe. *whoa whoa!* Hello world! You’re now watching Unbox Therapy through the hover camera Boom! *Waba* Look at that! That’s like airborne selfie mode, right? It’s through the other camera recording. Wow! So, after you record a clip, it downloads directly to your device, to your phone, so, you don’t need any kind of separate on-board storage and SD card or anything like that. There’s also some different control schemes available. You can do: classic motion joystick. It can track a face, for example, or an entire person, in which case, it will follow and give you this video shot of following that individual. You can also have it orbit so that it moves around a point, so you get a cool shot like that. Or, you can adjust the camera from facing forward to facing down if you want to get the ground. It’s something you could take on a trip, a vacation or something… Get some footage that would otherwise be unapproachable by sending this little guy up in the air. At first glance it’s safer, probably, than some of those larger skill drones; especially since the propellers are blocked off, and most important: I mean like look at that, that could fit in a bag in a purse, its lightweight. This is very tight quarters, there’s a lot of expensive equipment here, and with this cage on there, when this guy bumped into stuff it was no big deal. It rightted itself, and that was it. So, maybe you’re trying to convince your parents. You’re like, “Listen, it’s time. I’m ready for my first drone.” And they’re like, “You’re gonna, you’re gonna chew up the cat over there with those propellers!” And you’re like, “No, look!”

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  1. And here it is again…
    YouTube : wanna see lew like straight 2 years ago
    Me : nyonii
    YouTube : (evil laugh)
    Like if you got this recommended in July 2019

  2. How much is it? how long does the battery last and most importantly, how do you record sound, wouldnt the noise be included or they have sound cancellation?

  3. Unbox therapy: this thing is TINY!

    The drone: becomes angry

    Also the drone: watch when I TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!

  4. dude walks up to Lou Hey bruh let me just snag a selfie whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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