This amazing cure for cancer has been known
since the 1800s… But this knowledge has been suppressed by
big pharmaceutical companies. In 1816, Dr. Johan R. Tarjany discovered that
a species of moss could kill cancer cells. The moss Funariidae karkinolytae grew all
around his hometown and fascinated him as a boy Tarjany saw that a molecule the moss produced
could selectively alter the double helix of cancer cell DNA With their double helix altered, cancer cells
would die. Tarjany started to add this moss to his diet
and he never developed cancer. Its active ingredient has been banned by the
FDA… but you can find it online. I bet you’re a big fan of Dr. Tarjany now,
especially because of this music. You should probably know that this is not
Dr. Tarjany. There is no Dr. Tarjany. Johan R. Tarjany is an anagram of Jonathan
Jarry, the guy who made this video. This is Otto Maass, the chairman of the department
of chemistry at McGill University from 1937 to 1955 That other guy we showed earlier? Not even the same white dude. You couldn’t tell, could you? Also, we didn’t know DNA was shaped like a
double helix until 1953. This is all rather embarrassing, isn’t it? Why am I doing this to you? Because these kinds of videos get millions
of views on social media. They’re easy to consume: upbeat music, big
text, pleasing images. Really good for persuasion. Look. A happy woman. Don’t you want to be that happy woman? Or dude.I don’t discriminate. Oooh… blue stuff in water. Is that what science looks like? Anyway. The point is: be skeptical. Ask questions. When in doubt, talk to a scientist or to your
doctor. Don’t fall for conspiracy theories because
the package is pretty. Please share.

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