Tinnitus: How to stop ringing in ears naturally

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS!t later today though we’re talking about
tinnitus now what is tinnitus if you’ve never heard of it
it’s basically it’s like a ringing a buzzing or like a whirring sound in your
ear and it just kind of persists through everything in some people it stops after
20 minutes some people it stops after a few hours some people that doesn’t stop
at all now when I had it it was chronic PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! tinnitus which means it didn’t stop at
all it was pretty much non-stop ringing PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! 24/7 at least at some level whether that
be a little lower at some points in the PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! day especially at night but it would be
a little bit quieter in the day PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! especially in the afternoon when you’re
kind of more active I guess right so anyway how many people are affected by
tonight so that’s a good question about 50 million Americans last time I checked
anyway that could be higher now that’s PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! about 15% of the population it’s about
15% of people have at least some form of PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! tinnitus whether that be you know short
term medium term long term electronic PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! whatever okay so the question is so how
did i cure my tinnitus let’s find out PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! that’s right
this was my secret weapon against PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! tinnitus now I’m not necessarily saying
to cut out dairy because I’m trying to push my vegan agenda actually at the
time I had no idea that this had PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! anything to do with even getting rid of
my tinnitus I was cutting dairy out for PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! dietary reasons I was trying to lose
some weight but what ended up happening PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! is the time tinnitus actually went away
after about about a week off the dairy it wasn’t very long at all so pretty
good I had amazing results if you guys have had similar results with dairy or
with something else because I know other people have other things work for them
but put it in the comments down below especially because if somebody’s
watching this and they’re looking for help the comments down below might be
able to help them a little bit more than even I can because I’m only given one
I’ll name a few other things that can help with it but right now I’m focusing
on the one which is diet I’d cut out the dairy products,
cut out the cheese PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! truth and as soon as I cut that stuff
out ringing in the ears gone now another thing you do want to cut out though
because a friend of mine was actually looking into this aspartame aspartame is
that low calorie sweetener no calorie sweetener or whatever it is it’s
actually bacteria poop is what it is which people drink in their soda
anyway now when I cut that out I actually still consumed diet soda even
after going vegan or cutting out the dairy so that didn’t actually get rid of
the tinnitus for me or it didn’t affect my tinnitus because I still consume that
even after I’ve gotten rid of it but it does help a lot of people from what I’ve
seen now when I cut out aspartame I did get rid of my chronic headaches
so that was one positive benefit of that so I’m certainly certainly for cutting
out both aspartame and dairy of course but whatever works for you other things
that could work on that I got a little list here let me see so stress
management I mean you got a you know meditate do whatever you got to do for
stress management exercise running any kind of cardio anything like that but
just exercise in general getting your blood flowing is gonna help with the
tinnitus PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! a lot of people actually think that
tinnitus is caused or at least partially caused by the arteries in your hear the
blood vessels in your ear actually being clogged with saturated fat cholesterol
so you know switching to a plant-based diets gonna help with that as well it’s
gonna cut back on that let the blood flow a little bit easier to your ears
let you hear better stuff like that those are benefits of the plant-based
diet I don’t really get talked about very much anyway another one excuse me
avoid alcohol before bed avoiding alcohol before bed because if you do
this you’re gonna wake up in the morning with the ringing in your ears hangover
whatever it is you want to call it it brings the tonight it’s on if you’re a
person that is affected by it or somebody who suffers with it it’s a it’s
an easy way to bring it on bring on an episode anyway you don’t want to do that
so alcohol at night cut that out but yeah that’s about it but if you guys
have other ones that have worked for you PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! hit the like button hit the subscribe

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