Toneforge Jason Richardson | JST | DEMO

Toneforge Jason Richardson  | JST | DEMO

What is up everyone! Today we’re going to
be checking out the Toneforge Jason Richardson by Joey Sturgis Tones Okay! So in this plugin we have basically
three different channels for the amp we have a clean channel, rhythm channel, lead
channel, we also have a few pedals for effects and that kind of stuff, some
delay, we have reverb, we also have a lo-fi pedal that gives you that lo-fi
vibe! Iit also includes a cab section where you can load your own impulse
responses, we have an EQ section and a compression section so you can make all
the adjustments inside the plug-in. Oh, and that’s one thing that I forgot to
mention: the rhythm guitar tones for our last EP they were reamped trough the Toneforge
Jason Richardson and through the Toneforge Menace and then Marcelo our producer
at the time and blase bass player at the time he managed to blend both tones and
that’s the sound that you hear on the EP so I really think that it sounds awesome
and I really think that you guys should also experiment like blending sounds and
that kind of stuff and see what happens right so yeah let’s check out these
sounds so I really hope you guys enjoyed it, let
me know in the comments below what do you think about this plugin if you have any
questions leave em’ down below and make sure to subscribe to the channel like
this video share with your friends ring the bell or whatever and I’ll see you

34 Replies to “Toneforge Jason Richardson | JST | DEMO”

  1. Lucas you're absolutely insane and I mean it as a good thing. Will definitely try this but don't think will be able to play like that my man 🤘🏼🎵!!!

  2. I laughted hard on that photo of me and the lighting changing the color at the same time lol. Sick video as always bro and thank you for the mention <3
    PS: I still use menace and jason richardson plugins A LOT

  3. Nice tones … Gonna give this thing a go , lately I've been using the stl tonality and spark they're cool too, but we're never 100% happy are we ? Lol

  4. Cool demos. And that last song you played was cool. If it's not a song then it should be! I could imagine some badass heavy guitar riffs for that lol

  5. Lucas dammit can I just have 24/7 access to any and all of your jam sessions because damn your playing is one of my favorites

  6. Wow you are an absolute monster player, your technique is incredible. I love seeing real guitarists like you play, it's inspiring, and it's also nice to know that people can be as good as you without speeding anything up haha

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