Tooth & Gum Abscesses : Tooth Abscess Antibiotics

Tooth & Gum Abscesses : Tooth Abscess Antibiotics

I’m Dr. Joe Neely, and I practice with the
Barton Oaks Dental Group. We’re going to talk about what antibiotic, what kind of antibiotic,
you should take for an abscessed tooth. Obviously, the first question is always, do you have
an allergic, are you allergic to any type of antibiotics? When you have an allergic
reaction, and your system reacts to a particular product, obviously you can’t take that, so
once you rule out anything that you’re allergic to, you would want to use a broad spectrum
antibiotic, kind of like an amoxicillin, probably the most common given. You can use a penicillin,
Pen VK. Fibromyacin is given most often for gum infections, rather than tooth infections.
Clendomyacin would be an antibiotic that would be more effective in a long standing abscess,
or one that involves the bone. The more long standing the abscess, the more debilitated
the patient. The more virulent or potent an abscess, the stronger the antibiotic. Often
when you get beyond the Clendomyacins and Keflex, and things like that, you would be
on some type of I.V antibiotic.

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  1. i had an abscess and went on 2 different antibiotics and ended up in the hospital for 3 days, if there is pain and swelling see a doctor asap, cuz now i have to deal with a picc line.

  2. clindamycin is the only once i can take inless its and iv i am highley alergetic to penicillin, and levaquin and for pain its hard cus i am alergic to acetaminophen all of theas thing am am super highley alergetic to and levaquin was one of the worst do to the fact if i did not see the docter after takeing it i could have died. antibiotics are no joke people and alwees try over the counter first like colodal silver and vitimine c and acai berry in high dose and together

  3. I had a gum injury and the doc put me on k flex after 3 months of havin the infection
    my jaw was going numb and felt like infection was spreading
    I ordered some clinda online
    whats the usual dosage for clinda 300 mg times 7 days q 8? thanks

  4. I was put on clindamycin after a failed tooth extraction yesterday and tonight which is the following night my cheek and jaw are still swollen up about the size of a golf ball or bigger. Am I swollen because I'm allergic to the clindamycin or because of the infection from my abscess tooth?

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