Top 10 Home Remedies

Top 10 Most Useful Natural Home Remedies 1. Peppermint. Mint has been used for hundreds of years as
a health remedy. Peppermint oil helps with irritable bowel syndrome — a long-term condition
that can cause cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation –
and it is good for headaches as well.. 2. Garlic
Some studies show that people who eat more garlic are less likely to get certain types
of cancer. It also may lower blood cholesterol and blood
pressure levels, but it doesn’t seem to help that much.
Chewing couple pieces of garlic in the morning with luke warm water takes care of stomach
gas 3. Honey
This natural sweetener may work just as well for a cough as over-the-counter medicines.
That could be especially helpful for children who aren’t old enough to take those.
4. Turmeric This spice has been hyped as being able to
help with a variety of conditions from arthritis to fatty liver.
Half teaspoon of turmeric powder directly ingested with a glass of warm water takes
care of your cough. Other claims, such as healing ulcers and helping
with skin rashes after adiation are lacking proof..
5. Ginger It’s been used for thousands of years in
Asian medicine to treat stomachaches, diarrhea, and nausea.
Studies show that it works for nausea and vomiting.
It also helps with menstrual cramps, too. 6. Sex
Sex can help ease pain when you have certain kinds of headaches — especially migraines.
It’s also been shown to improve heart health, ease stress, and boost mental alertness.
7. Green Tea This comforting drink does more than keep
you awake and alert. It’s a great source of some powerful antioxidants
that can protect your cells from damage and help you fight disease.
It may even lower your odds of heart disease and certain kinds of cancers, like skin, breast,
lung, and colon. 8. Hot Soup
Hot soup can be good for a cold. Studies show it can ease symptoms and help you get
rid of it sooner. It also curbs swelling and clears out nasal
fluids. 9. Cinnamon
You may have heard that it can help control blood sugar for people who have prediabetes
or diabetes. It has been used for hundreds of years in
Asia as medicinal herb. 10. Hot Bath
It’s good for all kinds of things that affect your muscles, bones, and tendons, like arthritis,
back pain, and joint pain. And warm water can help get blood flow to
areas that need it, so gently stretch and work those areas while you’re in there.
The ideal temperature is between 92 and 100 F.
BONUS: Petroleum Jelly This is used for any number of things: It
can help your skin keep its moisture and prevent chafing — on the inside of your thighs when
you run, for example. It also can help protect your baby’s skin
from diaper rash

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