Top 5 Alternative Health Care Careers Today!

Top 5 Alternative Health Care Careers Today!

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0:00:09.349,0:00:13.920 what’s up everybody welcome back to mad
medicine my name is Farhan I’m a medical
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and what we’re doing let’s talk about
0:00:40.800,0:00:46.770 today’s topic at hand which is the top 5
alternative healthcare careers in
0:00:46.770,0:00:50.850 medicine today now I have to say two
disclaimers before we dive into this
0:00:50.850,0:00:54.690 topic number one what I mean by
alternative health care careers is I
0:00:54.690,0:00:59.399 mean everything other than medical
school or being a physician or a doctor
0:00:59.399,0:01:03.420 or a surgeon okay
specifically I mean going in the medical
0:01:03.420,0:01:07.560 school route okay number two keep in
mind that these are my top five
0:01:07.560,0:01:11.790 alternative healthcare careers your top
five may be completely different you may
0:01:11.790,0:01:15.150 agree with me you may disagree with me
whatever you believe I’d love to hear
0:01:15.150,0:01:18.840 about it please I’ve got a comment below
if you disagree especially tell me why
0:01:18.840,0:01:22.890 you disagree because I wanna you know
how a conversation going that being said
0:01:22.890,0:01:26.939 let’s dive deep into this conversation
into this topic and start off with
0:01:26.939,0:01:33.180 number five number five in my opinion is
probably one of the most important
0:01:33.180,0:01:37.829 aspects of our healthcare system today
if not the most important these people
0:01:37.829,0:01:42.600 are the backbone of our health care team
of our health care system and they’re
0:01:42.600,0:01:47.790 known as nurses now when I say that you
know a nurse is the backbone of the
0:01:47.790,0:01:52.110 health care system the health care team
everyone knows is true nurses are the
0:01:52.110,0:01:58.720 ones who are going in and out
day in day out taking care of patients
0:01:58.720,0:02:02.950 making sure patients are feeling better
also providing medical care and often
0:02:02.950,0:02:06.640 times like mental care people don’t
think about that right like you’ll have
0:02:06.640,0:02:10.210 a patient in the hospital and the
patient is obviously physically sick
0:02:10.210,0:02:13.810 that’s why they’re in the hospital but
they’re also you know down mentally and
0:02:13.810,0:02:17.920 the nurse can treat them physically by
giving them medications giving them you
0:02:17.920,0:02:21.670 know joint mints and stuff like that
tougher I feel better but a lot of times
0:02:21.670,0:02:24.940 the nurses I’ve interacted with are
really good at speaking with patients
0:02:24.940,0:02:28.090 they’re really good at making patients
feel at ease even though they may not be
0:02:28.090,0:02:31.690 comfortable making them a little bit
relaxed and that goes a long way
0:02:31.690,0:02:36.940 especially especially for a patient
who’s not feeling well so it’s
0:02:36.940,0:02:40.450 definitely meaningful work it’s also
very hands-on work so if you’re
0:02:40.450,0:02:44.230 interested in working hands-on with
patients it’s a really good career now
0:02:44.230,0:02:50.800 as far as the the monetary value as far
as the average pay yearly pay on average
0:02:50.800,0:02:54.310 people make about people who are nurses
make about sixty eight thousand dollars
0:02:54.310,0:02:57.310 a year now keep in mind this is the
average there are people who make a lot
0:02:57.310,0:02:59.080 more than that if people who make a lot
less than that
0:02:59.080,0:03:03.850 also but an average sixty-eight thousand
now a lot of you may be thinking that
0:03:03.850,0:03:07.540 amount of work you’re doing to be a
nurse and only earning sixty eight
0:03:07.540,0:03:11.290 thousand dollars a year doesn’t really
work out you know it’s like a lot of
0:03:11.290,0:03:14.620 work and then at the end of the day
you’re only making this much well keep
0:03:14.620,0:03:19.030 in mind that as you work the longer you
work you’re obviously gonna have a raise
0:03:19.030,0:03:23.290 in your pain and you can also go into
administration which will help you make
0:03:23.290,0:03:27.250 more money or you can go into
specialization so a lot of people don’t
0:03:27.250,0:03:30.910 know that nurses can actually specialize
so there’s different you know
0:03:30.910,0:03:34.660 specialties in nursing and I’m not gonna
go into that in this video but for
0:03:34.660,0:03:39.000 example if a nurse becomes a nurse
anesthetist who works with
0:03:39.000,0:03:42.280 anesthesiologist which is a type of
physician they’re gonna make a
0:03:42.280,0:03:46.420 significantly higher pay than just an
average nurse so if you do want to earn
0:03:46.420,0:03:49.989 more money yes you do have to put a
little bit more work but with all things
0:03:49.989,0:03:54.519 you know it does pay off and you will
have a pay increase now another reason
0:03:54.519,0:04:00.100 why I think nursing is a very very good
career is because right now in the
0:04:00.100,0:04:07.270 United States there is a huge huge huge
shortage of nursing of nurses right we
0:04:07.270,0:04:10.010 hear it all the time
there’s a primary-care knee there’s a
0:04:10.010,0:04:16.220 shortage well it’s estimated that in
2024 there’s gonna be about 1.09 million
0:04:16.220,0:04:20.690 job openings for nursing
that is ridiculous a one point zero nine
0:04:20.690,0:04:27.530 million jobs is it’s absurd so if you
think about it in the terms of you know
0:04:27.530,0:04:32.060 your job if the economy is good if the
economy is bad if the job market is
0:04:32.060,0:04:36.560 giving or whether it’s not you’re okay
because there’s such a huge need for
0:04:36.560,0:04:40.400 nurses that as a nurse you will always
have a way to provide your family with
0:04:40.400,0:04:44.060 an income and you know provide yourself
with an income and take care of your
0:04:44.060,0:04:48.500 loved ones so in my opinion that makes a
huge deal and I think it’s an amazing
0:04:48.500,0:04:52.600 career it’s definitely a needed career
and it’s definitely one of the most
0:04:52.600,0:04:57.440 important aspects of our healthcare
system today and always actually number
0:04:57.440,0:05:01.130 four is a career that a lot of people
don’t really know about especially when
0:05:01.130,0:05:05.450 they’re entering the pre-med sphere in
undergrad or you know high school and
0:05:05.450,0:05:09.710 that is physician’s assistants or as we
like to call them pas
0:05:09.710,0:05:15.470 that’s abbreviation pas are medical
professionals who are who are trained to
0:05:15.470,0:05:20.360 take care of patients under the
supervision of a physician or a surgeon
0:05:20.360,0:05:23.900 so a medical doctor
pease have to go to PA school just like
0:05:23.900,0:05:28.100 every other you know people in our top
five category but you know they have to
0:05:28.100,0:05:32.360 do some prerequisites they need to
shadow for a certain number of hours
0:05:32.360,0:05:37.220 before they can even apply for PA school
and then once they’re in PA school they
0:05:37.220,0:05:40.990 learn a lot of the same things that we
medical students learn in medical school
0:05:40.990,0:05:46.400 they’re gonna learn about diseases right
and anatomy and physiology they’re going
0:05:46.400,0:05:49.340 to learn how to examine a patient how to
treat a patient and they’re also going
0:05:49.340,0:05:53.840 to learn about you know the epidemiology
and how to take care of patients as a
0:05:53.840,0:05:58.190 whole when the PA comes out of school
when a PA comes out of school and they
0:05:58.190,0:06:01.430 start working they can actually work in
a different type of setting right they
0:06:01.430,0:06:05.120 can work in an ER facility or they can
work in a practice like a medical
0:06:05.120,0:06:08.750 practice but what they’re trying to do
is they’re trained to examine patients
0:06:08.750,0:06:12.440 they’re trained to diagnose patients and
they’re trained to treat patients so
0:06:12.440,0:06:16.820 they can administer care right then and
there but they have to do all of this
0:06:16.820,0:06:20.210 under the supervision or you know like
physical supervision but under the
0:06:20.210,0:06:23.420 guidance of
a doctor and a lot of people who are
0:06:23.420,0:06:26.480 thinking about PA school are kind of
turned off by that because they think
0:06:26.480,0:06:31.130 that doctor is gonna be you know
micromanaging but it’s not really the
0:06:31.130,0:06:35.470 case a lot of times peers are very
autonomous and a doctor usually will
0:06:35.470,0:06:40.850 usually doctors are very supportive and
trusting of their pas that they’ve hired
0:06:40.850,0:06:43.760 them that’s the only way you’re gonna
hire peers like if you know they can
0:06:43.760,0:06:48.290 take care of patients right so a lot of
times psi Vlad autonomy also it’s really
0:06:48.290,0:06:52.250 good for pas to have the supervision of
a doctor because let’s just say
0:06:52.250,0:06:56.600 hypothetically you make a mistake or
human you make a small mistake and the
0:06:56.600,0:07:01.940 patient decides to sue you well if you
get sued as a PA if the mistake isn’t
0:07:01.940,0:07:05.480 too bad and if it’s something horrible
you know ultimately you won’t be held
0:07:05.480,0:07:10.010 liable it’s the physician who’s held
liable so your medical practice license
0:07:10.010,0:07:14.870 it stays safe whereas if the physician
who was supervising you miss to your
0:07:14.870,0:07:18.920 mistake and still said it’s okay to do
or not do a treatment it’s the
0:07:18.920,0:07:23.000 physicians fault so it gives you a level
of security and safety while you’re
0:07:23.000,0:07:26.540 practicing medicine I think it’s a
really good feeling it’s a needed
0:07:26.540,0:07:29.630 feeling especially with the shortage of
you know primary care physicians pas
0:07:29.630,0:07:33.230 we’re starting to fill some of the gaps
here and there and it also pays pretty
0:07:33.230,0:07:37.850 well on average Pease make about ninety
two thousand dollars a year and again
0:07:37.850,0:07:40.730 the longer you work the more you’re
probably made because of experience and
0:07:40.730,0:07:45.700 if you go to administration or if you
can specialize that also will help and
0:07:45.700,0:07:50.240 right now in the United States is about
eighty four thousand jobs available for
0:07:50.240,0:07:56.360 pas now keep in mind this number is also
set to rise as time increases and as a
0:07:56.360,0:08:00.110 need for health care professional and
start to increase in our country so it’s
0:08:00.110,0:08:04.400 a very very good career time for number
three on our list and number three on
0:08:04.400,0:08:09.800 our list is a pharmacist pharmacists are
medical professionals who are trained in
0:08:09.800,0:08:14.900 you know dispensing medications or who
have a very extensive knowledge of
0:08:14.900,0:08:19.850 medications both chemically as well as
what they do to our bodies anatomically
0:08:19.850,0:08:23.360 and physiologically now that being said
they are in charge of dispensing
0:08:23.360,0:08:27.620 prescription medications to patients and
to hospital systems so as a pharmacist
0:08:27.620,0:08:32.030 you can work in several different types
of environments number one you can work
0:08:32.030,0:08:35.229 in a hospital where
you take care of the medications that
0:08:35.229,0:08:39.190 are being administered to patients who
are within the hospital who are checked
0:08:39.190,0:08:42.700 in right like a hotel or checked in who
are staying in the hospital and two
0:08:42.700,0:08:47.860 patients were leaving the hospital so
you would become a pharmacist for the
0:08:47.860,0:08:51.610 hospital that’s one type of work setting
you have number two you could work for
0:08:51.610,0:08:57.070 it’s a Walgreens or CVS or any of those
big pharmaceutical companies maybe in
0:08:57.070,0:09:01.180 Walmart where they have an in-house
pharmacy again over there gonna be doing
0:09:01.180,0:09:04.960 a lot of the same stuff but you’re gonna
be having patients who are just picking
0:09:04.960,0:09:08.080 up their prescription medications but
they’re getting refills and stuff like
0:09:08.080,0:09:11.650 that and then the third option at the
for the third option you have as a
0:09:11.650,0:09:16.600 pharmacist is to work as a private
pharmacist right so you can make your
0:09:16.600,0:09:22.000 own practice you can start up your own
pharmacy sometimes it works sometimes it
0:09:22.000,0:09:25.480 doesn’t it’s at the end of the day a
business so that’s something you guys
0:09:25.480,0:09:30.040 might want to keep in mind but you know
those are the three main focuses in
0:09:30.040,0:09:35.560 pharmacy do you main work you know
environments that you can go into as a
0:09:35.560,0:09:39.820 pharmacist you do have to go to pharmacy
school again with everyone on this list
0:09:39.820,0:09:44.050 has to go to an additional you know
schooling that they have to continue but
0:09:44.050,0:09:50.170 for the most part in pharmacy schools
don’t have an acceptance exam they have
0:09:50.170,0:09:53.830 to take it’s solely based off your
experience in your grades and your GPA
0:09:53.830,0:09:58.900 and once you’re done you can specialize
if you want but you can start working
0:09:58.900,0:10:03.310 right after – so it’s a really good
benefit the average pay for a pharmacist
0:10:03.310,0:10:08.410 as of today is about a hundred and
fifteen thousand dollars a year and keep
0:10:08.410,0:10:13.630 in mind again what experience is in this
can go up if you work in a hospital
0:10:13.630,0:10:17.440 setting and you have you want to go more
to administration again you can increase
0:10:17.440,0:10:21.130 your pay but on average one hundred and
fifteen thousand dollars a year which is
0:10:21.130,0:10:24.910 really good for the amount of work you
know you do and also for the amount of
0:10:24.910,0:10:29.410 schooling you go through to make that
income and as of today there’s about two
0:10:29.410,0:10:33.850 hundred eighty one thousand pharmacy
jobs in the United States so and they
0:10:33.850,0:10:38.470 have a lot of jobs which is really good
all right now we’re down to the last two
0:10:38.470,0:10:43.630 and number two on my list is someone who
I go to regularly someone who I get
0:10:43.630,0:10:47.729 checked up by on a yearly basis
and it’s mainly because I have
0:10:47.729,0:10:52.879 screwed-up eyes and that person on our
list number two on our list is an
0:10:52.879,0:11:00.179 optometrist optometrist ha optometrists
are professionals who take care of a lot
0:11:00.179,0:11:03.869 of patients eyes especially their
eyesight and a lot of people confuse
0:11:03.869,0:11:07.589 them with an ophthalmologist an
ophthalmologist is a medical
0:11:07.589,0:11:12.479 professional one through medical school
to became a physician a doctor and then
0:11:12.479,0:11:18.449 they went to residency to become an
opthamologist I even I get that mixed up
0:11:18.449,0:11:23.729 sometimes so they’re actually highly
trained physicians and optometrists is
0:11:23.729,0:11:27.329 also a physician but it’s a different
type of doctor so they don’t go to
0:11:27.329,0:11:30.449 medical school to go to a palmtree
school which is roughly I think four
0:11:30.449,0:11:34.829 years if if I’m right so they go through
four years optometry school to learn
0:11:34.829,0:11:38.699 about the visual aspects of the eye and
a lot more stuff and then they’re ready
0:11:38.699,0:11:44.189 to practice and start working right
after and an optometrist is a doctor in
0:11:44.189,0:11:49.139 charge of assessing a patient’s vision
as well as their general I help they
0:11:49.139,0:11:53.009 prescribe glasses and contacts for
patients who need corrective lenses and
0:11:53.009,0:11:56.909 you know they can also provide treatment
options for patients with eye condition
0:11:56.909,0:12:03.239 to some tamo trysts optometrists also
are doing LASIK eye surgery but that’s
0:12:03.239,0:12:09.029 usually done by ophthalmologists okay
keep those two separate in your mind and
0:12:09.029,0:12:13.289 you’ll be straight on average they make
about a hundred and ten thousand dollars
0:12:13.289,0:12:18.509 a year and it’s usually private practice
a lot of optometrists start their own
0:12:18.509,0:12:23.339 clinic or they go into a join group and
they work in a group but you know it’s
0:12:23.339,0:12:27.659 not it’s there not a lot of hospital
settings that have an optometrist
0:12:27.659,0:12:32.519 on-site but it’s usually a private
practice situation so the more you work
0:12:32.519,0:12:35.819 the more patients you start to
accumulate who come back to you and the
0:12:35.819,0:12:39.989 more money you’ll make eventually down
the road and right now as it today in
0:12:39.989,0:12:43.079 the United States there’s about thirty
thousand jobs it’s a lot you know it’s a
0:12:43.079,0:12:46.229 little less than the other categories
that we’re talking about but it’s
0:12:46.229,0:12:49.139 definitely a really good career because
people’s eyes are gonna get messed up
0:12:49.139,0:12:52.889 and there’s gonna have to be someone out
there who can assess it and get you
0:12:52.889,0:12:56.879 fitted for glasses and contacts you know
because we have to see so that’s why I
0:12:56.879,0:13:03.210 put optometrists on at my number two
level on the list and finally we are
0:13:03.210,0:13:09.660 down to our number one the number one
alternative healthcare career in
0:13:09.660,0:13:14.750 medicine other than medical school and
being a physician in my opinion is a
0:13:14.750,0:13:19.110 dentist right that’s why I’m smiling so
0:13:19.110,0:13:22.260 I think dentists are are really really
0:13:22.260,0:13:25.590 I think dental school would have been my
backup option if I had not gotten into
0:13:25.590,0:13:29.340 medical school and I also think being a
dentists is a very very stable career
0:13:29.340,0:13:34.650 it’s a very good career it’s also a very
very you know giving career it makes you
0:13:34.650,0:13:38.550 help people in such a way that makes you
feel good it makes the other person feel
0:13:38.550,0:13:44.570 good too so dentists are died are
trained to diagnose and treat a lot of
0:13:44.570,0:13:48.870 problems that do patients mouth so
they’re able to you know diagnose those
0:13:48.870,0:13:53.070 problems also prevent problems that’s a
lot of their job that’s why I dentists
0:13:53.070,0:13:56.100 always says are you flossing are you
flossing every day are you flossing
0:13:56.100,0:13:59.670 every night it’s because they’re trying
to make sure that they’re preventing
0:13:59.670,0:14:03.540 problems arising in your mouth which is
which is really good because you know we
0:14:03.540,0:14:09.930 all need teeth to eat and it sucks if
you have teeth pain but yeah so dentists
0:14:09.930,0:14:12.990 take care of our teeth you guys already
know that but they also focus on the
0:14:12.990,0:14:16.830 gums as well a lot of people don’t know
that and some dentists are also trained
0:14:16.830,0:14:22.110 surgeons so there’s a degree where you
can become a dentist and a physician a
0:14:22.110,0:14:26.790 doctor and you can get a you can come an
oral surgeon and these are the people
0:14:26.790,0:14:31.860 who you go to and you get wisdom teeth
removed when if you get some type of a
0:14:31.860,0:14:35.520 root canal you know the people who are
putting you under to take your teeth out
0:14:35.520,0:14:38.880 those are oral surgeons those are
trained physicians but they’re also
0:14:38.880,0:14:44.010 dentists it’s a really good career in my
opinion they’re trained to identify oral
0:14:44.010,0:14:48.300 problems and oral conditions so the
patients can receive immediate treatment
0:14:48.300,0:14:52.560 for those problems so if a dentist says
to you know you have a cavity they can
0:14:52.560,0:14:56.100 also fill it right then and there if
they so choose it’s you know really
0:14:56.100,0:15:00.240 quick fix if not today you can do it
tomorrow which is great you know you
0:15:00.240,0:15:03.600 don’t have to wait for a patient you
have to book them weeks later you can
0:15:03.600,0:15:06.780 take care of them right then and there
and I think that’s a huge deal for a
0:15:06.780,0:15:11.070 patient to get treatment as soon as
possible because then it delays any
0:15:11.070,0:15:15.390 other problems from awry
in making their health get worse so a
0:15:15.390,0:15:19.470 dentist has a you know opportunity and
the ability to take care of a patient’s
0:15:19.470,0:15:24.209 health like that I think that’s really
cool and on average no dentists make a
0:15:24.209,0:15:28.020 really good amount of money to the pay
is pretty well for them out of schooling
0:15:28.020,0:15:32.220 you do the average pay for a dentist is
about one hundred seventy thousand
0:15:32.220,0:15:35.459 dollars a year and keep in mind the
hours are pretty good right there’s very
0:15:35.459,0:15:39.480 few dental emergencies and usually if
it’s a dental emergency you’re gonna go
0:15:39.480,0:15:46.410 to the hospital but for 170 thousand on
average and the more you work the more
0:15:46.410,0:15:50.370 patients you have the more patients you
see you’ll obviously make a lot more
0:15:50.370,0:15:55.890 money and it’s also really good hours
like I stated earlier I think it’s just
0:15:55.890,0:15:59.760 great and right now in the United States
it’s about a hundred ten thousand jobs
0:15:59.760,0:16:05.339 available for dentists that’s a pretty
good number and the good thing is a lot
0:16:05.339,0:16:08.370 of dentists have their own practice or
they work in a smaller group so they
0:16:08.370,0:16:11.910 have a lot of control over their life
over their business over their practice
0:16:11.910,0:16:16.680 now with that being said those are my
top five alternative healthcare careers
0:16:16.680,0:16:21.120 as of today if you guys like this video
please comment below let me know if you
0:16:21.120,0:16:24.810 guys agree with me if you disagree if
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26 Replies to “Top 5 Alternative Health Care Careers Today!”

  1. I'm a Male Nurse, and I'm here to see your awesome channel grow into one of the best medically related channels out there. Welcome to YouTube my bro!

  2. 9:47 Correction: To get into the majority of pharmacy schools in the United States you have to take the PCAT

  3. Came over from Rashids! Awesome collab with Rashid. Nurses are forces of nature that every doctor should LOVE. Great alternative health care careers. Also, in my class the PAs do the whole curriculum with us med students for the first 18ish months. Can't wait to see what else you produce. – Aaron

  4. Love this! Came here from Rashid’s channel! I had originally wanted to go into medical school but I didn’t want to be in THOUSANDS of dollars in debt because that is the reality of medical school. So I did discover the PA route so I was so excited when I saw you put this on your list! I’m still working on my bachelors degree in biology but I’m excited to go the PA route! 🙂

  5. I subscribed! I was the person that reached out to Rashid a few weeks back and started my channel. I love this topic!

  6. Just wished you included PT (physical therapist), Clinical Psychologist, Paramedics, and and even Vet Medicine.

  7. Great info. It would have been nice to see nurse practitioners on the top 5 list. In some state nurse practitioners can have their own clinic without a collaborating/supervising physician. However, some states still require the collaborating/supervising physician, but the nurse practitioner has the option to work in a hospital, clinic, urgent care, retail health, insurance companies, etc… The job outlook is great for nurse practitioners, and they are also filling the void like PA's due to the shortage of primary care physicians.

  8. How'd you create that "Mad Medicine" logo. It looks sick! Also, came over and subscribed from Rashid's page. Rashid is a third year, but what year are you, Farhan?

  9. Yes, definitely nurses, they are often overlooked in the healthcare, but for the amount of their physical work and rigorous schooling they are the main backbone of our healthcare field!

  10. Can we get in to PA degree without sciences? I mean I am student of access to HE health profession diploma which is 1 year can i become a PA without SCIENCE SUBJECTS? IN UK

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