Top 5 Best WoW Addons for Gathering Professions

Top 5 Best WoW Addons for Gathering Professions

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’ve
got a supplement video for my farming series. We’re looking very specifically at my recommended
addons for gathering professions. That’s mining, herbalism, skinning, tailoring,
and fishing…and at the end I’ll go over a tip or two for each of those professions. If you’re looking for my recommended UI
addons, or goldmaking addons, those are in seperate videos. Links in the description. We’re just doing farming today. Ok, so first things first, most popular question,
what’s the big green circle on my screen? This is an addon called farmHUD. It makes AFK farming a lot easier once you
know a route pretty well. Essentially, it’s just an enlarged minimap
with a transparent background, and actually there’s an option that let’s you see what
it’s really doing. This used to be a feature of sexymap, but
back in WoD they had to end that functionality so it’s a seperate addon now. I just keybind farmhud to tilda and use it
when I’m just chilling and farming while watching youtube. Next the nodes on the map and minimap are
an addon called GatherMate2. In a nutshell, once you loot a node it shows
up permanently on your minimap and if you choose, on your normal map as well. You can of course toggle visibility on these,
and you can share your node database with guildies. There are a couple different addons like this,
Gatherer, GatherBuddy, but this is the only one I’ve used that doesn’t make my computer
lag out. Now, if you look at my map of twilight highlands,
you must think wow, he’s such an experienced and dedicated, and handsome, farmer, well…first
off, thank you that’s very kind, but actually, if you download the additional gathermate2
data addon you can import almost every node gathered in the game. Then Viola! You’re independent and don’t have to rely
on some scrublord youtuber to tell you where to farm. Next, the addon Fasterloot is amazing and
works without any setup. You know that little lag you get when you
loot things? Well this removes that. It’s just 1 to 2 seconds you’re saving,
but when you’re mining a couple hundred nodes an hour, it can add up. It also helps save time when you’re milling,
transmog farming, or say…binding a scroll weel macro to flipping over mysterious fortune
cards. You’re welcome Next is TSM and the TSM desktop addon. I’ve got a whole super in depth video on
how to set it up if you’re a beginner with it, but blah blah blah, it’s nice to see
the price of items and how many sell a day whenever you’re looting. Finally, Server Hop. No, it’s not broken. It never was. If you haven’t been using it, then that’s
your own fault. If you’ve never heard of this, Server Hop
scan the premade group finder for autoaccept groups and then applies to them. If the leader of the group is in the same
zone as you are, then you change realms. So kill things. Server hop. They respawn. Kill em again forever. Tips for Server hop, if
any party member is nearby, then they’re also eligible for loot, which means you can
skin your vilepetal rooters or felfang basilisks. Just on to the next realm. Also, server hop tracks the realms you visit
for 15 minutes so you don’t go to the same one twice, but with the basilisks on argus
for instance, their max respawn is 7:30, so you can then go into your settings and change
that server tracking reset to 8 minutes. Other mobs are different though, so learn
respawn timers for whatever you’re farming. So, that’s addons. Final tips for individual professions. For mining and herbalism, there are lots of
little goodies to get. You can cut your mining and herbalism time
with a bunch of different items, there’s the legion mining and legion herbalism glove
enchants, but the krokul mining pick does both. For WoD, there’s a mining pick in spires
of arak, and for MoP google the Forager’s gloves. You’ll also need the Mist-Piercing Goggles
for MoP. If you don’t want to grind any of that,
just keep a stack of darkmoon firewater in your bags. Also, just…be a druid. Druid flight form is not only instacast but
you can herb without dismounting, but if you’re not a druid, you can always buy a sky golem
or use the felsteel annihilator if you’re lucky enough to have those. For the skinning and tailoring, you can also
use glove enchants or darkmoon firewater, but the most important thing for these professions
is grouping enemies and killing them as fast as possible, so the legion crafted boots are
amazing. Bear tartar is faster than mount speed if
you’re moonfire spamming, so keep a stack of
that in your bags. Other than that, there are a few specific
toys like, if you’re skinning in MoP, have a battle horn to group things faster, but
those are usually on a case by case basis. So that’s it. I hope these addons and tips helped you. If I forgot anything, or if some functionality
has changed since the video’s release, correct me in the comments, but also, find someone
down there who has a question and help em out. We’re all here to learn and grow together. So, that’s it! Subscribe, like the video, good luck out there
guys and happy goldmaking. 🙂

56 Replies to “Top 5 Best WoW Addons for Gathering Professions”

  1. I understand why you use FarmHud but i just dont like the minimap in the middle i will get very annoyed quick. Else a great video. Keep up the qork

  2. Next time your out there on Argus doing basalisks i stand in front of the cave and leave the party right before i pull and unless its a pvp realm i never have to worry about someone else's loot. Help me test this Wreckless

  3. Thanks again for a informative Video FarmHud is a must, there is 2 Faster Loot addons in Curse's list both look to do the same thing.

  4. Is it bad that I am considering firing up my third account just for gathering toons since my demon hunter is dual gathering and I hate the sky golem so much. If not for the fact that my druid has all of the legion LW recipes I would just make her dual gathering and my druid on my second account is a 101 twink.

  5. I use farm hud along with routes. You can configure it so there is a most economical route to fly when gathering. I tested it with a couple off areas and I was getting about 20 percent more ore/herbs. Once you know the route of by heart then you can disable it. Perfect for new zones/farms.

  6. I use the leatrix plus addon for fasterloot, it also picks up quests and has a bunch of different utilities! give it a check, it's amazing.

  7. The addon video you linked to is over a year old and you have changed things around. What addon are you using for the data text on the bottom of your screen along with those little lines linking things together?

  8. I have seen this multiple times that realm hop isn’t broken, how do you get the realm hop addon to work with the changes they made?

  9. I know this is an older video but Leatrix Plus is a really good utility addon. Lets you add a lot of features like faster loot, duel decline, auto accept and turn in quests, better dressing room frame that gives you a bigger frame and allows you to go 'nude' or just remove tabard, auto sell junk, auto repair (guild bank or personal)… Many more features. You can use any of them you want, turn off the ones you don't.

  10. Is there a addon or a way to configure TSM to see quickly which ores and herbs are in short supply in the AH? So you know which ones to go farm.

  11. Thanks for this. Ive been out of the game for quite a while and needed something to get back into it. Really helps

  12. Addons for those who don't want to watch or rewatch.
    Gathermate2 (also download Gathermate 2 data)
    Faster Loot
    TSM and TSM App

  13. The Felsteel Annihilator doesn't work like sky golem. I thought that even though my friends had been talking about sky golem maybe they just didn't think to mention it, so I went out and tested on some Legion herbs, and it doesn't work you get dismounted. I guess I probably would have noticed if this worked at some point in all of Legion.

  14. I use my Rogue for gathering herbs – Tends to be nice to stealth into mobs, grab my herb and move on. In BfA with currently no ability to fly, add this with movement potions, gems, etc I move faster than a Druid regardless of what form they are in – Plus unless they are stealth also, they tend to pull mobs, but they can't stealth and use speed … So *shrugs*.

    I am sure once flight comes available again, a Druid will be useful, but again, I've always managed to beat a druid to a node, lol.


  15. Can't believe that I spent all these years farming without FarmHUD… All those hours staring at the right top corner at the minimap… -_-

  16. Would server hop work with farming for Anchor Weed? Say I see Anchor Weed, farm it, use server hop, would more Anchor Weed potentially be there?

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