Top 5 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Permanently In 7 Days – How To Remove Dark Circles

Top 5 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Permanently In 7 Days – How To Remove Dark Circles

Hi guys welcome to the channel Simple Beauty Secrets dark circles is a very common issue and many of you requested to cover this topic. so today I am not going to make just one but five different remedies to get rid of dark circles because everyone dont have all ingredients so you can choose most feasible remedy some people have dark circles naturally but the cause of dark circles can be stress, Less sleep & weak eye sight . so today i will tell you remedies to remove dark circles permanently so lets start but before that subscribe to my channel . For first remedy you will need two tablespoon of cucumber juice add it in a bowl and then add 1 tablespoon almond oil. mix these ingredients properly you have to apply this mixture under your eyes and leave it overnight . let me clear one more thing those people who wear glasses they should use these remedies regularly. because their eye muscles are not strong and they get dark circles more frequently. so they must use these remedies regularly. do this daily for seven days to remove your dark circles. lets make our second remedy. for this you need two tablespoon of vaseline. and you will squeeze lemon juice in it. apply this serum on your dark circles. you have to apply daily for three days. and it will remove your dark circles permanently. now we will make our third remedy but before subscribe to my channel & do like this video. this remedy is for those who have extreme dark circles. you need two tablespoon of baking soda. and you will add two tablespoon of milk in it as well. make a thick paste and apply it on your eyes. and leave it on for 40 minutes. you have to use this remedy daily for 2-3 days. and your dark circles will disappear for fourth remedy you will need 1 tablespoon of coffee powder. add two tablespoon of milk in it mix it well and make a thick paste. you can see the consistency of the mixture. then apply this mixture on your dark circles for 30 minutes. then wipe it off after 30 minutes. you have to do it daily for next 10 days. and you will get rid of dark circles permanently 5th remedy is very simple take a potato slice. you have to rub it on your dark circles. you have to do it daily for 2 minutes. and this remedy you have to use for the next five days. i hope these remedies will help you alot. if you haven’t subscribe to my channel yet please do subscribe to my channel and like the video as well. I will be back with another amazing video till then bye bye.

100 Replies to “Top 5 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Permanently In 7 Days – How To Remove Dark Circles”

  1. I had been also suffered from dark circle problem for 4 years but after using planet AYURVEDA angel eye Vitale- under eye nourishing cream now I feel more confident and my dark circles have also reduced

  2. Kis chiz se lgana h.. Aap kya use kr rhe ho.. White colour ka??? ..kya hmlog fingers se lga skte h. ???plzzz reply.. Bytheway.. Nice vedio nd thnku… ❤✨

  3. Dii i m glad ki mujha aapki video mili but didi secd remedy ma jo apna bataiya kon sa vasline mujha kuch samaj ma nhi aayi konsa vasline agar aapko koi prblm nhi ho to plz aap bataiyaga

  4. Mam milk- coffee or potato vali remidies. Ek sath kr sakti hu kya?
    Plzz batado mam dark circles ki vajah se mai acchhe ni lagati
    So plzz tell me mam plz😊😖

  5. Thanks for sharing these effective home remedies. In addition to these remedies, Gandhak Rasayan and Radiant Hair Skin Nail Formula Capsules of Planet Ayurveda are quite effective.

  6. I used potato remedy the way you suggested and for five days regularly but instead of lighting the dark circles, red spots appeared on apple of my cheeks due to juice of potato I guess 🙁 no offense but instead of good result I got side effect of it, weird.

  7. Today I will start the Vaseline method and will update if it has worked or not after 3 days.I hope it really works!

  8. Yeh remedies toh sirf dark circles ke liye hain na ?? Toh before-after wali pic me pura face kaise gora ho rha h ???

  9. Can you use all of them at once?
    Like the potatoes in the morning the coffee in the afternoon and so on?

  10. We need to first find the cause for dark circles before treating it.
    Dark circles Hindi:
    Dark circles English:

  11. In The 3rd remedy, you said the baking soda, i just want to confirm, is this same one mitta soda or baking soda is different from mitha soda? Please reply

  12. if you use potato piece or something rough in your under eyes cause to increase dark circle.. and also you used your 2nd finger is wrong dear… use 4th finger or ring finger bcz under eye is very smooth surface… so use ring finger to apply anything to your under eyes…

  13. Take coconut oil and massage on u r dark circles for 30 min try this at least 1 month its safe remedy for removal of dark circles

  14. Mera bass eye lids matlab upper eye mein dark spots hai..niche bilkul natural skin hain.can I use this to remove upper eye blk patches??? Will it work?

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