Top 5 Homeopathic remedies for hair loss from SBL, Reckeweg, Allen etc

Top 5 Homeopathic remedies for hair loss from SBL, Reckeweg, Allen etc

Top 5 Homeopathy remedies for Hair Loss Hair Loss Treatment Guide – Top Hair Oils for Hair regrowth –

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  1. I have used steroids 1 year ago for bodybuilding competition but losing a lot of hair till now…i am not using steroids any more. my hair is thinning out and while shower i lose majority of my hair. so i tried allopathic medicines but no results. so what medicines do you recommend which i can buy from your website…

  2. are these remedies useful for all hair types as i have a hair folicals which are growing thin and also the hair fall is gradually increasing, are these 5 remedies useful for all hair types? or is there anything else suggested for the hair loss please reply thank you

  3. Hi, im suffering from severe hair loss because of my thyroid problem. Its depressing to see bald patches and hair loss everyday. Can u suggest me which homeo medication to use for my hair treatments… Please do reply on  this

  4. hey i am facing hairloss due to androgenic alopecia …major cause is my dht level is beyond the normal value .any homeopathic remedy for controlling dht level?

  5. Sir, I would like know that, does reckweg r89 causes acidity as a side effect ?
    Or my acidity might be due to other reasons

  6. Sir i 'm getting baldness day by day even my age is just 22.
    I took many medicines but nothing happend.
    Now scalp is visible becaus no. of hairs have being shaded. pls recommond me strong medicine to regrow my shaded hairs.

  7. Can I use R89, SBL scalptone and HSL jaborandi lotion together?,,,,,internally R89 and sbl scalptone or externally use Haslab jaborandi hair lotion….. Any problem?

  8. बनाती है उनके ही गुणगान किया करते हैं, अपना दिमाग तो लगाते ही नहीं,दिखावा,बहुत सी सिशिया, पेरेंट्स को लुभाती है और ये डॉक्टर पैसा बटोर रहे है

  9. sir i have loss hair on side it become v shape structure on head in front , so i want to regrow my hair on sides. plz tell me so which product to you please tell em am waiting for your answer sir

  10. hi siddmed can I use r89 Medicine without consulting a doctor. I am facing hair fall issue and dandruff my dad had a bald head. I found your video might give me a solution. please help out which Medicine should I use

  11. Sir mai last 3/4 saal se hair loss problem se juj rha hu ar ab age ka area v khali dikne lga hai kya kru give me suggestions 7903102561

  12. sir iam 33 yr old female , iam suffering from huge hair fall & some patches has formed on front of my hair so I consulted homeopathy Dr for this reason & he prescribed me a B&T shampoo & B&T hair oil & with that he had given me AC#9 & scalptone tablets for the above reason , so is it effective remedy for my hair fall can it promote hair re growth again , plz , plz answer for me

  13. I am trying to buy BBP Soundarya cream for rs 232 with shipping fee 60 , total 292 , but there is no Cash On Deliviery Option ?

  14. Sir i was advised to take this R89.The doctor advised to ingest this but the cover says to apply.What should be the right directions?

  15. Dr.sahab namaste age 70 yrs. skin desease itchinng ringworm and b.p. andmucoucystool ka treatment

  16. R89 ka use girls kar sakti h sir maira hairfaal bahoot ho raha h or new hair bhi nahi nikal rahe h shir m bahoot kam baal bache h sir aap mujhe btaye ki main kya use kru jisse maire new hair Nike or haire fall bhi kam ho jaye plssss sir

  17. Sir my daughter 18 years is having severe hairfall Her thyroid levels are normal but has got thyroid antibodies and her hair is thinning a lot Kindly help

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