Top 5 Tips for Natural Breast Cancer Prevention with Dr. Connealy

Top 5 Tips for Natural Breast Cancer Prevention with Dr. Connealy

– [Josh] Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here with
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. We’re so excited to have you here at “Ancient
Medicine Today.” Today we’re going to be talking about breast
health and let you know the breast is yet to come. And Dr. Leigh Erin here is an expert in integrative
medicine. She’s a natural medical doctor, and she’s
going to be talking about how to fight breast cancer naturally and breast health. Thanks for being here today. – [Dr. Connealy] Thank you. – [Josh] All right. So and by the way we’d love to hear from you
guys right now if you’re watching this episode live. Hey let us know where you’re from. Let us know maybe there are things that you
do on a regular basis for breast health, for hormonal health. And Dr. Leigh Erin is going to share with
us some of her best tips. Let’s jump into step number one here — frequent
home examinations. – [Dr. Connealy] Yes, we call that breast
self-examination. First of all, you live with yourself. So you know your body better than any doctor,
better than anyone. So regularly in the shower with soap, you
can do really good breast self-examinations, because you’ll detect some abnormality. Now, we’re going to talk about in a few minutes
that even by the time you feel a lump or bump it’s 10 years old. So, of course, the better you know your breasts
the better that you can detect very, very mild abnormalities in your breasts and immediately
go and see a doctor to get proper exams. So it’s, you know, people don’t realize that
just a simple breast, a lot of the time women find the lump themselves. – [Josh] Yeah. I know my own mom, who was diagnosed with
breast cancer, the same thing. She was in the shower. She noticed the lump herself. And she has an amazing story of her overcoming
cancer naturally. The first time she went through the conventional
medical treatments. The second time she went completely naturally. But yeah, I mean, you know, this is something
that’s really near and dear to my heart, because having a family member who went through this
as well, I know really how important these tips are. By the way, hey help us get this message out
right now. There are millions and millions of women that
are diagnosed with breast cancer every single year around the world, and we need to get
the message out on how to naturally prevent or treat this condition. So take a minute right now, punch that Share
button, and click that Like button. Help us get the word out here about integrative
medicine as Dr. Connealy is sharing with us. So number one, frequent home examinations. Let’s talk about number two — know your family
history. – [Dr. Connealy] Yes. Also my mother had breast cancer too, so I
can relate. But family history, because I’ll tell you
an interesting story. I have two girls from Texas. They’re sisters. Their mother died of breast cancer. Their grandmother died of ovarian cancer. So they decided to go and get genetic testing
to see if they were BRCA1 and BRCA2. Well, sure enough, they were positive, both
of the girls. So then they decided to do a blood test called
the ONCOblot. And the ONCOblot will test your blood. It’s like a blood biopsy, and it will tell
you if you have cancer or not. And it will check 32 types of cancer, and
because it measures the ENOX2 protein on a cancer cell. So sure enough and these girls are young,
one’s 40 and one’s 42. And one of them had breast and one of them
had ovary. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Okay, what
were their scans? What was going on? What were their blood tests? What’s their tumor markers and all that?” Believe it or not, their scans of their breasts,
including mammography and MRIs of the breasts, showed no lumps or bumps. The woman with the ovary, I did a pelvic MRI,
absolutely no lumps or bumps, because remember I told you from one cancer cell to tumor is
10 years. So this is early, early, early detection,
which is probably the most critical thing for cancer. The cure for cancer is prevention, and believe
it or not we know today that there are so many things we can do to prevent cancer. There’s so many blood tests. There’s so many different options of whether
we have cancer. Another thing I checked on them, which was
very interesting, is something called circulating tumor cells. Once you have something growing in your body,
one millimeter — that’s very, very tiny — one millimeter you’re already releasing circulating
tumor cells. Why are these so important? These are so important because that’s what’s
responsible for 95% of metastases. So even though you may not have a lump or
bump, you can measure the circulating tumor cells, and this is another type of blood test. So this is the thing that people don’t know,
that we need to make people aware and informed of things they can do for early, early detection. – [Josh] Okay. So Dr. Connealy you have a patient come in,
and they find out, they run this testing with you. They find out that they’re susceptible, or
they have this issue going on, what you just said. So what then happens? What are your recommendations for them? – [Dr. Connealy] Well, that’s a good question. So first of all, I maybe do the ONCOblot blood
test. Then I will check for circulating tumor cells,
because I don’t want to rely on just one test to determine if someone has cancer. And so then I will do complete blood test,
chemistry panel, checking their liver, kidney, electrolytes, their thyroid, because the thyroid
plays a phenomenal role in the metabolism of your body. I check your blood sugar, because what happens
when you have high blood sugar, you have increased risk of all diseases. What is your C-reactive protein? Your C-reactive protein is a marker for inflammation,
and inflammation is the precursor to all illnesses. What is your Vitamin D levels? We know that Vitamin D influences 200 genes
and incredible for prevention of cancer. I will check your hormones. I will check, for example on women, how are
you metabolizing your estrogens? Are you a good metabolizer? Do you need to take things that correct the
metabolism in the direction of how your hormones are made? So I do all these things. Now I will do conventional testing. Mammogram, because I’m a doctor the standard
of care is to get a mammogram. But thermograms, I use lots of thermograms,
ultrasounds, MRIs. But again, if the situation is too small,
it will not be detectable on a routine scan. I still do them anyway to make sure I’m not
dealing with a lump or bump that’s something that has to be addressed. Now after that, we always have all of our
patients see our nutritionist. And our nutritionist is amazing. She’s been with me a long time, and she knows
how to educate people on the power and science and information of food. And this is what you’re doing. This is what we have got to do, because people
don’t understand the science. They go, “Oh, I eat healthy.” I go, “Okay, tell me what you eat.” “Well, I eat cereal for breakfast, granola.” I’m like, “Do you know you just ate a candy
bar?” – [Josh] Yeah. – [Dr. Connealy] No, that is not. You can’t start your day with sugar. You can’t end your day with sugar. Because what are cancer cells? Cancer cells have lots of sugar receptor sites
on them. Then we have our patients, I give them all
a program to detox, okay? All of us, whether you have cancer or not,
it doesn’t matter. We all have to utilize small things to start
to detoxification. First of all, in a month you will feel phenomenal
once you start detoxing. My favorite thing to do is have patients do
infrared sauna. Infrared sauna, and if they don’t have room
for infrared sauna or they don’t want to spend money on infrared sauna, I have them do baths
of Epsom salts, baking soda, and clay, and I make them a little cocktail, or essential
oils. I have all different things. Then I have all of my patients do a liver
cleanse. So there’s two ways to clean out your liver. Coffee enemas and people go, “What?” Coffee enemas. Not Starbucks. It is coffee enemas, a special kind of coffee
that has the highest amount of phytonutrients to clean out your liver. Believe it or not, coffee enemas used to be
part of the Merck Manual, which was the Bible for doctors to look up how to treat illnesses. Then I have patients do lymphatic drainage,
okay. I give them a homeopath to start activating
and draining. I tell people there’s lots of leaves in the
gutters in your body. And your lymphatic system, believe it or not,
is four times greater than your blood circulation. Do you know that if your lymph stopped working
for 24 hours, you would die? That’s how critical it is. So just exercising, rebounding, moving, get
your lymph moving. And then, of course, I have targeted supplements
— Vitamin C, pancreatic enzymes. There are so many other things. And I tell people, you know there’s no one
magic bullet. Every patient comes in and goes, “Oh my god,
Dr. Connealy, I read this works for cancer, this works, and this works.” You know what? They all work in all different pathways. If you have a hundred holes in the roof, you’ve
got to fix them all, right? You can’t just put, you know, a remedy for
each one of them. You’ve got to fix all the holes in the roof. So there’s lots of different magic bullets. One of the most important, and when we’re
talking about breast cancer, are the broccoli group. Broccoli, which it has diindolylmethane, which
is amazing in preventing and reversing cancer, along with curcumin. And then there’s a flavonoid called hesperidin
that comes out on the peel of lemons, limes, and grapefruits. So there’s so many anti-cancer properties,
lots of beautiful things in nature. And like I said, you kind of have to do it
all, although I individualize and personalize with each patient, because there’s no one
size fits all. There’s no one like you. And so we’ve got to customize a program and
make sure that we are addressing all the avenues of how you got here in the beginning. One of the most important things I always
tell people though, they’ll say, “Dr. Connealy, what is the single most important thing if
I have cancer?” You’re not going to believe what it is. It is your mind. If you get your mind in order, and all of
us have issues. There isn’t a person, because you know they
say that we inherit four generations of emotional conflicts. So that means that we all came to this world,
regardless of a phenomenal mother and dad and how we grew up, we have developed emotional
challenges along the way of the lifetime that we have to address. And so many people harbor negative stuff,
and they just can’t get over that person who did something to them. But we all have to learn how to love people
unconditionally and forgive them if they’ve trespassed you and done something against
you. And so I would say if everyone could wake
up, before they get out of bed, this is what I do before I get out of bed. I get my mind in an attitude of gratitude. I say, “Thank you God that I’m alive today. Thank you God for my amazing body that is
working for me and caring for me.” And of course everyone’s going to have their
own list of things that they want to be grateful for. But you’ve got to be grateful for everything
— your bed, your pillows, your linens. I mean the car you … just little, little
things. And if you need something resolved, thank
you universe that this problem is resolved. So please make sure the story you’re telling
yourself is a good, positive one. – [Josh] I love it. A great message Dr. Connealy. And as she’s saying, you know, all of these
things in terms of cancer prevention and cancer treatment, they’re important to a full part
of a cancer protocol as she takes care of in her clinic. You can see it’s not this one single treatment. This happens a lot of times today. People go to doctors that are part of our
current, conventional medical system rather than a doctor who runs an integrative practice
like you do. And it’s typically a one-pronged approach
versus what you do, it’s mind, it’s body, it’s spirit, it’s nutrition, it’s supplementation,
it’s holistic treatments like infrared sauna. It’s real different. Really when my mom fought breast cancer or
fought cancer later on, that’s what we did. I mean, all of these things you’re talking
about, the proteolytic enzymes, the broccoli, using food as medicine, these things are so
important. So we know food is a big part of this. Another big thing is toxic burden though that
can actually cause cancer. What are just a few of those toxic burdens
that people need to get out of their life? – [Dr. Connealy] I would say probably one
of the biggest ones, when we do urine tests, you can do a $100 urine test and determine
what toxins are in your body. But usually the biggest toxin is phthalates. I talked about that earlier. Plastics, plastics are ubiquitous in the environment,
in our water, our food supply. You’re drinking out of them. I mean, it is terrible. What does it do? Cause cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. And really the best way to get plastics out
is sweat it out. Infrared sauna. Yes, the broccoli supplements help, but you’ve
got to sweat this stuff out, because there are not enough of detoxifiers that you can
take orally to pull those toxins. What happens is they plasticize that membrane. I talked about the membrane of the cell. Every cell has a membrane, and what they do
is they attack to the membrane, where the membrane of the cell is where everything happens. Do you know there’s over 33,000 receptor sites
on the magical membrane? And so all the chemicals, they all interfere. We talked about endocrine disruptors. It is unbelievable, and I mean people don’t
understand how the synergistic potential of all these chemicals is creating outrageous
havoc in how we think, how we feel, and the epidemic of diseases we’re facing today. – [Josh] Yeah, it’s big. So as Dr. Connealy is talking about, so again
if you’re really toxic, you’ve been consuming plastics, get them out. Replace them with glass, stainless steel containers. Those are going to be much better options. And hey, do a detox, infrared sauna. Eat more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. Maybe take a broccoli supplement. And hey, you’re going to help. It’s going to help you detoxify your body
there. Reconsider oral contraceptives. Let’s talk about this and this might be a
little controversial. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now on how to beat breast cancer, take a minute right now, punch that Share button,
click that Like button. Help us spread the word and teach women the
truth about breast cancer. Let’s talk about oral contraceptives. – [Dr. Connealy] Well, oral contraceptives,
they just came out with a book called “The Pill Problem.” And we know that people are utilizing the
pills. What is the birth control pill? Well, it’s a synthetic estrogen, and it’s
a synthetic progesterone. So the way hormones work, they have a lock
and key. So you know how you’ve gone to the locksmith
store and you want to get a key made and then you bring it home and you make sure it works. Well, that’s the same way that hormones work
in your body. They turn on the cell or turn off the cell. Well, when we are taking birth control pill,
first of all it’s turning off your body, okay, because you don’t get periods anymore. You get a period because you’re taking the
pill. You’re turning off your hypothalamic pituitary
axis that is sending the messages down to your ovaries to make hormones. And so now that’s not occurring. Okay, so you’re shutting off your own rhythm
and your own physiological production of hormones. And then those hormones interfere, because
the estrogen doesn’t turn on the cell and progesterone doesn’t turn off the cell like
a biologically identical hormone. And so pills and then all these hormones can
be stored in your body. So they’re saying now that you have a dramatically
increased risk of breast cancer and probably other kinds of cancers if you take synthetic
estrogens, especially like the birth control pill. – [Josh] Yeah, I know I took care of a lot
of patients in the past as well who once they got off birth control, they had major issues
with yeast and Candida and a number of other issues. So we know this is a really big deal here
in terms of the oral contraceptives and all the side effects she’s talking about here. Okay, let’s talk number five — balance your
hormones. This is key for so many conditions. I mean, you know one of the things when I
first got into practice, Dr. Connealy, I think the thing that was most shocking to me was
the number of young women, really young, like early 20s, already who were having major issues
with their thyroid, conditions like PCOS, a number of other problems. Talk to us about that link between cancer
and hormone balance and how to balance our hormones. – [Dr. Connealy] Right. Well, hormones are the chemical messengers
in your body that turn your cells on and off. And so they’re critical. So the four major systems of hormones in your
body, your thyroid, your thyroid makes several different hormones, and your thyroid runs
the metabolism and the energy of every cell in your body, every single cell in your body. So if you don’t have good thyroid hormone
production, then your body won’t work. In fact, chemicals attack the thyroid. One of the worst is gluten. Gluten every day will destroy. But there’s lots of chemicals, because if
you look at the thryoid, the thyroid doesn’t have a capsule. It’s a kind of a fluffy texture. So it’s very, very susceptible to thyroid,
and thyroid cancer as you know is increasing also. Then you have your pancreas. Your pancreas controls your blood sugar. It controls when to go up and down. And so what happens is a lot of people today,
probably over 80 million people are pre-diabetic and diabetic. And so sugar wreaks havoc in our body, because
first of all we’ll have the roller coaster of the sugar. You eat a bagel. Your blood sugar runs up. Cortisol is brought in, insulin is brought
in, and then it brings it down, and then you’re hungry again in one hour. So eating sugar creates lots of different
imbalances in the body, but more importantly cancer feeds off of sugar. But pre-diabetes, we do a blood test called
the hemoglobin A1c. That’s a reflection of your blood sugar over
90 days. Just don’t check your prick your blood sugar,
because that’s the commercial. We need the movie of your blood sugar, which
is the hemoglobin A1c. And like I said, hemoglobin A1c is a reflection
of your sugar over time. And so if you have elevated levels of hemoglobin
A1c, you’re at risk of all diseases — hormone imbalances, cancer, diabetes, heart disease,
Alzheimer’s now. So you’ve got to get your sugar down. Then you have your adrenals. Your adrenals sit on top of your kidneys like
little hats. They make over a hundred hormones. And you know everybody’s stressed today, so
you need powerful adrenals, whether you’re trying to get pregnant, whether you’re trying
to get through the day, and it is the hormone of stress, immunity, and longevity. Then you have the ovaries in women. Ovaries in women make the estrogen, progesterone,
and testosterone. So what happens is you put a person in this
world with stress, not sleeping, toxic water, breathing and eating toxic chemicals, and
we don’t even know what the outcome in each person is going to be. – [Josh] Yeah. – [Dr. Connealy] Because there are so many
variables. You know that when do studies, they say, “Okay,
we’re just going to have people drink toxic water, or we’re just going to have people
do one thing.” Well no, that’s not reality. – [Josh] Yeah. – [Dr. Connealy] That isn’t the reality of
the world. We’re in this menagerie of incredible variables
that affect us, and so we’re just going to take each one apart and really address every
single facet of what’s going on in our life and get everything in order and balance. – [Josh] Yeah, great advice. Again, I know going back and I’d mentioned
my mom with cancer earlier, she had a hormone-based breast cancer. There’s a lot of women and men today who can
be susceptible to that. So we want to answer some of your most common
questions here. Let’s talk about number one. What’s the difference between thermography
and mammography? – [Dr. Connealy] Well, that’s a great question,
because breast screening, the typical breast cancer screening is mammography, and actually
they just changed the age to 45 as getting your first. They said before it was getting a mammography
between 35 and 40, but now I think the studies coming out and radiation, because mammography
is radiation. Okay, it’s like 230 times the radiation of
a chest x-ray, believe it or not. So it’s quite a bit. But mammography will tell us lumps and bumps
and calcification. Okay, so a structural situation. But a thermography is an actual physiological
picture of your breast. So what does cancer look like? Cancer is a very vascular, hot situation,
and it shows up on thermography. I will tell you, though, you don’t use thermography
to diagnose breast cancer. You use it as information that there’s an
imbalance in the system. It may be that you have a progesterone deficiency. Maybe there’s too much estrogen, just for
example. People don’t realize eating lots of flax seeds
can cause estrogen. But we have so many what they call xenoestrogens
— xenos the Greek word for foreign estrogens — in the environment that are wreaking havoc,
not just in women but in men also. So the thermography will tell you dynamic
information without touching you. It is a picture of your breast. So whereas mammography they compress the breasts
multiple times and smush it, and so like even if you have cancer, it could be potentially
dangerous. So that’s the difference. Now the other things I want to talk about,
though, we should talk about ultrasound, because ultrasound is a beautiful way to detect a
lump or bump. So that’s also an adjunctive treatment, and
then there’s MRIs. The problem with MRIs, the doctors today don’t
have the ability to interpret the MRIs as good as these other modalities. And believe it or not, do you know thermography
has been around for about 50 years? – [Josh] It’s amazing. This is actually my mom, one of the things
that we continually do with her now it’s something our whole family has done, and it really is
amazing. We’d love to hear from you right now. If you’ve ever done mammography, let us know
right now or any form of testing that we forgot to mention. But we’d love to know that if you’ve tried
thermography in the past and what you’ve seen with that. Next thing here, how often should patients
be tested? And who is at higher risk? – [Dr. Connealy] Well, it depends on what
you’re going to be doing. People who are a higher risk are, one, people
don’t realize that genetics does not determine destiny. So just because your mom or dad have cancer,
yes, maybe there’s a weakness. But guess what? You can change these weaknesses by your lifestyle. “Nature” produced an article last year, May
2016, that 90% of cancers are lifestyle and environment. – [Josh] Wow. – [Dr. Connealy] Okay, so that means we all,
all of us need to look at our lifestyle and environment. What are we doing? How are we living? How are we sleeping? How much water, etc. ? So what I do for prevention, I tell people,
once a year you should get what I call a preventive cancer screening, okay. And in my book, that you’re going to mention
later, it talks about preventive cancer screenings, because you know from one cancer cell to the
tumor is 10 years. We have 10 years of health opportunity. You can go to your doctor to see if you have
an environment for cancer, if you have something is brewing, simmering, fermenting. We have that technology and ability today,
Josh, and people just don’t know about it. And we need people to become empowered with
the information and knowledge so that they can take charge of their own health. – [Josh] Yeah, great advice. So we’ll go to number three here. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer,
now what? What are my next steps? – [Dr. Connealy] Well, first of all, don’t
panic, don’t be in fear, because emergency treatment, even though a lot of doctors will
say, “Okay, you need to see me right now. You need to get the treatment right now.” But let’s face it. This, as I said, took 10 years to get. Waiting for a month to go to doctors to get
different opinions on what you need to do with your particular situation, understanding
what the treatments are going to do to you, whether you need surgery or chemo or they’re
recommending radiation. Then you need to be reflective and say, “Okay,
why did this happen?” I would tell people one thing emotionally
that happens with breast is unrest in your nest. So there are things going on in your personal
life, whether it’s with a child, a husband, a parent that is causing emotional conflict. And then you need to say, “Okay, what are
the things that I need to change in order to get well?” Because, you know, it’s amazing. I’ve been practicing medicine 30 years. And do you know that the last five years,
I’ve asked patients, “Okay, what’s the first thing you’ve changed since you have been diagnosed?” Do you know hands-down everyone says how they
eat. They’re juicing now, they’re doing wheatgrass,
they’re eating, and they cut out all the sugar. So you know what? Intuitively we know it. But we’re here to help encourage you, educate
you, empower you to start living life correctly. There is a way to live our life, and I’m not
talking about perfection, because that’s impossible. That will drive you crazy. But there is a way to do things in a beautiful
way and live life and not get sick. Now, what are the things you need to think
about? You know, when you get diagnosed, you need
to look at the panoramic view of what’s going on. And if a doctor is pressuring you and rushing
you, you need to ask him or her why. Then you need to ask the doctor, is the doctor
asking you, “How are you eating? How are you sleeping? What kind of stress do you have?” And if the doctor is not checking your blood
sugar, your Vitamin D, your thyroid, your adrenal, your toxic level, how are you metabolizing
estrogen, then that might not be a doctor that you want to be partnering with to treat
your cancer, because all of these things have to be addressed. And also technology in medicine is doubling
every two years, so go look. There are amazing resources out there now
to know, like for example, I will tell you something that I’ve only been doing for five
months. I’ve been recommending women to get cryotherapy. So if they have a lump one centimeter or two
centimeters, I tell them to get cryo. What is cryo? Cryo is freezing, so there’s no surgery. It’s non-invasive, and they freeze the tumor. So usually, obviously, that’s going to be
a much better experience for a patient than invasion into the breast. – [Josh] Yeah. Great, great advice here. So as Dr. Connealy is talking about, it’s
really important not to rush into things. And I’ve seen this so many times with so many
patients is they go to a doctor, and they just have fear just really strike into them. And immediately it’s like they stop asking
questions. They just do whatever that one doctor says,
rather than, hey, going and doing their homework and really connecting with and finding that
perfect doctor who follows more of an integrative approach, like you’re talking about, with
the natural treatments, the stress reduction, which is so big, the diet therapy, all of
these things together are so important. I want to show you guys this as well. Some of the things we talked about here are
the five tips. Number one, frequent home examinations. Number two, know your family history. Number three, reduce your toxic burden. Remember we talked about the infrared sauna
and the cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, the benefits. Reconsider oral contraceptives. Balance your hormones. And check out Dr. Connealy’s new book. You can go to this website here right now, And the book is “The Cancer Revolution.” It’s a groundbreaking program to reverse and
prevent cancer. I want to encourage you guys to check this
out on her website right now, It is on Amazon as well? – [Dr. Connealy] Yes, it is. – [Josh] Check it out on Again great book here on how to naturally
fight and prevent breast cancer. Dr. Connealy, hey thanks so much for being
here today. And hey, help us spread the message. There are so many women today who have been
diagnosed with breast cancer, who we want to help prevent it with them in the future. Take a minute right now, punch that Share
button, click that Like button. Help us spread the word that there are natural
ways, natural approaches to treat breast cancer. And the first time my mom had breast cancer,
one of the reasons why I’m a doctor today is seeing my mom go through chemotherapy and
having a mastectomy and all the things she went through. You know, as a kid, I never wanted to see
anyone go through that. That’s part of the reason why I started teaching
people how to use food as medicine, because I wish we would have prevented that. And I think if more women read your book and
know about this message, they’ll learn the truth of how to fight cancer naturally. So guys, hey, thanks for watching. We’ve had Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy here with
us today, and hey thanks for watching. Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video. And also don’t forget to subscribe if you
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  8. the trouble of today Re: treating cancer is…its too costly for those that can't afford organic foodstuffs, supplements, blenders for juicing etc etc, or even visit a Dr!! This is what upsets me most, especially those who barely survive & live teetering on the line 24/7…just my 2c worth?

  9. Did Dr. Connealy say the biggest toxin is usually "salad"?! Then she says "plastics." So salads in a plastic bag?

    How can I get the "onco test" and the "circulating tumor" test? I live in Atlanta. How accurate are they?

  10. Thank you so much for this great video. However, I am confused about one thing: Dr. Connealy said that flax seed produce estrogen. I always thought that they help to absorp estrogen to get an excess of it out of the body. Now what is correct?
    Thank you and blessings!

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  12. You ppl that went to med school (or should I call it pharmaschool) are so brainwashed it isn't funny. Yeah! As soon as I feel an anomaly or lump in my breast, I'm gonna run to the nearest oncologist who is not only gonna order cancer causing mammography but is going to tell that you got so much to leave before they give lethal doses of top of the line carcinogenic 'treatments' Since you are well trained in doing research think out of the conventional box. You will truly save ur patients.

  13. I had a 3D imaging mammogram today 9/22/2017. I also have a family history ,my maternal Grandmother,Mother, and maternal Aunt. I had my Mother Brac1 Brac 2 and 30 other pathogens. her result was negative ,praise the Lord.

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  17. That's another reason why I only use organic natural non toxic deodorant. Nubian Heritage coconut and papaya. It doesn't keep me from sweating but it keeps my pits from smelling bad. In fact it keeps my pits smelling sweet all day, much longer than any of the Secret, Dove, Suave, etc deodorants I used to use. I'll never go back.

  18. Un cal blot..??? Is this the right name of the test.. Mention by the female Dr. For blood work.

    If not please, correct me.. And leave the information for me. Thanks you.

  19. I really don’t know what to eat anymore! Now , too much flax seed is bad? And since menopause my sleeping pattern is out of whack and there is nothing I can do for that. I wish they would come up with menu for every day of the week with exact amount of all the ingredients.

  20. Dr Connealy is saying the contraceptive pill causes cancer, as if that's news….That has been known for probably as long as the pill has been created. It contains estrogen, which causes cell growth, so that means it helps cancer to grow.

  21. I heard that if you have a blood test that shows cancer cells present in your blood, that it means that the cancers been there a long time, and like a virus, it is now loose in the blood stream, which means it's spreading throughout the unfortunate person's body.
    So blood test screening for cancer is too late, you don't want to be waiting for it to show in the blood, you need to catch it well before that.

    Is this not the case?

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  25. My wife was diagnosed with a cancer, ( before i learnt of Rick Simpsons oil / RSO ) the hospital said to do chemotherapy and radiotherapy.. she did.. and went through a lot.. but no cure, after a while the doctors said the cancer was spreading and we could look for alternatives.. i searched the internet and found out about the oil.. asked alot of questions.. watched the videos etc.. we made the oil our selves but it couldn’t just work out we were doing more harm than good and the cancer was still there spreading, i searched more on the internet i found a testimony on how a lady got the oil via an email immediately copied the email: i wrote to this very email and in an hour later i got a reply back asking me some few questions, and enlightened me on how to get the oil in the next 48hours, i placed my order and in the next 48hours the medication oil got to us. immediately my wife started using the oil, it been two months now, since my wife has been using the medication oil and the cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by the doctor. i put up this piece of testimony for the sake of those once who need this oil to please don’t die in silence their is a cure for your cancer today and get the oil. To place your order Email him on: ([email protected])

  26. I examine my wife's breast almost every night. I use virgin coconut oil to massage it and the whole body as well, especially the legs and thigh area..

  27. In Holland a famous USA website is : knowyourlemons
    .com..10 tips how to SEE of you have breastcancer.

  28. I have in my left breast lumps and stuff and I hurt in my titty and underarm I have dents tit you no titties it hurts all the time they told me I have breast cancer come back next year at EA Conway they wouldn't give me a MRI they told me that they couldn't see it on the mammogram I had an ultrasound done please help me

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  31. Hello Dr Josh I watch all your videos and my question is with Dr connealy If someone wants to quit contraceptive pill during her peri menopause and she never had any such health issues with a pil will there be any side affects after quitting pil during this time (peri menopause ) please give some suggestions in this whole process.

  32. I can not express my gratitude for the mentorship on prevention of this horrible disease called "cancer". Thank you so much Dr. Axe and Dr. Connealy for this video. Thank you Dr. Axe in general for uploading these fantastic videos that broaden our horizons on medicine! Our health is the most important thing a human being has next to our time…unfortunately not too many doctors are like you and Dr. Connealy…wanting to really help people by giving the knowledge you guys have on a certain topic to the masses. Most doctors care about their financial situation and how they can improve their financial situations "thanks" to the many cancer patients they have, because ALL of them never had a person educating them on how you could possibly prevent this disease or overcome it using natural medicine…I am heartbroken to know that I live in a world, where in a field like medicine, people that have chosen to do the job of a doctor prefer to think and handle "money-wise" and not "health-wise", although they know that their job should be driven by moral values and the wish of saving someones life and not by dollar bills…GOD BLESS and once again… THANK YOU for sharing with us comprehensive and wide knowledge by uploading these kind of videos! 
    This was written by the daughter of a breast-cancer patient that is more than grateful to know that she has the possibility to prevent a disease her mother didn't know about…


  34. I'm late. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It wasn't a lump they found, it was just calcification during my routine screening. Glad they caught it early. Thanks for the video.

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