Top 6 Natural Remedies for TMJ

Top 6 Natural Remedies for TMJ

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. I’m here live, so excited to be here with
you. So today’s episode, I’m going to be covering
six natural remedies to help you heal TMJ. And TMJ is a condition to where your jawbone
starts to shift off more to one side. Typically, you get clicking and this can actually
lead to headaches, neck pain and severe jaw pain, especially if it’s not corrected over
time. So in this video, I’m going to be going through
the best diet, supplements, food, essential oils and natural treatments for healing TMJ
and getting TMJ relief very very fast. And this is something I’ve actually worked
with hundreds and hundreds of patients with over the years as practicing natural medicine
and functional medicine here as well. And by the way, do me a favor right now. Help me share this message. There are millions of people…did you know
this? There are millions of people right now taking
medications and just sort of…especially over the counter medications trying to deal
with chronic pain of TMJ, headaches and neck pain. And they don’t realize there’s a very, very
easy solution fix. So take a minute right now, punch your share
button, click that share button, help me spread the word that food is medicine right now. Let’s jump into treatment number one, targeted
exercises. Now, here is something I’m going to show you. This is one of the fastest, most effective
long-term remedies. One of the biggest causes of TMJ can be from
over chewing on one side of your mouth. So think about this. Notice this next time you’re chewing food. If you are chewing something, do you chew
on only the left side or only the right side of your mouth? There are many people who do not chew bilaterally. So here’s what happens. They start chewing, let’s say it’s all the
time on that left side of the mouth, what happens is that masseter muscle right here,
that big muscle in your jaw starts getting really strong and tight, and starting to pull
to one side and the other side gets weak. So what you can do is this. Go in a mirror and slowly open your jaw. Watch this for a second. Slowly open and close your jaw and see if
your jaw shifts off to one side or another. Let’s say you’re always chewing on that left
side, that left side has become too strong and you know it, you start to see that jaw
shift over the left side. What you’re going to do is get a clothespin,
okay? A clothespin, you’re going to the open side
and bite down on it. You’re going to…not too hard, but just slightly
bite down for five seconds, release, five seconds. You’re going to do that five times, three
times a day. Many people do this while they’re driving,
they put a little clothespin in their car and do it while they’re driving. That is actually going to be the biggest…
addressing the root cause and getting to the cure the fastest, is figuring out why you
are clenching down on one side more than other. Now, oftentimes, it’s chewing, another thing
could be emotional stress. You’re mostly stressed or you’re biting down. But I’m telling you that targeted exercise
with a close pin is a remedy that doctors or chiropractic have been prescribing in their
patients for years. Now, number two here is posture. Now, if you can start to get something called
forward head posture…forward head posture, you should have a full curve in your neck. When your head starts to go forward like this
from sitting in a desk all day, nursing a newborn baby, carrying heavy things, these
things, over time, can lead to poor posture. When your neck moves forward, it puts pressure
on the upper bone in your neck called the atlas bone, that in turn, that atlas is very
connected to your jaw. It can actually cause your jaw to shift out
of alignment and put damaging pressure there. So a few natural things for posture, one,
start doing exercise especially things that open up your back and shoulders. Getting some dumbbells and doing what are
called reverse flies are good. Getting a cable or a band and doing rows are
good. Also, anything where you’re working your rear
delts or rhomboids, your back, pull-ups, things like that, opening up your chest, these exercises
are going to be good as well. The other thing is going and getting work
done by a chiropractor can also help improve your posture. They can actually adjust your jaw for TMJ,
they can do specific adjustments to relieve stress in that back that can cause forward
head posture. But improving your posture is key to getting
rid of TMJ. The number three here is reducing emotional
stress. You know, for a lot of people, they tend to
clench while they sleep. What I would recommend is take a healing bath
at night. So here’s what you’re going to do, get a bunch
of essential oils of lavender. I’d also get some peppermint, maybe some peppermint
oil, rub it on your jaw and I would get Epsom salt, put it in a bath. Soak in a bath before bed for 20 minutes. Go to sleep. I found in working with patients that it greatly
reduces emotional stress and tension, and will reduce clenching or grinding of the jaw
while you sleep. Now, sometimes people can get a mouth guard
as well, can be beneficial. But to really get to the root cause, reducing
emotional stress is big. Number four, follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Now, here are some of the key nutrients you
want to get in order to get rid of TMJ. You want to get lots of omega-3 fats in your
diet, lots of enzymes and lots of magnesium, okay? Those are the nutrients you want into look
in. You want to take time right now and just search
my name in the nutrient…look up “Dr. Axe magnesium food list”, “Dr. Axe omega-3 food
list”, and “Dr. Axe enzyme-rich foods.” And I have articles written on my website, that go specifically the top 10 foods in each and every one of those categories. So, number one, get more omega-3 fatty acids. You’re going to find omega-3fats and high
levels in the wild-caught fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines. Most wild-caught fish is going to be high
in omega-3 fats, which reduce inflammation. Flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts,
these are omega-3-rich foods that can naturally reduce inflammation. Also, I mentioned enzymes. Enzymes are found in high amounts in vegetables
and fruit. So start eating more fruits and vegetables
on a regular basis. And then, also, I would say doing magnesium-rich
foods. Dark chocolate is a magnesium-rich food. Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium, certain
types of red meat, spinach is very high, avocados. So go online, make sure you look up “Dr. Axe
magnesium-rich food.” You’ll find my food list on there. But remember, get omega-3 fats, get enzymes
and get magnesium. You might also consider taking a magnesium
supplement, 500 milligrams a day, and an omega-3 supplement, 1000 milligrams a day to help
you reduce inflammation and relieve that stress on the TMJ joint. Remember magnesium is known as the relaxation
mineral so it can help relax a tight jaw. Guys, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now, take a minute right now, help me spread the message because there are millions
of people living with chronic pain in their neck, getting headaches and jaw pain due to
TMJ. Take a minute right now, punch that share
button, help me spread the message right now by sharing this info because there are millions
of people we can help them right now. Number five here, bone broth. You know, bone broth contains amino acids,
proline and glycine, as well as it contains chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. Now, listen. Glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid,
they can actually help lubricate and strengthen the connective tissue of your jaw. A lot of times, if you’re a person with TMJ,
do you ever feel like you have bone on bone pain, like there’s this grinding happening
in this area? Well, just like glucosamine and chondroitin
and hyaluronic acid have been proven to help out with arthritis of the knee, arthritis
carpal, pain in all of your joints, well, listen. TMJ, TMJ stands for temporal mandibular and
then joint, it’s the joint right there as well. So again, it’s really helping heal that joint
specifically. Bone broth contains glucosamine, chondroitin
and hyaluronic acid, all of which help you build healthy connective tissue and can actually
relieve arthritic pain in your joints. So if you have TMJ, you absolutely want to
start drinking bone broth every single day. Now, you can buy bone broth frozen, you can
make it yourself at home or the most easy, convenient way is going and buying a bone
broth powder protein. So, there’s bone broth protein powder, doing
a scoop of that in a smoothie every single day is great for your body. And number six, relieve pain the natural way. One of my favorite ways of relieving of natural
pain relievers is using peppermint or wintergreen essential oil. You can make your own at home muscle rub. In fact, I have a recipe for that on my website, If you just search or on Google search, “Dr.
Axe muscle rub,” I have a rub to include the mix of cayenne pepper and peppermint essential
oil. So have you ever heard of a product called
Icy Hot? Well, Icy hot gets things cool and warm. That opens up arteries, which can actually
help increase the circulation and the healing of an area. So peppermint oil with cayenne, peppermint
oil is very cooling, cayenne pepper is very warming. When you blend those two things together or
peppermint oil with black pepper oil, those two together have tremendous benefits. So you can find my natural muscle rub online,
or just do peppermint oil with black pepper oil. Mix those together with some coconut oil and
do a one-minute rub on that jaw. So really, that jaw muscle right there, your
masseter muscle, you simply get on there and massage that, as well as your now upper neck
area. Massage those two areas, can absolutely relieve
TMJ pain there as well. There are some other natural pain relievers
internally, turmeric or cumin are very powerful, ginger, bromelain. So these herbs are naturally anti-inflammatory
and great for reducing inflammation and giving you natural pain relief in the body. But my biggest recommendation is taking all
of these things together and I guarantee you’re going to see phenomenal results in healing
your TMJ. Targeted exercise with the clothespin on the
side of weakness. Improving your posture with doing a standing
desk is great. Specific exercises to strengthen your back
muscles as well as seeing a chiropractor, reduce stress, emotional stress, take that
healing soaking bath at night, natural anti-inflammatory diet with magnesium. Omega three fatty acids and enzyme rich foods,
bone broth and natural pain relievers, such as peppermint oil, mix with cayenne pepper
or black pepper essential oil, mixing those together giving yourself a self-treatment
massage. It’s great for helping heal TMJ. And by the way, if you guys are enjoying and
loving this live training, take a minute right now and press that share button. Help me spread the message. Or, hey, text this, email this, share this
with someone you know and love who needs to know this information today. And by the way, if you’re not subscribed here,
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here as well. Guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this live training
video. This has been me, Dr. Josh Axe, talking about
ancient medicine and natural remedies to help you heal TMJ fast.

81 Replies to “Top 6 Natural Remedies for TMJ”

  1. great information doc.! !!! but could these remedies. be good for people who grind their teeth a lot?
    I grind my teeth mostly at night when I'm in bed, and can't fall asleep easily becous of it, and than it leads to bad head aches.

  2. I will try this. Anything that can keep me from going to see that acupuncturist doctor again…yikes!! talk about painful!! Thank you for the tips!

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  4. Dr Axe, 'TMJ' is not what a dysfunctional jaw joint is. TMJ is a transmandibular joint, of which we have two, with which enables us to open and close our jaw – the mandible – the lower jaw. The clicking and popping, coupled with ache and pain, are caused by a dysfunction of the transmandibular joint (TMJ) referred to as 'TMJ disorder.' Only a qualified dental professional is able to diagnose TMJ disorder, and treatment is determined after comprehensive examination. Some remedies for treating TMJ disorder are i.e., adjustment of the occlusal surface (the bite) of your teeth – how the teeth come together, or massage and exercises, or ultimately to have a splint made to wear at nigh to avoid clenching and grinding of the teeth, which leads to muscle inflammation. There are more invasive treatments for more severe conditions, which may include surgery. Your suggestions hold no worth.

  5. Neuromuscular therapy outside and INSIDE your mouth by a professional will relieve the pain and tension. Totally natural. Immediate.

  6. This gives hope. my job is answering phones all day and I have to hold the phone between my shoulder and ear.Could that be contributing to Tmj?

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  8. It's strange, but I've been in pain, head pressure on both sides…even the act of closing my eyes had pressure…and unknowingly, sucked on chocolate and the pain and pressure subsided. Each time, I also had coffee…don't know which did it and it was milk chocolate…but the pain went away for hours.

  9. Wow! What you're saying is on-point for me. I have been eating on one side habitually for about 2 years…due to a dental mishap on the other side. AND I've been catching myself in a really bad upper body posture once the side of my upper spine start burning pain. The bad posture is more recent but the burning sensation is excruciating. And now my left side of my face…jaw…clicking. I started using Garlic Therapy for the pain and any infection….I first thought it was a tooth infection, but my teeth don't hurt, around my ear, jaw, and temple hurts. After Garlic Therapy for 5 days, the pain stopped completely…everything was normal again for 6 months. Then it happened again a week ago…this time worse. Now, I'm going to try your recommendations.

  10. I have this problem for around 3 years. I am vegetarian so I eat all those food you mentioned and I eat wild fish, specially salmon. I don't grime my teeth at night, no bad posture, no chew gum or anything that is hard.. And the pain is still here and getting worse.

  11. Thank you so much for the help. I already loss some of my teeth from decay and the last tooth was probably from Tmj. Not sure. I had pain thought it was the root. This time it's on the right top. I have dystonia and I noticed I clinch my teeth to try keep my head still when I go places. I also grind or clinch my teeth in sleep. I will try these remedies before going back to the dentist. I've also tried the remedy for tooth pain you have with salt water and cloves. It helps. Can you do a video sometime about cervical dystonia? God Bless.

  12. Everyone has TMJ…..actually they have two. It is the name of the joint. TMJ is not a condition. As a doctor you should know that.

  13. This remedy given from my indian freind ,but also he reveled some effects from it.Tobacco is worked for me.When jaw pain and mind muscles paining i dont chew tobacco just put it with some supari and magically it releived pain .See this can be taken with precaution because it can cause mouth cancer.Soi dont advice it with all , but when i bellydown my stomuch from 90kg to 70kg kilograms lol i am belly fat.But i take tobacco with supari(bettel nut) and chuno(proceed liquifide limestone ) they called it parcel.haha.You know working in wall street sharemarket is toomuch hard.So my story is here , i am working in bank so i take tolmuch phonecalls and i am obese in past.I never eat anything without chicken.I only eat chicken and fries and all junkfood from mcdonalds.So i get obese.So here my pain was started at age of 24 years, because of minor accident on bike.But accidentially i survived butat that time nothing to do with jaw muscles because of jaw is not creating pain , but after that minor accident which i cant call it accident but due to my mistake i falled down near my house street light due to i didnt saw that.So after 1month when i take toomuch stress and jaw is paining and muscles are griding above jaw.So here situation is getting akward when after that month my jaw pain gonna to be worsen and also headaches occurs on just 3hours of working.My teetha are good.Then i visited physio and he told me congrates you got tmj.I treated with him and took toomuch heat therapy and exercises and all.But still tmj having no solution.So my freind from wallstreet gave me solution for not permemnently but temporary.I took advice from him.Then he took me to the pan shop(mint and flavours shop after eating items for digest cant describe it properly).At fiest he bought me 35 power masala they called it.And it was just costing 0.25$s penny but quantity that holds for long duration.In just few leafs of supari i can hold it for 8minutes and split that all out from my mouth because it creating high situation and also i afraid of mouth cancer.Here remember i dont chew that tobacco and supari jist put in mouth for 8minutes and splitout in washbasin.And seriously major jaw pain and headache will flushout in just 2minutes ater putting tobbaco in mouth.I advice you to ppl if you have indian freind then tell him i want tobacco pouch costs 0.25$s because of in our country like usa , newyork it will hard to find it ,it can available in pan shops of indian shops only.Warning dont swell all tobacco and dont deposite in stomuch otherwise you will get dirreah even indian ppls dont swell this tobacco they also splitout all.It wa sgood for relieving from pain for more than 6 hours , but after cardiac exercises and fat reducing exercises i actually relieved from tmj now i dont grind my teeths.But also i liked advice from this doctor he is also good advisor.If you chew tobacco then your pain will increase so just put and splitout.

  14. There is so much more to tmj than this. I've been dealing with this for 21 yrs. chiros made me worse. This may work for people in the beginning stages but tmj is a very complex condition.

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  16. I guess the reason why I have TMJ nw is because I always chew in one side. I thought chewing a gum all the time will cure it but since i chew in 1 side only i think it made it worst.. thank you for this video.. ?

  17. tmj is a posture problem, the postural problem is inadequate dental height on the back molars and pre molars of the mandible because of this, the skull which sits on the mandible starts to sink because of gravity this in turn moves the mandible thus problems start to arise, it doesn't stop there, the spine will mimic the head so it will go through a phase of muscular skeletal change all the way down to your feet. so you wont just have one problem, youll have a bunch of other problems.

  18. And my dentist wanted me to spend over $5,600 on treatments and an appliance I'm glad I'm researching my self-help treatments first!

  19. God, first I freak out this morning when my jaw stuck. Thank you for ur video. God – seems like my chewing on one side mite done dat.

  20. flax seed. has female hormone

    mackerel sardine. have mercury .heavy metal . radiation

  21. Not just chiropractors…Doctors of Physical Therapy specialize in correcting TMJ and are the ones to go to for correcting body mechanics, postural correction being one of them. Just wanted to provide another option ?

  22. I have had a headache that lasts all day for the past 72 hours and getting worse. Within 1 day of watching this video, taking the magnesium and exercises has helped me immensely. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  23. TMJ disorder is making my life miserable for a week now, I did bunch of research and I've heard that most people who have TMJ are women suffering for years and years, and it scares me so much knowing that the pain will not go away as easy like toothache. I'm trying to massage my jaw gently like every 20 minutes, relax my mind, and it's helping me to ease the pain for some time but the pain gets back again when I open my mouth to eat and also when I wake up in the morning. How can I avoid stressing myself if at this point of my life, this disorder is the most stressful feeling I've ever had.

  24. In today's world where medical industry looks at patients as clients and not as patients a few messengers like him are definitely a ray of hope

  25. Can ringing in ears be a symptom of TMJ ? I started my TMJ issues eating chewing gum back to back for 3 days in order to relieve clogged ears from sinus infection. The ringing has considerably gone down in a month. I guess it will completely go away as the jaw heals back. What do you suggest ?

  26. I have hormonal TMJ. It’s so painful. I get it the first day or my cycle and it goes on for 2-3 days. I also chew on one side of my mouth because I had a tooth pulled years ago. So the pain is on the side I DONT chew on.

  27. Thanks to this Tmj treatment solution ( ) I am now able to sleep well at night, the swelling in my face has disappeared and the excruciating pain I was suffering from had also reduced to nothing. I am so grateful, I cannot put it in words.

  28. After over nine years of battling with TMJ and bruxism, I was able to overcome the nighttime teeth clenching and my jaw and face muscles feel completely calm using this TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it). Furthermore, I`m also free from severe headaches. Certainly, searching for this guide made my well being much better..

  29. This guy can cure everything. Just ask him.You haven't been around long enough to treat hundreds of patients. Chewing on one side doesn't have any effect on TMJ disorders. Total BS. You cannot chew harder on one side compared to the other. Anatomically impossible. In fact everything stated that causes TMJ disorders is total BS except stress, not to mention the ridiculous treatment. A chiropractor can provide no treatment for TMJ that is more beneficial than a massage. Diet, oil in the bath, bone broth, peppermint on your jaw, Dr. Axe any article he wrote and on and on will provide zero treatment for TMJ disorders. But, I bet you sell all that as well as gallons of snake oil. I think you threw out your name about 10 times but that wasn't by accident. Do not buy this snake oil, it will not help your TMJ disorder or anything else. Just get a massage. Stay away from this craziness. Live or not. Save your money and your sanity. BTW he can fix wrinkles too. Stay away folks.

  30. A big fan of Dr Axe just sent me this healing video. I have been suffering from TMJ for over 6 months. I don’t have clicking any more but the stiffness and pain in my jaw is pretty bad. I am grateful for this video.

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  34. I heard if you chew on the right side, you are more right brained creative and oceanic. If you chew on your left side you are more linear and left brained.

  35. Basically eat foods rich in magnesium: dark chocolate, avocados, nuts, legumes, tofu, seeds, whole grains, leafy greens, and bananas.

  36. Dr Axe,
    I have a question. Could my gallbladder cause my tmj pain. I have been suffering for months on my right side with jaw pain, in front of ear. The pain radiates from the joint by the ear down to my upper and bottom teeth roots causing nerve pain. I've noticed when I take cod liver oil my symptoms worsen. Could this be a symtom of my gallbladder filled with toxins??

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