Top 8 Cataclysm Herbalism Farming Routes (WoW Guide)

Top 8 Cataclysm Herbalism Farming Routes (WoW Guide)

Hey! What’s going on guys, this is Reckles
with WTBGold and today we are talking about how to farm Cataclysm herbs. I was just going
to do Cinderbloom farming guide, something like that, but honestly, I figured y’all would
probably not appreciate it if I put out, pretty much, 10 different videos talking about the
same thing. So, let’s go. Let’s do this guide. Ok, so the 6 herbs we’ll be looking at are
the four common Cataclysm herbs. We’ve got Cinderbloom, Heartblossom, Stormvine, and
Whiptail. Along with the two rare herbs Twilight Jasmine and Azshara’s Veil.
So, why farm this? Wouldn’t it be better to just fill up the auction house with starlight
rose? Well, you may not get as much gold per hour with old content stuff, but you’ll end
up getting more gold per day especially if your gatherer is your only toon. If you post
more Starlight Rose than your server’s auction house demands, you’re only gonna tank the
market, right? And you’re actually, because of that going to make less than if you spent
your extra time, once you filled your auction house up, if you spend that extra time farming
Cata or Lich King or Pandaria stuff. As far as cata herbs specifically, people buy them
for Alchemy, which uses them for Cata-level Flasks and Transmutes along with the Potion
of Treasure Finding, so let’s be real, pretty much just the potion of treasure finding.
The noteworthy thing here is that that potion only uses the four basic herbs and doesn’t
use any of the two rare ones, so it’s better to just focus on those. Inscriptionists also
use these herbs for blackfallow ink glyphs and a few decent transmogs like the rosethorn
staff and the key to the planes, which will sell for 5k, 10k, somewhere around there. And
finally, all the cata herbalism nodes we’re going to be talking about have a 1/3rd chance
to drop 2, 3, or 4 herbs each. So an average of 3. The nodes are pretty spread out compared
to what you may be used to so 1) you’re not gonna get a ton of herbs here and 2) there
are much better places to level herbalism from 1-800 if you’re just starting. Specifically,
go to Valley of the Four Winds. I’ve got a guide here. And finally finally, I get the
question a lot “how much should I farm?” This question actually takes a bit to answer so
I went over it in a separate video which you can also find right here. Or in the description.
I don’t know, YouTube changed their annotation system.
Alright, so let’s get into it. Cataclysm was all about the elements and being really boring
with fire-sounding names, we had Embersilk, and volatile fire, and blackened dragonscales.
So, let’s stick with that theme and start off with Cinderbloom, which blooms from cinders.
You can find it in any of the pockets of land that deathwing or ragnaros has burned during
the Cataclysm. Over the past year the prices have risen from 3 gold to its current 10g
each, so I like to focus on this herb. Interestingly, since Cata was the first expansion to really
use phasing on a large scale, some places like The Inferno in western Mount Hyjal have
cinderbloom initially, but then when you quest some, The Inferno phases into The Regrowth
and the land is healed, and the Cinderbloom stops spawning. Doesn’t make a huge difference
but it’s worth mentioning if you get out there and are like “WHERE’S MY CINDERBLOOM.” There
are two routes I’m going to recommend, but I like the first because it’s more time efficient.
Head out to Mount Hyjal and follow this route. You’ll get Stormvine from the higher grassy
areas, Cinderbloom from the southern fire areas, and protip, swing by all the lakes
for just a little bit extra Azshara’s Veil which is selling for 50 gold each. The next
route is more Cinderbloom focused and we’re headed to Deepholm, which isn’t on fire actually,
but it’s the home of Deathwing, so I guess…it counts? Also, Deepholm is the heart of Azeroth
and is therefor the only place that Heartblossom spawns so I’m gonna just lump Heartblossom
farming in with this route. BAM! Gold guide time saving. There are a ton of herb nodes
here and what you want to do is kind of this horseshoe thing to hit em all, but make sure
every lap for sure passes by the northwest part of the map. Also, there’s ore all over
the place and you’re pretty much just running around in a circle, so this is great if you
also have mining. Alright, next let’s look at Stormvine. Stormvine
spawns wherever there are big storms, so obviously we’re going to go underwater to Vashj’ir.
Make sure you do the intro quests to get the water breathing, and a seahorse mount or just
cheat and be a druid. While both the Abyssal Depths and Shimmering expanse have about the
same amount of herbalism nodes, just go to the Shimmering Expanse. I like this one because
it not only has more Azshara’s Veil nodes, but it closely follows where the Reins of
Poseidus spawn and that mount is selling for about a million gold right now, so it’s definitely
worth hanging around where it might maybe possibly spawn. This route in Abyssal Depths
works too if you have competition in shimmering expanse. And finally, guys. whether you like
underwater zones in video games or not, head out here because this zone is beautiful.
And let’s move on to Whiptail. Whiptail is a reed that spawns in Uldum, I guess where
there are egyptian-themed slave masters, so whip makes sense, I don’t know. Anyways, we
have two routes here. One is super simple and focuses just on whiptail. Just follow
the banks of the river, and do one big lap and if you want to optimize for the force
spawns, every third or fourth lap head over to the water south of Neferset so you can
clean up the stragglers. The second focuses more on gold per hour and includes Cinderbloom.
For this one you include neferset in every lap and you want to loop around the obelisk
of the moon and the Oasis of Vir’sar. That’s where the flight path is in the northwest.
You won’t get as much whiptail, but here you’re multitasking; you’ll get more herbs. Also,
just as a heads up, the nodes kind of lag out here, they don’t appear until you get
really close to em. It’s part of that whole phasing thing. It was new. So make sure you
zoom out of your minimap or gathering HUD or whatever so you don’t just like, just completely
fly by where the nodes spawn. Alright, Twilight Jasmine. Twilight Jasmine…isn’t
even being clever, they just named it after the spawn point Twilight Highlands. This doesn’t
spawn often and the spawns depend on your phase, so I’d, even though there’s a whole
ton of nodes, I’d only recommend farming this if you’re heading out on a dual gatherer and
focusing primarily on elementium and pyrite, and you’ll just get some twilight jasmine
as a secondary bonus. You might also want to farm out here if you checked your auction
house and it’s selling for 15-20 gold. I didn’t actually test this or really any of the nodes
here because it’s super variable. Because of the phasing thing, my results aren’t going
to be anywhere near your results because we’re going to be at different stages of the quest.
So I don’t want to set your expectations. But anyways, let’s finish up and move on to
Azshara’s Veil. Azshara’s Veil is found primarily in water because Azshara is the goddess of
the water, and is currently selling for 50 gold each. It’s not a rare spawn of the other
flowers like most of World of Warcraft rare gatherables. It has its own node spawns, It’s
just that, there aren’t a lot of those nodes. If you have water walking the best route…that
is if you’re a deathknight, warlock, shaman, or druid, then head out to Tol Barad. Start
at Welson Shipyard, follow the river around and explore the Cape of Lost Hope, and then
either turn around and follow the river back or just run across Farson Hold. Competition
KILLS this spot, so if someone else is there or if you don’t have water walking, just go
to the Vashj’ir route we talked about with Stormvine. And also, in patch 7.1, they buffed
water mounts so you might wanna consider going out here rather than vashj’ir if you have
the Turtle or anything like that. That’s it though, make sure you like this video if it
was helpful and subscribe if you haven’t so you get more videos in the future. I was thinking
about what I material farming guide I should do next and I thought I’d ask y’all. so down
in the description there’s a strawpoll so go vote for what farming guide you want to
see next. I’ll see you guys later. Bye!

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  1. artifact fishing pole will help with stormvine vash farm… fish form from the artifact is even faster than druid form

  2. Azshara's Veil and whiptail are the pricier herbs needed for the flasks that go into Vial of the Sands. You need twice as much whiptail to make one vial, but Azshara's sells for 3-4x as much on my server, it can be hard to find enough on AH to make a vial. The Vials will (hopefully) boom when flying comes out in the spring, so not a bad idea to stockpile a bit!

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