Traditional herbalist claims cure for poor sex drive, memory loss & more (Real-Life Nigerian Movie)

Traditional herbalist claims cure for poor sex drive, memory loss & more (Real-Life Nigerian Movie)

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As you begin to urinate, you will discover a burning sensation – when you pee,
you pee mucus, within 21 days,don’t be afraid you will pee the dissolved hernia, you are okay. We have so much leaves here, we have Bitter leaf,
we use it to cure mouth odor. We have Bitter lemon and we use it for people that are obese, to
remove excess fat and people that are hypertensive they use it also I got to know about these herbs from my
Cameroonian counterpart – Dr Kelly, he’s my boss. He’s into herbs so we learn and study under him on
how to convert most of these plants into medicine And for the past one or two year’s we have
been in Nigeria and it has been great When we talk about herbs, there are different types
of herbs for different types of sicknesses But i would restrict myself to the ones we have on ground If someone is suffering from Hernia and Appendix, there
is no need to go for operation What do we do? We can get what we call banana placental, you
remove the banana placental and bring out the young banana shoot And you combine it with fresh palm-wine according to
scientific research, fresh palm-wine is a medicinal plant It does two things in the body, It encourages your pancreas
and it builds up your white blood cells Take 5 liter of the freshly tapped palm wine, mix
it with reasonable quantity of the young banana shoot boil it for 30 – 40 mins, then you taste the mixture,
you’ll discover the alcoholic content is no more there Then you take a net and filter it, the water that comes out, put it
in a plastic and someone suffering from Appendix or Hernia can take it. One glass in the morning, one glass in the
night for 21 days, it would dissolve it As you begin to urinate, you will discover a burning sensation – when you pee, you
pee mucus. But don’t be afraid, within 21 days you will pee the dissolved hernia Within 21 days, you are okay People that have waist pain, poor sexual drive, weak
erection, we know how to use it We know how to use a plant (Plantain Sucker) you can take the juice out
of it, take half a glass morning and night,within 7-14days you’ll get your healing Even women having itches in the private parts But principally, what we give to people is raw
gensil , that’s what we are displaying now Raw Gensil has numerous functions, it boosts your immune system, it
helps to deal with stress and loss of memory It’s an adaptable plant. If your BP is high, it brings it low,
if your BP is low it raises it up to normal So maybe you are having any kind of pre-copulaton ejaculation, weak
erection, low sperm count or any kind of bacteria Infection We teach people how to combine Gensil with lime and garlic, you prepare
it and take it , within 21 days you’ll get your healing We’ve been doing it now for close to a year It has been marvelous, if you stand here for the next two
hours you’ll see people trooping in to ask questions And many of them have taken the medicine and they are coming for more We started the revenue system but we have our office at barracks

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  1. I hope batter box isn't making fun of this man. For the record what he is saying is consistent with what I have learned about herbs.

  2. People should know that pharmaceuticals are inferior to herbs. Companies invest in man-made drugs only because they can claim patents on drugs they make. They cannot claim patents on mother nature. Most drugs are made to mimic herbs.

  3. How would he know the toxicity levels in plants or chemically test it? Some plants are good some are good at a level if you have to much of it could cause problems.

  4. Hi do u have any herbs for sex drive like viagra? i am really interrested to it. i prefer herbs not drinking. in which city in nigeria could i find this kind of herbs plz.

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  7. This is an excellent memory loss treatment method “shocking cuno press” (Google it)! I`ve been making use of it several weeks now and feel my memory and response time has improved. I`ve got dyslexia and has helped me with tasks I do everyday at work and home. This is highly recommended for your brain to keep it more effective and also useful. Making use of this is enjoyable..

  8. Hello good day what is good for low sex drive in women and also I have a skin pigmentation on my face I got it that after I turned 40. I have tried lots of things and it doesn't want to go away. Also I have problems with my stomach gas, blotting cannot digest red meat, bad circulation and varicose veins.

  9. Hello I cannot find bitter lemon in the US the only thing is close to the name is bitter melon it looks a cucumber. What is an herb name for bitter lemon. Thank you, ?

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