Traditional Remedies vs. Modern Science – The Jim Jefferies Show

Traditional Remedies vs. Modern Science – The Jim Jefferies Show

Essential oils, acupuncture, probiotics. More and more Americans are turning to alternative medicine. [Man] After three or 4,000 years, I’m sure the Chinese can’t be wrong. But is moving away from modern science really the way to go? To find out, I’m heading to a place that’s relied on traditional remedies for centuries. South Africa! Eighty percent of the population relies on traditional healers as their primary form of health care. I’m here to meet Richie Sekwele. He’s a faith healer of over 30 years who claims to have extra powers. Give me your top five things you can cure. Wow! What are the ones where you’re like, “ah, good. This c**t’s got malaria. I’ve got this in the bag.” Can you cure cancer? And that’ll get rid of any cancer? AIDS? Oh, you have cured some people of AIDS? With some herbs? Can you suck that out with a tube? No, no, fat. Yeah, it’s fat. Alright, yeah. OK, stop for a second. You can get rid of piles? How do you do that? ‘Cause I’ve had hemorrhoids my whole life. [Jim] Listen, I’ve heard it all. Eat more Metamucil, don’t push so hard while taking a dump. I’ve even had surgery on my colon. Nothing works! Oh, f**k it. I’ll give it a go. And the piles will just go back up? Because at the moment, I shit and push. Couple fingers, back up. [Jim] Look out, Preparation H. Richie is gonna save my asshole! Thank you, Richie. Thank you, doctor. I won’t get stopped at the airport. This feels like the beginning of an episode of “Locked Up Abroad.” Yeah, that’s um – it’s just bark. It’s just a bag of bark. [Jim] Well, I gotta say. This is a little different from my doctor back home. But it’s not dangerous, right? I think there’s definitely a potential for traditional healers to be dangerous. [Jim] Alright. Meet Dr. Farhaan Williams. He’s a fancy, show-off hospital doctor. And he supports the South African government’s recent push to regulate healers. But is this just some self-serving plot to steal my buddy Richie’s customers? Moving in on the little guy trying to f**k him over? No, I don’t think we try to do that. The drive is more to understand where the roles can work together and also understand what they provide. Have you ever seen anyone who’s been cured by a traditional healer? If they were cured, they wouldn’t need to see me. What do you think about western doctors? Right. Right. [Jim] He has a point. They’re handing out opioids like f**king candy! But that said, modern medicine isn’t all bad. [ TV ad band ] Viva Viagra! Talk to your doctor about Viagra. Have you got herbal Viagra? No, no, no. I’ve got friends who take that stuff sometimes after a big night or a coke binge or something like that, they might have to take it to f**king do what they need to do, but – You just – you just go… You just get the c*m in your hand and lick it? Yeah, lick it. You lick your own c*m? [Jim] Alright, maybe the one pill isn’t that bad. But if the c*m doesn’t do it, Richie’s got one more way to spice things up in the bedroom. I’ve been told that you can restore a woman’s virginity. Yeah, yeah. What does that mean? That you sort of cup it a bit and then the hymen grows back in? Oh, you don’t touch it? She puts a pillow up there? Yeah, under. Like, maybe a corn hole sack. Like a little bean bag – from the game corn hole. Yeah, three points for that. Oh, it fixes the family because he’s like, “kids, mom’s c**t’s good again. So, daddy’s gonna stay. The doctor fixed mom’s c**t up.” Yeah. [Jim] Yeah, that uh… that doesn’t seem healthy. But I’m open to being proven wrong… ’cause the time has come to see Richie’s extra powers. [ whistle blowing ] Woah! [ chants ] It’s like we’re getting ready for Scrabble. Sorry? Oh, nothing. Five and four? Let’s keep going until we get the number we want. Is that the one we want? No, no. Alright, keep going. Seven, seven! There you go. How long did you go to medical school for? Seven years. Correct. This is what he gave me for hemorrhoids. I am not an expert in the contents of that, but – Could there be some hallucinogens in there? Very possibly, uh – Alright, I’ll give it a go. I’ll give it a go. Yeah. See if it’s – I’ll take both of those. Why are traditional healers so popular here? There’s greater access to a traditional healer. Often times at less cost. And that would force a person who’s in need of care to visit somebody that their parents visited when they were ill and their grandparents. [Jim] Actually, this sounds familiar. Poor people with shit options for health care just because that’s the way it’s always been. And the consequences are clear. When the government doesn’t support free health care for everyone, people with all sorts of illnesses don’t get the real help they deserve. But look, I also understand why even rich people try alternative medicine. You believe it can cure you because you want to believe it. And when your asshole is prolapsed, even bark sounds pretty reasonable. But I guess I’ll ask a real doctor for advice. How about some ice lollies? Yeah, where you put the ice against it? Inside! You shove an ice block up your ass? With some lubrication. Well, I’ve got my weekend planned.

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  1. When we invest in our security by having armed forces, no one calls it "free military protection". When we invest in our infrastructure, no one calls it "free roads and bridges". Yet when we talk about investing in our country's health and education….suddenly it's "free health care" and "free college". From the standpoint of the individual, it might be free. But from the standpoint of the nation as a whole, it looks like an investment to me, one that makes a lot of sense economically. I wish advocates of these things would phrase it this way instead.

  2. I live in China. Trust me when I say this, yes they can be wrong. Mostly about the temperature of things. They believe that cold will kill you.

    They believe if you drink cold water, you’ll get a stomach ache, the water must be piping hot.

    AC is a big no no. And a slight chill in the air means covering your entire body in cloth, no exposed skin cuz cold is death.

    Children can’t even eat cold fruit cuz they’ll get sick. It must be room temperature at least.

  3. For those posting about how traditional medicine worked for them or a friend of theirs please read this response in the hope that it may save your life or the life of someone you love:

    Everyone thinks their story disproves research, but that's not how science or just general understanding works. Imagine there are 300 people with the same disease and 100 each use western medicine, traditional medicine, and nothing. 2 months later 87 of the people who used western medicine are alive, 6 of the people who used traditional medicine are alive, and 6 of the people who used nothing are alive. The people who used traditional medicine cant say "Traditional medicine worked for me. I had that disease and I'm still alive just like those people who used western medicine." Its inaccurate, and since there's no one left who used traditional medicine to say "It didn't work for me." it seems to outsiders like they're equally effective choices. So some of them try to use traditional medicine and likely die from lack of treatment.

  4. ??? Jim jefferie is lying about 80% of the south Africans are using traditional healers where do you get your stats

  5. South African public health care system is free. They are trying to pass a NHI bill that will make it even more free than it already is aswell

  6. Hi, I am someone who has a traditional healer in the family. and I would like to give some insight.
    So firstly the stat is incorrect, most South Africans use western medicine over traditional medicine however most South Africans still perform traditional rituals which do not need a traditional healer present
    Traditional medicine has been bastarsised by the medical industry however many medicine are made from formulating and synthesising traditional medicines from all around the world
    For example, many traditional healers had been preaching beetroot to people with HIV to help them fight it, we even had a situation where the then Minister of Health Dr Manto Tshabalala was ridiculed world wide for recommending beetroot to HIV patients, today however beetroot extract is a main ingredient in ARVs
    San Bushmen and other African tribes used a plant called Hoodia to suppress hunger during times of famine, today that plant is used in some hunger suppression medicines.

    Now with that being said, there are many fraudulent healers and this is why the field needs regulation however we cannot demonise traditional health care methods when western medicine "borrows" and refines these processes to make the pills and tablets we drink today.

    The South African government is currently rolling out a program where they are working with labs to derive more "westernised" medicine from traditional recipes, these are then tested to see whether they do what they claim. They are working hand in hand with traditional healers, doctors and scientists to publish traditional science as medical and scientific science so they can take the stigma away from it and preserve cultural heritage whilst maintaining proper health practices.

    There is a spiritual element to this too which I will not talk about in this post however I have come to learn that there is often scientific relevance in traditional medicine from all across the globe and the medical industry tries to suppress and invalidate this in order to drive us to their unhealthy lab grown solutions…. hell we have been saying weed helps fights cancer for years but only now are they willing to admit it.

    Sorry for the long post, heres an African Potato

  7. I went straight to bed after watching this then dreamed I was in Australia and had to see a doctor. I know the traditional doctor Jim saw was in South Africa, but this was a dream. The doctor was in a pub. He prescribed a hot dog and bark.

  8. Should have tried the piles thing, there's more to these healers than western medicine can understand sometimes, personally know a few people who are only alive because traditional healers helped where medical doctors couldn't. Two cents worth

  9. Ok, this is worrying! I grew up in s small, poor town in Africa, with farmers and herders making the most of the population and I've never seen this level of 'faith healing'. Apart from mental & generic diseases which can get misdiagnosed as supernatural, a disease is clearly a medical condition. There are may culture-based remedies and recipes that people will suggest because there were no modern hospitals around (my state, way bigger than California, had 1 small hospital) but people use all options together, with modern medicine given most credibility. Superstition is very dangerous.

  10. John oliver does the mlm scams too lol. its funny. Sadly with MLM/pyramid effects lot of religious people and poor uneducated.. Just as these new age health scams and foods.

  11. The problem is no modern doctor, understands how old time doctors worked, unless, they see being a doctor as a calling in there life.

    There are things that traditional healers can do, that modern science cannot do. Then there are things that modern docs can do, that traditional healers cannot.

    The problem is that so many whom use traditional healers, do not think, over how any of the stuff works, and most of these traditional healers, just do what they do, and have no worked out a reason, why there things sometimes work.

    Modern doctors, are very ignorant to why and how human do things. They just have a pill for everything, not appreciated the differences in all humans. Humans are not all the same, and like some robot, where all the parts are the same.

    There is good reason for both, modern doctors, and traditional healers. Both sides do not appreciate that both have there place.

    Its just like you have a side of your brain, that deals with reason, and then the other side of the brain that deals with spiritual potential. Humans always want to take sides, but do not appreciate both can work together.

    Traditional healers have the potential, to be good at what they do, if they can use reason, to work out how there what ever works, or does not work.

    Believing in modern medicine, or traditional healers, in absolutes is wrong, and its typical of humans to want to take a side. When both have there place, but ignorance of the other side, leads to many miscalculations on the other side.

    For me, i do not want to use either. But for those that do, you should appreciate that both have there place in a modern world.

    Without traditional healers, humans probably would not of survived as long as they did, till they got to the point of modern medicine. Many countries would not have any real population with traditional healers, and this is where modern medicine is totally ignorant to why human populations have always had them.

    Modern science ignores how important these traditional healers have been.

    But like i said, i would rather not use any, but for for me, there are benefits to both, but there is massive negatives to both approaches.

    Being a doctor before modern times, was seen as a lifes calling. This is the problem with modern doctors today, they do not see what they do as a calling, but mainly as a job, and a way to make loads of money.

    Being a doctor, or a traditional healer, should be seen by those doing it, as a lifes calling. The problem comes when these people do not see it taht way, as see it as a job, or a way to make money.

  12. Many of these healers have been taught which herbs and plants treat which conditions, they just often don't understand the science behind why they work, of course many scientists/doctors don't understand the why either., it's a big area of research.

    Up to 50% of the approved drugs during the last 30 years are either directly or indirectly from natural products. The use of plants as medicines has a long history in the treatment of various diseases. The plant-derived compounds have a long history of clinical use, better patient tolerance and acceptance. To date, 35,000-70,000 plant species have been screened for their medicinal use. Plants, especially those with ethnopharmacological (traditional medicine) uses, have been the primary sources of medicine for early drug discovery.

    A 2012 phylogenetic study built a family tree down to genus level using 20,000 species to compare the medicinal plants of three regions, Nepal, New Zealand and the South African Cape. It discovered that the species used traditionally to treat the same types of condition belonged to the same groups of plants in all three regions, giving a "strong phylogenetic signal". Since many plants that yield pharmaceutical drugs belong to just these groups, and the groups were independently used in three different world regions, the results were taken to mean 1) that these plant groups do have potential for medicinal efficacy, 2) that undefined pharmacological activity is associated with use in traditional medicine, and 3) that the use of a phylogenetic groups for medicines in one region may predict their use in the other regions.

    You might want to give that bark a try, Jim, it might just work.

  13. no 80% of South Africans are using traditional medicine as a primary source of healthy care die man is doing us wrong if you're going to do articles/segments on different cultures actually bother to do research

  14. 3:00 whoa whoa…huge disparity there: the healer (full of BS) is saying the doctors only push medicines on you in South Africa. Then you show headlines from AMERICAN news articles about opioids and over-prescribing…..SOUTH AFRICA IS NOT THE USA!!….strange you didnt have any actual south african news headlines to back up your claims there…

    faith healers, and other naturopathic "doctors" (a.k.a. fake doctors) are such scam artists…yes some herbs and naturally growing items can help alleviate certain issues….but in the USA it's a huge industry of mostly bullshit

  15. I can't find anymore doctor's handing out opioid's in America Jim!
    Hell even when they were,
    They weren't giving them away!
    I Fucking wish

  16. People look at that doctor and think he is crazy, but go to a place on sunday to worship a man just like him execept he is invisible…religious people crack me up man

  17. I can see natural remedies and alternative lifestyle choices and spiritual growth, but all that weird mystical doctor stuff is a no.

  18. I make CBD cookies that won't get you high but you will know you ate something. Sleep well, wake up with huge pain modulation…good shit. The only side effect is neurogenesis lol

  19. I feel like "penn and tellers bullshit" covered this topic quite well. Alternative medicine is dangerous and at times a big scam. Sadly, without free healthcare it might be all some folks can afford..

  20. Jim, your Witch Doctor wears bootleg Crocs, has Dish Network in his suburban neighborhood, and practices out of his tool shed.
    Seems legit.

  21. Since you went into fake cures, could you do something about thee fake and harmful autism "cures"? These include giving autistic children enemas of what is fundamentally bleach, which is harmful and abusive. Bening autistic yourself, you might like to meet and challenge such people.

  22. Can you stop repeating the line about doctors handing out opioids like candy? Very few doctors are prescribing them anymore and that has real consequences for people living with chronic pain. Do a story about that.

  23. Coming from a culture relies on alternative medicine and working in Western medicine… I would say both have their benefits, but always research both because medicine in general is not 100% all the time and you have to be informed with all the information you can get. In China, there are many hospitals that work with both sides of medicine to help patients get better and stay healthy. It doesn't have to be black and white.

  24. mukobero works for viagra, visit kenya and maybe a real traditional healer. Huyu ni pesa anataka na publicity small small

  25. More that some people are tired of taking a bunch of pills that dont seem to help much, but cost a lot. Then they are like "Oh, yeah the last seven didnt work so lets try another six. Your insurance will pay for this right?" Dont blame em, but let's go with at least something that sounds like it could work. Not.. rubbing bark on your ass.

  26. South Africa has a free health care system, so People dont go to healers because they are cheaper or easier to access. There is a spiritual component to the healing that non Africans tend to rubbish.

  27. I think traditional remedies work for minor problems. But when it comes to capital disease like end stage renal failure, cancer, and liver failure. We need modern medicine, I know this bc I have a chronic disease also. These remedies simply domt work it's useless thats why many emperors died in china die to capital illnesses.

  28. both doctors in South Africa are messed up here , Western doctors opposed making weed legal in court ala doctors for life , the traditional are bat shit crazy

  29. With the understanding of a brick some people really defend all that Juju nonsense.

    If your healthcare is too expensive or you don't have one, fix that before you're going to need it.

  30. Unless you can do multiple double blind studies and prove that the medical value is higher than the placebo effect, whatever you're selling is quackery. This is what separates medicine from witch doctors

  31. As a South African, I can tell you that we don't rely on traditional medicine for health care , it's mostly for spiritual stuff

  32. I love this… Yes, traditional remedies can work in conjunction with modern medicine to get what humans cannot see even with a microscope. Marijuana can help breakdown cancerous tissue but it will also breakdown healthy tissue as well… so be careful. Also, people who are severely obese often get "infections" because the cellulose that builds up has no way of exiting the human body on its own and must turn itself into a sappy milky sticky white liquid that doesn't smell so a pool of it can form a boil that we pop, express and sometimes have to cut and impact with cotton so the sap can be contained within the cotton and be removed. Humans are carbon based life forms just as plants are so… yes, plant based medicines and man made medicines can work in conjunction with one another. We have to be careful and know when to switch techniques to cure common ailments. Remember, "…we sow the seed, nature grows the seed and then we eat the seed…" I love the show the Young Ones. I am also adding that in time…we become one with the seed.

  33. As a South African who is also a senior medical student and also from the areas where traditional medicine is widely practiced (Zulu-land); I like Dr Williams initiative because there is indeed true healing taking place in that sphere of the world, talking from 1st hand personal experience. There are however many chancers as it such an unregulated practice. Science is by definition "the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment", African science exists and it is real, thing is it is completely undocumented and it is passed on only from generation to generation. Funny thing is we don't mind that at all, I know I don't.

    I'll make an example of a simple herb that every Zulu should know, the Cotyledon orbiculata L. It has long been used as an anti-inflammatory for earaches among-st other things and it works wonders, in less than 24hrs it clears the ailment. It is heated, it's juiced extracted (squeezed out) and poured in the ear whilst warm. Almost every street will have a house that everyone gets the plant from, same goes for aloe and other plants.

  34. Hell, even if that traditional healer is full of it, he needs to set up shop in an Arabic country that still practices that "honor killing" bullshit– he could make bank and save a lot of innocent girls' lives if he could convince them their virginity had been 'fixed.'

  35. You still have a show after all that sketchy editing and misrepresenting people you don't agree with. Wow, color me impressed.

  36. Love this first prick, after 4000 years chineses can't be wrong, that's why they threat mental illness by plugging all holes on a bod, witch kills the the patient, to chase the nasty demon Inside… Sure Killing pêople is a cure. Or are you talking about tiger clw powder, rhino horn gel or any kind of organs form the wild to cure teeth? sure chineses are right .

  37. You know you're in how you know the demons are the problem and yet you still knock on the same door to interview the same demons… FFS.

  38. I feel like you have missed the mark with this piece. You should have also went to the University of KwaZulu-Natal, specifically Howard campus and spoke to people that are researching Traditional medicine, and it's benefits. These people have published peer-reviewed articles on the subject. You have misrepresented traditional medicine and have shown a lack of depth on the subject, and it's not just belief… Read a little bit more on topic.

  39. Most people want to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to using herbs and plants for medical issues, but there is a lot of scientific journals that focus on one plant or another showing it's healing properties and explaining the chemical features that actually give that plant those healing properties.

    There is so much depth that is missing.

  40. Jesus, Jim. Just do some exercising, you fat fuck. I'm not a doctor, but I think your swollen asshole is caused by you sitting around all day.

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