Traffic Police To Fine Fancy Number Plates

If your vehicle has a fancy number plate with different fonts and design, you need to be very careful. Since January, Traffic Police in Mumbai have fined 2,272 vehicles. The traffic police has said the Motor Vehicles Act has strict rules about number plates. The number plate can not have a fancy design or font. It is not allowed. The background of the number plate must be white and the number must be black. It should only be in Black & white. Sometimes the numbers are designed to resemble English, Marathi or Hindi alphabets. People even add fancy designs on the number plate. All this is not allowed. For example, 8055 is made to look like ‘Boss’. The police have said that, different fonts and design are not allowed. For example, at a traffic police check post the police screen vehicles for drunk drivers. Some cars speed across the check post, if they know they are at fault. When the car speeds away, the police can read the number and file a complaint. However some vehicles have fancy number plates. Because of this when the vehicle speed, it becomes difficult to note down the number plate. This is a big problem. This is why the traffic police have decided to fine and impose strtict rules.

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