Trapped on Rollercoaster Until They Settle Argument | Couples Therapy | Cut

Trapped on Rollercoaster Until They Settle Argument | Couples Therapy | Cut

– Oh my God, here we
go, I don’t wanna do it. (woman screaming) (happy electronic music) – Who are you?
– AJ and Prinecess. – [Interviewer] Are you
guys getting married? – Yeah, we’re engaged.
– Yeah. – [Interviewer] (laughing)
Why do you say it like that? – ‘Cause she not sure if
she wanna do it still. – [Interviewer] Why? – In the beginning, I had made a mistake when I didn’t really know
that we were official. I had went out of town, and– – He fucked another bitch. – Why she gotta be a bitch though? (laughing) I’m just– – [Interviewer] What are
we talking about today? If you guys are going
to get married or not? – Yeah, I think so,
that’s a good conclusion. – [Interviewer] Who do
you think’s gonna give in? – She’s gonna have to give in. – I don’t know, we’ll see. – [Interviewer] Okay, you can’t
get off the roller coaster until you figure this out. (upbeat drums) – Oh, my God. So what exactly happened when you went to San Diego? – I got super drunk, and
we got back to the room, and then she went down on me. – And that was okay? – I didn’t say it was
okay, it just happened. But then like, after I went down on her, I like regretted it instantly. And then after that, – (screaming) after that! – That was it, it didn’t happen again! Didn’t happen again! (screaming) That was it! It didn’t happen again! (screaming) – Did you feel guilty? – Yeah, I said I regretted it like right after it happened. – So then when you came back to Seattle and I picked you up– – That’s when I, like,
realized that I loved you. – So, why didn’t you tell me the truth? – I didn’t realize that we were like official like that, like that like. – But I took you to the airport. – Oh, my gosh.
– So why’d you lie to me? – I didn’t wanna lose you,
and I told you I regretted it. (screaming) – Fuck your regrets! (screaming) – [Interviewer] Ask her, why
shouldn’t we get married? – Why shouldn’t we get married? – I feel like we need to fix the trust. – Well, how’s that going to be fixed if you don’t trust me? – Hold on, I can’t put my
eyes, my eyes (laughter) – [Interviewer] All
right, we’re going again. – So since that, what else have I done to like, really show you
that you can’t trust me? – You haven’t done
anything wrong since that, but I’m saying that situation stopped me from trusting you all the
way because you lied to me. But now that I’m slowly
learning to get over it maybe we can build on that, and learn to trust each other! (screaming) Oh, my God, holy shit! – [Interviewer] You guys think you should hold off on the wedding? – Well the wedding is
supposed to be in May, 2020. – [Interviewer] That’s
not that long from now. – Yeah, it’s kinda comin’ up kinda soon. – [Interviewer] Do you have a set date? – We had a date. – (coughs) We have a lot to work on. – A lot. – So should we delay the wedding? – Yeah. – To when? – To maybe the end of 2020? – That’s cool. – We can work on a lot of other things. – Yeah.
– How are you guys gonna work on it, talk about it. – So, maybe we should do couples therapy. – Yeah, I think so. – That would help me out too with my trust issues. – [AJ] When are we gonna
start couples therapy? – [Prinecess] We should
start that next month. – I think that’s a fair compromise. – God, here we go, I don’t wanna do it. (screaming) (coughing) – We gotta build the trust again. – Yes. We are good. No more. – [Interviewer] I don’t think so. (screaming) – Oh, my God. Okay, I think that’s good. – I think I’m good. – I need some water! – So couples therapy next month. – Really?
– Yes. – Marriage in late part of 2020. – Delay it a little. – [Interviewer] All
right, good job you guys. (clapping) – Thank you, I need to throw up. – Hey guys, thanks for watching. Check out our Patreon
page, we just started it. We put in exclusive content
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100 Replies to “Trapped on Rollercoaster Until They Settle Argument | Couples Therapy | Cut”

  1. This is fuk’n weird I’m torn between laughing & being angry.. bit like how I feel on a roller coaster.. who the fuk thinks of this shit 😂

  2. i would honestly keep arguing so i could stay on the roller coaster lmao. that’s what happens when you are coaster enthusiast

  3. I don't think people in the comments realize it's not black and white. We don't know them. She's trying, he's trying, they're clearly trying to work it out for each other. They probably do love each other but just have a lot to work on. It's up to them to decide if it's worth it.

  4. This is stoopid, some people arnt meant to be, if they argue leave them be, they can work it out on there own, this is just tampering with their love, it could make it worse, not everyone can or has to stay together :/

  5. Most people have breaks and then there's me, it's either we're in a relationship or we're not. I'm not going on that back and forth train.

  6. I knew that rollercoaster looked familiar, they're at Wild Waves. They surely went on to spend the day there afterwards. Probably a really good day for them as a couple to work things out then go have fun.

  7. Stupid, beta male, cuck simp!! She don't love you, she just loves how you make her feel! PLUS studies show that every man a female has been with ..his DNA is still in her – that's right! All those guys she's fucked and sucked their DNA is swimming inside of her …very very nasty (which is most females…)

  8. Fucking cheating fuckers need their dicks cut off. Dont tell me you love me and how much i meant to you after you go and fuck someone else during our relationship and lie to us about it when we find out. Sickening.

  9. That foo lying how u knew u loved her & felt guilty but didn’t think ya were official?? 🤔🤔🤔 Boy gtf…& after how ever many years if u decided to stay with him stfu & stop bringing it up!!!

  10. First rule of traveling don’t let your man come to San Diego alone. Wayyyyyyy too many hoes/thots/sluts/grimey ass girls here. Also he let her suck him off and he ate her out, immediate breakup right there. If you man can get hard for another woman he aint for you sis

  11. By far my cup of coffee… my favorite channel for personal relations with people! I love the cussing and creativity!!! Please keep it going… it’s so adultish and not teeny bobbish

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