#Treatment Of #ITP in #Ayurveda | #आयुर्वेद में संभव है, आई. टी. पी. का उपचार

#Treatment Of #ITP in #Ayurveda | #आयुर्वेद में संभव है, आई. टी. पी. का उपचार

Greetings, Shilpi Ji and Sunil Ji. Today you are in Dr. Vikram Sir’s clinic regarding your son, Shaurya’s treatment, please tell me in brief, when you came to know that he has an ITP problem? Sir, we came to know about this in June last. June 2018/19? 2019, blue – colored patches started to appear on his whole body and they were very big in size, almost everywhere. So we took him to doctor for a routine checkup, he suggested for blood test, said that you get his blood test done. we got his blood tested, his platelets count was 41,000. He referred us to a pediatrician, that you should go there, he would check for once, what is the problem? We went to him, he told us that he has ITP, but to get full sure, he had to have blood test done again. Then, he got his blood test done again, in which and within 3 hour only, his platelets had decreased to 21,000. After that he said that the platelets did not get arranged from anywhere and added that the platelets have to be transfused and asked us to go Mahant Indresh. Mahant Indresh is a famous hospital on our side only. We took him there, they admitted him immediately, kept him in ICU and injected IVIG, six in number, quickly. When IVIG were given to him then he remained admit there for 5 continuous days, his regular check up and blood test was done and Platelets were increasing and decreasing simultaneously, went 72,000 after that reduced. Then they would get dropped. Yes, again it increased and then fell down, it was regular. After 5 days, we brought him home, on 7th day, we got his test done, his platelets count, was 12,000 again. Thereafter, we took him to the doctor there, he said that it would happen, it would fluctuate, you get him admit again. How old is Shaurya now? He is 10 years old now. So Shaurya, we will like to talk with Shaurya now, what kind of feeling did you get in your body? Feet used to pain and weakness used to be there. Did you feel dizziness? No Sir. Anything else? Nothing else, Sir. Ok. So only the spots started to appear on the body. Yes, those spots, that were the main concern, they were visible to us. So, how did you get reference about Dr. Vikram’s clinic? We were actually searching on YouTube, if there is any to find a cure for him in Ayurvedic treatment, as we could not see any effect from allopathy. At that time, we saw Sir’s ad on YouTube, thus we came here through it. We had Sir’s treatment done for just 1 week , within 1 week only, his platelets count was raised to 1,22,000. And now, after one month of his medicines, we got the test done, now his platelets count is around 2,60,000. You have Shauriya’s reports also. Yes I have the recent reports, after Sir’s treatment. This is the report after a week, that we had got done after one week. OK, which was done after a week’s treatment. Yes, after a week and this report of us is after a month, means it is yesterday’s report. OK, this is for yesterday, so in this, is it 2 lacs now? Yes Sir. 2,59,000. So, when did you begin his treatment? Sir, this we started on 21st August, 2019. Do you have doctor Sir’s prescription? Yes. OK, this is the prescription. So, you are repeating the same treatment. You are from Dehradun. Dr. Sir advised about diet too. Yes Sir. So, from how many days of treatment? You are saying that after 7 days of treatment…. he is playing too, otherwise we even had stopped his playing. That Dr., from where the treatment was going on already, he said that playing or even if he get hurt from anywhere then bleeding will not stop. Yes, that is an issue, if bleeding occurs, it becomes difficult to… For that reason only, we didn’t let him do anything. It is that at least today, our heart is at peace, our son is fine. how many days of treatment, did the reports reach the count above 2,00,000? How many? 2 months? One Month. One month, only a month. Yes, even doctor sir has also told us that there is no need to come the next month. Yes, In Ayurveda you see, there are lots of herbs from which permanently, especially in the kids, improvements happens very quickly and get well soon, the case is in front of you. So, how Shaurya is feeling right now? Feeling fine. Do you play? Do you eat food? Do you go to school? Yes. Ok. So now, do you get scolded by mother and father? Beatings too. Beatings too, that had stopped earlier. So, Sunil Ji you, Shilpi Ji you please do tell us, those who are our viewers, they are developing their interest in Ayurveda slowly but still there are many people who feel if there is a real testimonial in which someone who had felt the reality, when speaks, the trust grows. So, you tell, what experiences do you have in Ayurveda and how you people..? I will say that everything, whether it is a relationship or a strong tea, both takes time so that is the thing, means each thing gets fine according to time but everything takes time. Everyone wants that the results can be achieved shortly but it doesn’t happen so quickly. Yes it is, some takes less whereas some takes more. It is ok as in your case, you are saying that the improvement happened within a week, sometimes it takes 1, 2 or 3 months sometimes 3 to 6 months. To us, Ayurvedic has shown faster results than Allopathic. Dr. Vikram himself says that the treatment might take minimum 3 to 6 months as he can’t be sure in the starting, how much time will it take? We felt nothing in one and a half month there. We are feeling that yes Ayurveda is extremely effective and we will recommend everybody to get the Ayurvedic treatment done at least once, so may be, all of their problems get solved. Ok. So, what was your experience at Planet Ayurveda, coming here, consultation with the doctor sir, and about the medicines provided here? Very Nice. The biggest thing is that there are no side effects. He doesn’t get much difficulty in consuming the medicines, only sometimes he gets bothered to have Chyawanprash. That’s Ok, he is a kid and kids’ tastes these days in ayurvedic medicines. Yes but still, it is very fine. Ok. So Shaurya, tell this, was the treatment better than the hospitals? Those injections in the hospitals and all. Was that good or this Ayurvedic? This one is good. Chyawanprash tastes sweet to eat, isn’t it? Still, he can’t eat it. Still can’t have it, looks strange, But then also if we compare the two, what is better? Ayurvedic. Ayurvedic. That’s good, the new generation that is growing up if they may, he suffered from this problem by chance, no one should have, but their trust in Ayurveda develops gradually. He was astonished to see his own reports yesterday, that mother how it raised so high! Child, it increases like this only and it should be this, yet it will become better and stable. Ok thank you so much for sharing your views. Thank you Shaurya. Thank you Sir.

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  1. Good evening sir…
    Sir i had a dental cleaning in the month of March after that i had bleeding gums not regularly… Then my dentist asked me to take bt, CT and aptt test my bt CT was normal but aptt was 40 seconds.. He said i have a bleeding disorder… Few months passed by i didn't went to any doctor then last month in September i started feeling tired all of a sudden so i took a cbc test.. In my cbc my platelets count was 11 6000… All other cells was in normal range… I still have bleeding gums but not regularly what can be the possible reason please guide me… I'm too worried about it.. I will be really thankful.. Please respond

  2. Sir me Bangladesh se he mere ma ki liver cirrhosis he Takriban 1.5 sal se alopehethi treatment calrhahe par unki tabiyat thik nahi horahahe alopethi
    dr. Kehtihe liver 80% cirrhosis he ab koi masla bataiy pliz sir

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