Trixie And Katya On Job Interviews, Taxes, And Dentistry | Fast Company

Trixie And Katya On Job Interviews, Taxes, And Dentistry | Fast Company

Hi, I’m Trixie Mattel.>>And I’m Katya.>>And. [BLEEP] What is that? You broke your shoe.>>No, I broke a button off my thing. Hold on.
[SOUND]>>Bitch, [SOUND]. [BLEEP] Hi.>>Wait. Stop.
[BLEEP] Hi, I’m Trixie Mattel.>>And I’m Katya.>>From the Trixie & Katya Show.>>That’s right, right on Viceland.>>And we’re here at Fast Company because
we’re fast girls who love company.>>That’s true.
We also love to give advice, and now Fast Company viewers have
some burning questions for us. [MUSIC] Our good friend, Keith, says how do
I get people to take me seriously?>>I’ll let you know when I find out.>>First of all, you’re writing in
letters to a drag queen talk show. Nobody’s taking you seriously.>>Yeah,
no turning back at this point, kid. But for argument’s take,
I have a few suggestions. Number one, pick one day of the week
at least where you dress for success.>>Yes, two, bangs. Luno, okay.>>It’s I, I-U-N-O.>>Iuno. [LAUGH] Hey ladies, how do I make a good
first impression in a job interview? God, well, how much time do we have here? Well, you start with
a good firm handshake.>>No, bitch, this is what I do. Okay, I’m walking in for the interview. Hi.
[MUSIC] What do you want?>>Paige wants to know what is a motto
slash quote that you live your life by?>>I have two. Be your own dentist, and
number two is just be yourself. But if nobody likes that, change.>>That’s true, be yourself, but
first find out if yourself is any good.>>If it’s any good, yeah, do it. Just be yourself. What if you’re a serial killer? I guess don’t do that.>>What if you’re cross-dressing
in the World Trade Center? Sometimes you need to look inward. Spooky Sam wants to know,
can you explain how taxes work?>>Taxes, bitch, live off the grid. Your name is Spooky Sam. What kind of property tax do you have to
pay when you’re just haunting something? Spooky?>>Leanne, Leanne.>>Leanne, girl,
can’t fight the moonlight.>>All right, Leanne, best advice for
an awkward morning after encounter.>>Is this like you run into
the person you slept with?>>Yeah.
>>I’m sorry, bitch. If running into the person you slept
with made you uncomfortable, plot twist, you shouldn’t have slept with him.>>Boom, bitch! Leanne, can’t fight that
motherfucking moonlight. Now go buy the CD.>>What world do you live in?>>Then we were like, it was a one
night stand and now I have to move and change my name. You’re going to run into the person. You run into the person a few times,
it’s called a boyfriend.>>Yeah, or hit and run.>>Wow, that went by fast,
but this is Fast Company.>>This is Fast Company and
it’s also slow learning.>>In closing, you might be you,
[LAUGH] at least you’re not us.>>That’s gratitude.>>The truth.>>Namaste.>>Yeah.

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  1. So if Trixie continues to be a parasitic tumor on Lady Bunny's neck folds will it kill Bunny? (PS. Its a mercy killing, she's already mentally gone) and does Trixie know that when the host dies the parasite dies?

  2. Can't stop playing the part where Katya runs off, even the sound of her running shoes makes me die, Then to top it off Trixie's vacant face in the next section when Katya's talking, gives me life. I adore these two and want to meet them!!!

  3. i just rewatched season 7 and seeing how they've changed and how their dynamic has changed is insane i love them

  4. i got a pet sematary ad on this video and i'm uncomfortable by that bc of one my favourite tracy quotes "that kids name was gage, i'd hit him with a truck too"

  5. God, you can tell Katya is FUCKED UP. Didn't notice when I should have back in the day but looking at this now it is so obvious. So happy Brian got his shit together. Too bad it cost both Brian's their Viceland show to get it done but oh well.

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