Turmeric Curcumin and Osteoarthritis

Turmeric Curcumin and Osteoarthritis

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  1. I use turmeric whenever I tweak my lower back, which happens on occasion. Recently I treated a soar ligament in my knee with turmeric, black pepper and rest. It was so bad I couldn't put weight on it. Within two days I had only a small limp and could nearly run.

  2. You know the major problem I have with referenced studies and natural compounds/supplements ? They rarely if ever are exact with regards to what product they are using ? Like what specific extract was used here ? Knowing this of course is everything.

  3. Turmeric in conjunction with increase intake of vegan omega-rich foods is making a significant impact in my life. Thank you Dr Greger from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Great video as always! My husband is trying to get better from his swollen knee (gout+rheumatoid arthritis). We'll do a lot of Turmeric from now (we are already eliminating all animal products)

  5. Glad I eat so much curried lamb and vegetables so often. Other than spinach lasagna and waffles, curried anything is my favorite food.

  6. Natural peanut butter with salt, pepper, and turmeric is a yummy savory on wheat crackers. Pepper is supposed to increase the goodness of turmeric significantly.

  7. This is pretty neat. In my restaurant we are completely gluten free nut free 100% organic. Anti-inflammatory. And cook with a lot of tumeric and cury. We follow dr wyld. Pretty closely to give the people of saskatoon a better and healthier eating experince.

  8. Osteoarthritis is estimated to affect 630 million people worldwide, so it’s no surprise that this week’s most popular video was the one on osteoarthritis and turmeric curcumin: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/turmeric-curcumin-and-osteoarthritis/

  9. Thank you for this video.  I must comment that this method of presentation is the most professional I've seen on YT.  So easy to listen, while also providing clear-cut back up from your sources on the info presented.  Thanx. 

  10. I have an ankle and I just can't trust it…it's fine sometimes and other times it's so painful I can hardly walk. Thank god I found this vid because I really want a natural treatment.
    Otherwise I would have had to go on meds

  11. I have been off my Naproxen 500mg(had been on it for several years)…for 9 months since i eliminated dairy especially Milk from my diet, i have significally increased beans fruits and vegetables to my diet along with a cup of golden milk (made with a non dairy nut milk) the Osteo pain in my hips,spine has gone from severe pain down to hardly noticeable or an occasional twinge…i am an overweight female in my early 50's and i feel like i've been granted a second chance, i've joined a gym and am working on weight loss..its a slow process but im getting there. Foods do heal. 

  12. Sorry for previous comments- just some jealousy—
    Brilliant! First Class—-
    I know there are people here in Britain  looking to emulate your model

  13. Hello!! How much tumerick is needed for a man that weight is about 180 pounds and suffer from pains in joints nees, sholders, neck, arms, hands and neck!! He's 35 stoped drinking milk since a year almost !!

  14. Please do share with me the amount you take per day and how often. I just received my shipment of this organic product/inflamation and ginger, awaiting for the cinnamon/diabities to arrive. i read about the great benefits all the time, but no one including the businesses ever say how much to take and how often

  15. After five months of dietary changes, cutting out dairy and adding more fruit and vegs plus turmeric, I wish I could notice a difference, but I honestly don't.

  16. I was born with cartilage deterioration disease – even with this diagnosis, I can not get a osteoarthritis diagnosis from doctors because Im "much too young" – Im 43 and have been a sufferer since age 5. Ive had joint issues and arthritis symptoms since I was just 5 years old. I suffer during storms and winters. My joints also have issues with popping and collapsing – I fall A LOT because my knees dont "lock" when I step down, instead I just follow through to the ground. Ive been vegan for almost 2 years now. That said, Im not getting better. I do consume tumeric but not on a grand scale. I am not being heard by my doctors and Im frustrated. Im in NYC – any recommendations?

  17. How can I safely use both while on warafin? Is there another blood thinner I could use and use both curcumin and turmeric??

  18. Interesting… In south korea, We used to eat 'Sea Squirt' – raw inner meat / Brew soup with it's skin. Skin part have chondroitin sulfate, It help to relieve(even prevent) osteoarthriitis too. Turmeric is good way to go with rice & curry.

  19. I wear a rain coat and that has solved my arthritis problem. Complete recovery but it is a hassle on sunny days because people ask me "why are you wearing that stupid rain coat"? Oh well, if it works, do it. That's all I tell them.

  20. Too much debunking in the World! Who are these debunkers anyway, and how does one become qualified in 'debunking'? Can you enrol on a training course?

  21. Only Best Way to get maximum benefit Turmeric Curcumin by getting it in capsules form added with BlackPepper and Ginger. Some Brand just pack turmeric powder and marketed as "turmeric curcumin" which is same as you eat turmeric powder in regular grocery store which contain 3-4% or curcumin. It is not easily digestible form and curcumin percentage are very low. I have found best brand that disclose each ingredient on its label. it is also usda organic. I take those every day and help me with my pain. Do you own research before buying any products. i like this brand that available on https://www.walmart.com/ip/Organic-Turmeric-Curcumin-Bioperine-Ginger-95-Curcuminoids-Formula-1500mg-Highest-Potency-Available-Premium-Pain-Relief-Joint-Support/667103542

  22. problem with this sort of biased research is google can literally come up with studies favoring any view point you care to type in. I have arthritis and a lot of the foods greger suggests cause me loss of cartilage. Go figure. internet health gurus are dangerous

  23. What is unique about turmeric is that it combats inflammation through both of these mechanisms…. simultaneously! Its multi-pronged approach allows it to work wonders for aches, pains, and arthritis (by stopping inflammation at the source), while also strongly supporting the immune system with antioxidants This ( t.co/1EwwDxCQ8o ) "Liposomalized" Formula" is specifically blended to make the turmeric bind to phospholipids (fats) that increase bioavailability of turmeric 10 to 20 times!

  24. I use tumeric powder and black pepper everyday in my 1 egg go breakfast
    I have been doing it for 10 months
    I have osteoarthritis in my right hand the one I used the most
    Heberden nodes very diformed and painful
    I don’t see any improvement using the tumeric and pepper
    Still diformed and painful

  25. Curcumin although excellent as an anti-inflammatory herb/spice, it is a blood thinner and if you are on blood thinners please ask your medical professional to monitor your blood. I believe it would be better to take curcumin over blood thinners, but would never stop my meds without testing this hypothesis.

  26. Naproxen almost killed me ate holes in my liver blatter kidneys bowels was in intensive care 30 days an rehab 60 only God an a wonder doctor John Northrop don't ever take naproxen ,ibuprofen or any thing related to it god.bless.all of you that ate useing it

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