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  1. Great information, i didnt knew that.
    I drink a herb mix with st johns wort and yarrow and yerba-mate for my depression and then i take gotu-kola pills and detox with chlorella and silica, i read that bad heavy metals can get stocked in body and cause depression.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. Tom, you said you use it for inflamation adding a 'spoon' full to a cup of beverage. Is that 8oz. of liquid and how much is a 'spoonful'?

  3. Dearest Tom, Hello to you to start with 🙂
    Wonderfull video yu did, as everytime you post, its informative. Turmuric/curcumin are simply on my top 10 list for their healing properties. There isn't anything they arn't good for! I prefer the fresh one simply since the capsules are hard for the body to absorb. Any form of turmuric need to be taken with grinded black pepper AND a fat (coconut oil, ghee, olive oil ect…) in order for our body to assimilate it. When not taken with those, we absorbe 15% of its benefits vs close to 80% with fat and pepper. Please try it in your golden milk, some say it leaves your lips greassy but heck! It will condition your lips while you drink and you can wipe them off after:) Stay blessed Tom, have a terrific day 🙂

  4. Tumeric does work! I have used the golden paste for awhile now.. I have severe depression…. and this is the only thing that has ever helped me.. I have been making the golden paste for my Mother who suffers even worse than I do.. she hasn't even been on it for 1 week yet and is now able to get up and actually clean her house… it works people! Give this a try.. You won't be sorry.

  5. BCM-95 is what you want to use over tumeric from what I've researched. Thank you for the video! Awesome lighting by the way.

  6. I cant believe how much better i feel emotionally on curcumin..makes you much more even keeled and bad memories or bad thoughts are almost eliminated completely…I will never be without it again. plus it upped my tennis game quite a bit!

  7. sir, am Sunil being suffering with severe depression became weak in all and knee pain both legs am 43 yers do upload latest videos of home remedies at earliest..

  8. Thank you Tom, I have been meaning to try this for a while & now you've convinced me to give it a go. Perth rarely gets a mention so it was nice hearing my home town in your lovely Dubliner's accent. I have severe depression and anhedonia & will report back on my tumeric experience in due course. Thank you for helping others with your video.

  9. I had been seeing Turmeric this and Turmeric that EVERYWHERE online, much in the same way that Coconut Oil exploded in popularity. I have had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since 12, so even at only 33 I've been in chronic pain and inflammation for 21 years already.

    I have been severely depressed with all around just terribly tragic negative thoughts, self talk, self esteem, self confidence, all of the abovr. Combine it with a sudden onset of crippling panic and anxiety, depending on which negative I was focusing on that day. I have lost 12 friends & family members in just the last 18 months! It's been the most traumatic, sad, scary time of my life…so far. When the 6th friend died, I lost it! I went into what they call crying spells, sometimes crying as many as 40 times in 24 hours, but never less than 5 for 18 months straight, every.single.day. I mean full blown bawling, sobbing, on the verge of hyperventilating basket case, sometimes 40 times in one day! I've never experienced anything like it, not have I come across anyone else that went through it like I did.I

    So fast forward to 4 weeks ago, I start turmeric for inflammation and take it every single day like advised for maximum effect. (It's a turmeric, plus curriculum extract, bioperine and ginger supplement from FineVine, 120 pills make 60 doses a bottle for 21 on amazon, next day delivery. Cant get any big pharmacy meds for that cheap even with insurance!) So a week ago I realize I haven't wrote in my journal that I only write my negativity in, because I've had zero positivity to muster up, it's not for lack of trying! God, how I've tried! Anyhow, I realize I'm happy! My negative thoughts are nowhere to be found! I start looking and find articles and studies about turmeric effectiveness being better than Prozac and paxil in some cases. Well, I am a believer! I haven't felt this hopeful and positive in 4 or 5 years! I wasn't expecting this result, but I am so thrilled to absolute elation that I was fortunate enough to try it and have it work so very well! I would say 90% of my symptoms of depression, anxiety and panic are GONE! My inflammation and stomach are great too! But I'll take inflammation over depression ANY DAY! I'm glad I don't have to choose though. I will be singing this from the rooftops! So many people are afraid of ssri's, rightfully so, even though I do know they help some people, but others don't have insurance and can't afford the doctor, or don't want the stigma, so this is a game changer for those who have been stuck in underserved demographics. I am a believer! I just wanted to give my 1st hand recent experiences with the amazing spice Turmeric. A spice! Who woulda thought?!

  10. Hi There i hope you are doing well. I've got a little question for you: since a couple of weeks I am coping with a uncomfortable pain on my chest
    It feels like an infection or something (due to smoking i think)
    … I've started to use TURMERIC TEA because I know that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Am I doing right or there is another herb-foods that could help in a better way? I know that i should quit smoking first, and reduced already, but if you've got any time to give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

    I'm always looking forward to see your great vids??A fan of yours.

  11. .The spice Turmeric is very in oxalates (91%), which appeared to be the primary cause of the greater urinary
    oxalate excretion/oxalate absorption from turmeric. The consumption of supplemental doses of turmeric, can significantly increase urinary oxalate levels, thereby increasing risk of kidney stone formation in susceptible individuals.and also damages your kidneys .If you have kidney disease or stones , or Gallbladder stones or kidney disease do not take turmeric ,do not take calciumsupplemets or any dairy products such as milk ,yogurt and cheese . Take magnesium-citrite and lemon or lime with water every day and your kidneys will be happy and healthy .

    Tumeric is over hype, and a multi-billion dollars supplement industry promoting it just like big pharma .

    Taking turmeric every day will lower your hemoglobin and you become
    tired , sick , anemic Turmeric chelates iron out of your body . Go to your Doctor and get your Iron ferrtin levels checked if you take turmeric every day .

    .Too much of o a good thing can make you sick . Life is about balance
    .So much hype on the internet people selling books and supplements same as big pharma every one wants money !
    over doing things and you go against mother nature .Yourkidneys have to work very hard to filter large amounts of spices , did you know your two little kidneys have to filter180 liters of blood a day !! they work so hard day and night ! Why you want to burden your kidneys ?? one day you can end up on dialysis !

    Moderation is the key , over doing it can damage your kidneys in the long run ! one day you wake up and you need to be on dialysis ! party is over !s turmeric and other spices are commonly sold by weight, the potential exists for powders of toxic, cheaper agents with a similar color to be added, such as "lead oxide" , giving turmeric an orange-red color instead of its native gold-yellow. Another common adulterant in turmeric, methane yellow (also known as acid yellow 3), is considered an illegal dye for use in foods by the British Food Standards Agency.

    For pickles there are natural dye or depends on the vegetable such as cauliflower/turnip even some cabbage I use slices of beet which gives the best taste and color – give it a try. Using fresh turmeric is the best except it is very hard to clean- stains badly.
    Six brands of "turmeric" Indian spice added to recall for excessive "lead" contaminate .
    A New Jersey company has expanded its recall of ground turmeric to include additional brands distributed nationwide. Excessive lead, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, infants and children, has been confirmed in the spice.

    Gel Spice Inc. of Bayonne, NJ, initially recalled its Fresh Finds branded ground turmeric the last week of July.

    "Routine sampling by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets' food inspectors and subsequent more recalled tumericanalysis of the product by the New York State Food Laboratory revealed the elevated level of lead," according to the company's July 28 recall notice on the Food and Drug Administration's website.

    In its expanded recall notice, Gel Spice added six brands of ground turmeric.

    "The products were distributed by various retailers throughout the United States," according to the new notice. "Sampling and testing of another product, produced from the same bulk turmeric, revealed the elevated level of lead."

    The additional turmeric being recalled by Gel Spice Inc. can be identified by the label information in the table below.

    Consumers who have purchased the recalled ground turmeric should discard the product, according to Gel Spice Inc. Consumers with questions about the recalled product may call 201-564-0435.

    Lead can accumulate in the body over time. Too much can cause health problems, including delayed mental and physical development and learning deficiencies, Gel Spice warned in its recall notices. Pregnant women, infants and young children especially should avoid exposure to lead. People concerned about blood lead levels should contact their physician or health clinic to ask about testing.

    The Fresh Finds brand ground turmeric powder recalled by Gel Spice Inc. is packaged in 3.75-ounce jars and has a UPC number of 81026-01230. The recalled product also has the codes of "B/B 03/08/19" or "B/B 05/18/19" on the neck of the jars. The recalled spice was distributed to ;

    Big Lots stores nationwide.

    Brand/Description and Net Weight Lot/BB code UPC NUMBER

    Spice Select/8 oz 03/18/19 076114007730

    Market Pantry/0.95 oz 05APR2019 085239211038
    Gel/15 oz 04/18/19 076114800867

    Gel/15 oz 05/16/19 076114800867

  12. I literally just ran across this online and took some because I decided that I wanted to make my own homemade soap and used turmeric and coconut oil as the main ingredient and my skin feels so different and soft I was amazed, so I decided to research more about turmeric powder and wooow? I read it helps with depression and holds serotonin and dopamine properties which I learned about in college so I made a glass of Orange juice and Turmeric and it was disgusting… ? but let me tell you my third eye is completely open now and I am so aware and wide awoke

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