Ulcerative Colitis – 100% Natural Cure by Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Ulcerative Colitis – 100% Natural Cure by Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Hello Sir! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center. Sir, I would like to know your good name. My name is Dilip Kumar. Sir, which place do you belong to? I have come from New Delhi – Tilaknagar. Okay, thank you sir. Sir, what health problem made you to consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I was diagnosed by ulcerative colitis in 2013 when colonoscopy was done. I had grade – 3 ulcerative colitis. When I started my treatment, I was in air force that time and treatment was provided by army hospital. They prescribed mesacol with some other medicines. As I continued with them, bleeding was reduced and they asked to reduce the dose. As I reduced the dose, bleeding again happened and it was more this time. I was going 20 to 25 times to pass stools. Even it was there during night also. Later somebody asked me to try Patanjali medicines. As those are ayurvedic, can be taken along with ongoing treatment. I visited patanjali clinic nearer to my home. Consulted doctor there and my treatment was started. They asked to continue with mesacol beside until they say to stop. I had their (patanjali) medicines till 1 year. Later they said to stop me mesacol as my problem was cured a lot. As I stopped mesacol, soon bleeding started again along with increased frequency of stools. I was going 20 to 25 times including night also. I suffered a lot. Whenever I was eating, had to go washroom. It was so bad! I was looking for some alternate for ulcerative colitis one day on net and found Dr Vikram Chauhan’s videos. Did watch 1 or 2 and thought to give a try again as I had spent a lot till date. On 11th July I came here and doctor prescribed me his treatment (kit). He asked to take for 1 or 2 months and meet him later. I had to visit him last month but I could not come due to some office work. As I came now and after analyzing doctor said, you need to take all these medicines for 1 more month and later there is no need at all. During July when I came here, my weight was 58 kg. I mean before my problem, my weight was 65 plus kg. With bleeding I loosed my weight and it was 58 kg. Today I am around 64 to 65 kg. I feel very good improvement. Sir, many people are watching this video. What message would you like to give them? I would say that you need to take care of your food habits. Daily diet has to be changed. Waking up at right time…rest doctor guides, do accordingly. Though doctor said that it will take around 8 months for treatment but I feel so good after 3 months only. According to him I have to take medicines for 1 or 2 months and there is no need to take them further. Sir, what were the medicines prescribed to you? Prawalpanchamarit Ras, Kamdudha Ras, Pitta Balance Capsules, Vasaka Capsules, Arjun Capsules, Vatsakadi Churna… That’s all. Okay. Thank you for visiting Planet Ayurveda and conveying a pretty good message!

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  1. Sir muje constipation rehta h or uske Sath blood aata h or painless hota h or weight bhi ni decrease Hua
    Par blood aata h har 4-5 din me Plzz sir is this colitis or other than colitis Plzz sir

  2. Sir ulcerative colitis..keliye humne bohot medicine liye ayurvedic bhi liye lekin ayurvedic se side effects ho rhe..fatigue,insomnia , ankho may jalan..kya hum apki le toh yehi side effects dikhenge

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