Ulcerative Colitis- Ayurveda Answers Hindi Video by ihavenouc

Ulcerative Colitis- Ayurveda Answers Hindi Video by ihavenouc

We are talking to Dr Devendra Triguna, a very
renowned doctor in ayurveda. Let’s just say the words are not enough to
describe his expertise in ayurveda. He is awarded with Padma Bhushan & Padmashree
& he is the president of All India Congress of Ayurveda, he is also felicitated by the
president of India. He sees many patients everyday. His late father also is counted among the
best in the field of ayurveda. He not only re established Ayurveda in India
but spread it outside of India also. Deepak Chopra of Chopra Center learned ayurveda
from him. Q Please tell us about this disease of ulcerative
colitis? What are the causes etc?A This is an onerous
disease, known as antrashodh in ayurveda, which can be contained. but there are lot of preventions to be taken
in terms of food & lifestyle. This disease is caused due to reasons of no
preventions taken in eating habits and lifestyle excesses. Q Doctor can you suggest what type of food
which is helpful? A In this disease bleeding happens, mucus
also comes as well as frequent bowl movements & constipation is also there..so, milk & dairy
products are not very good to take but curd & butter milk can be taken. Milk is not allowed, chilly is totally avoidable,
raw green vegetables are not to be taken but can be eaten cooked. In fruits, one can take apple, pomegranate. The best fruit in ulcerative colitis is bael
(Aegle marmelos). It is the best medicine for UC. It is preferable to eat it fresh but if not,
then it can be taken in juice, preserve or powder form. Latter is used in medicines also. In prevention, we have to avoid chilly, spices,
tea, coffee & alcohol which adversely affect in ulcerative colitis. One should include easily digestible and light
food e.g. dish known as khichdi, mixture of rice, lentils & spices at least once a day. In fruits, as I said earlier apple, pomegranate,
banana etc helps and if one works on preventions in the long run then this disease not only
heals but get cured also. Very well doctor. Last question which many ask is that does
stress plays a vital role in causing this disease? To understand, brain is directly connected
to the stomach. For example if a person is in stress it puts
pressure on the stomach’s nerves and he or she might get their stomach upset with frequent
bowl movements. This in turn causes acidity & indigestion. So, one should do regular meditation, daily
walk/exercise & keep away from stressful situations as much as possible. Follow the precautions as described in ayurveda
in terms of food & lifestyle and you can be cured and disease free. Thank you doctor for your time.

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