Ulcerative Colitis Cured With Ayurvedic Medicines !!

Greeting Sir, Greeting Ma’am. Greeting Sir I welcome both of you to the Planet Ayurveda Centre. What is your name? Gagan Gupta Ma’am, What is your name? Pooja Gupta Who was the patient among you? Me Sir, what was your health problem, due to which you contacted Dr. Vikram? Sir, Ulcerative colitis. When was ulcerative colitis diagnosed? March 2017 What were the symptoms when it was detected? Sir, there was bleeding and mucous in the stool. How many times did you pass stools in a day? 5 to 6 times Where did you go for its treatment? Ludhiana and Chandigarh. How much result did you get in allopathic treatment? As long as I took the medicine, it would be fine. As I stopped taking the medicine, it came back. Ok, you didn’t get any permanent treatment for it? No sir. For how much time you took allopathic treatment? One to two years. How did you know about Dr. Vikram? From YouTube. How did you contact Dr. Vikram? I visited here myself. Ok, you consulted here. How long has your treatment been with Doctor Vikram? It’s been for seven months. How much relief did you get from this treatment? 90 to 97% Fine. Is there any bleeding or mucus now? No sir. Now how often do you pass stool in a day? Once Fine. What kind of medicines did Dr. Vikram prescribe you? Please show the viewers. “Showing prescription!!” Ok, is this your treatment. Yes sir and this is my today’s prescription. Did you make any changes in your diet during this treatment? Yes sir, I did what the doctor asked me. What were the major changes in your diet? Milk, dairy products, outside food, spicy and fried foods, and some spices were forbidden to be eaten. Have you followed some home remedies? Yes, I took cumin, coriander and fennel decoction, pomegranate juice, pomegranate peel decoction, and whatever he said, I followed. Fine. Diet plays a major role in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. Both diet and medicines provide better effects. Yes sir. Are you satisfied with the treatment now? Yes sir. We have viewers who are watching this video right now, what message do you want to give them? I just want to say, if anyone has this problem, come here only. Here is a better treatment for Ulcerative colitis. Here is the solution for that. Dr. Vikram has best treatment for Ulcerative colitis. Yes sir. There are many patients of ulcerative colitis who have been recovered from here. Did you watch their videos too? Yes sir. Thank you sir, you gave your time to our viewers and gave important information. Thank you.

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