Ulcerative Colitis Testimonials | Ayurvedic Treatments

Ulcerative Colitis Testimonials | Ayurvedic Treatments

Namaskar Mr. Shubham. I welcome you in Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s Clinic. Will you please tell me for which treatment you are in contact with Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I came here for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. So, when was this problem got diagnosed? 4 months before I came to know about this problem. What were the symptoms? How you came to know about it? There were symptoms of bleeding while I passed the stools and gradually after4-5 days, my number of motion increased, it used to be 6-7 times a day. The main problem was lot of pain while passing stools, getting up in the morning and even while sleeping. Means 24 hrs. I was in pain. So for this what was the first line of treatment you had? First of all I started with allopathic medicine in Delhi only, from Dr. Khurana. I had Mesacole tablet, but I didn’t see any improvement with this. Then I searched on net and got to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan, so I visited here. How many months before you started with this treatment? Now it’s been 4 months, I am using theses medicine. So in these 4 months of treatment, which all medicine, you used to have from Planet Ayurveda? I used Kutaj Ghan Vati, Motion Stop, and Ulcer off Syrups and 6-7 more medicines, I used to have. I just want you to tell me your experience in detail, like in first month of its use, how early did you felt the improvement? When Sir gave me medicine for the first month, he told me it will take 10-15 days to stop your pain. I had it for 10-15 days. My number of stools got reduced. Within 10-15 days, my motions reduced from 7-8 to 4-5 times. As my 1st month’s medicine got finished, pain was relived ultimately. After a month, I got around 99% relief. My experience if I would tell you, was very good. I did not get much relief from Allopathy, but I got great relief from Ayurvedic medicines. Now you have stopped Allopathic medicine totally? Yes, Sir asked me to stop Allopathic medicine totally. Now within 10-15 days he will stop the use of all other medicines even. Mr. Shubham, in this problem of Ulcerative Colitis, many patients said that they made a lot of changes in their diet, as advised by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Yes So please, tell to our viewers, what kind of Diet and Lifestyle modification you did. I made lot of changes in my diet. First of all Sir asked me to stop intake of milk and dairy products like paneer dahi (cheese/curd). Other things were like spices, fried food and ghee and citrus fruit all were prohibited to consume. Still you are having them or not? He said that I can have them now. Milk is still has to be avoid. He said to start it gradually. This is very good that you shared your experience. Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. Sir I'm sima.. Mai 28 yrs ki hu.. Mai Assam se hu so punjab ana mere liye possible nhi hai… Mera pehle se hi bohot gastric ka prblm raha hai and last month se mere pet mai bhi jalan ho rahi hai.. Pith aur chest mai bhi dard hota hai.. Mai bohot alopethic medicine try kiya but relief nahi mila.. So plz bataye mai kya karu

  2. Hello sir…..i am suffering from UC since 5months. Your UC CARE pck contain only 4 medicines…but this guy is saying about 6 to 7 mmedicines. Sir please reply how can i get the other medicines. This guy is saying about some ulcer of syrup…..this is not available in the pack. Please clear my confusion….

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