Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Using Ayurvedic Medicines | Alternative Treatment

Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Using Ayurvedic Medicines | Alternative Treatment

Namashkar Ma’am. Namashkar Sir I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Centre. Thanks What’s your name? Dalima Kumari From where have you come? I’ve come from Himachal Pradesh. What was your issue regarding health for which you consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. When was it diagnosed and since how long were you facing this problem? Since 2016. What were your symptoms when this problem was diagnosed? There was severe uncontrollable pain in the stomach. How many times you used to pass stools? 25-30 times in a day. Was there bleeding or mucus? There was bleeding. Was mucus also there? Yes From where did you take treatment for this? First of all, I took treatment from a doctor in my village for several months. Then, he referred me to IGMC, Shimla. I took a one-year course from there but there was no relief Then, They referred me to PGI, Chandigarh. I got relief for some time but the symptoms got flared up after sometime. I continued the treatment from PGI for one and half years. You took allopathic treatment for a long time. Yes, for three years. When did you contact Dr. Vikram Sir? I was not getting relief from allopathic treatment and got ill. I asked my husband to take me to a good doctor. He searched on the internet and we came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan through YouTube. You might have watched the videos of patients on YouTube. My husband watched and told me to visit Chandigarh to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan. When did you contact Dr. Vikram Chauhan for the first time? I contacted him on 21st May. Two months have not been completed yet, your treatment is still going on. I got so much relief that only after two days, I came to normal condition. Earlier you used to pass stools 25-30 times in a day. There was bleeding, mucus and weakness also. What is your condition now? Now I am completely fine and pass stool only once a day. What diet did you follow? Diet has a major role in it. I followed the diet chart given by Dr. Vikram Sir. You followed it strictly? Yes, definitely. Kindly show you the prescription given by Dr. Vikram Chauhan to our viewers. This is your first prescription. The dose of your medicines is reduced now. You’ve to take only four medicines now. Dr. Sahab has asked me to take medicines for one month only and then I can stop taking them. Diet plan has also been modified and only few things are to avoided otherwise I can take almost everything, like milk is not to be taken. Milk can be stopped for life time. Dairy products are to be avoided. Curd, Banana, Pomegranate Juice, Decoction prepared from pomegranate peel can be taken. These are some home remedies that are very effective. If diet is followed by all the patients, they can be cured. I followed it strictly. Only if diet chart is followed then also one can get relief to a great extent. I agree with you. I want to give message to the patients of Ulcerative Colitis that follow the directions as given by physician. I thought that I couldn’t eat anything but Dr. Sahab told me except for few food products, you can eat everything. You have shown a speedy recovery. Two months have not been completed and you are cured. I got very weak earlier but now but now I’ve become healthy. Gradually, you’ll become healthier. I am thankful to my husband for helping me. He was so tensed for the whole night before treatment and searched for it on the internet. He was in tension since I got ill. What message do you want to give our viewers who are also suffering from Ulcerative Colitis? I want to convey the message that patients should meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan at least once. Definitely and Dr. Sahab will guide them. Thank you Ma’am for giving time to the viewers and giving such nice information. Thank you so much! Thank you.

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  1. मैं भी पिछले 3 महीने से UC की मेडिसिन planet आयुर्वेदा से ले रहा हूँ और डाइट भी पुरी तरह से फॉलो कर रहा हूँ आराम तो है अराउंड 60% to 70% लेकिन पुरी तरह आराम नहीं हुआ अभी तक कितना वक़्त लगेगा??

  2. Ap log such me great me ho main ne apnay whats number 03109637896 as number se pakistan se apsey rabta kia ap logone merii bahut help ki…afsos k lkn ab tak main ne medicane shoro nhii ki q k tab garm hai aur meray badan par bahut saray danay(keel shape) k wo nikal aye hai jo aag ki jalan jasey ban gaye haii jis ko hum apni pashto zuban me gullaka kehtay haii oskay bad shoro karonga in sha Allah…..har waqt sir apko duain deta hoo ap log great ho ???

  3. Sir I only followed your diet chart I cured since 5 months can it happen again even if I follow ur diet chart.u r god for me .I love u sir

  4. Sir, I am also taking your medicines. It has been around 2 months, there is relief, but marginal only. And the above patient in testimonial got cured in 2 months itself. How is that sir? Sometime I feel low that how much time will it take in my case, as many people in testimonial are getting cured in 2-4 months time.

  5. Sir mujhe ibs hai And Anxiety, mai allopathic mediecne le raha hu…jisme Rabimed dsr And zaptra 12.5 hai, but Aaram nhi ho raha hai bahar ka kuch bhu eating karta hu to infection ho jata hai Aur daiyrria aur loose motion ho jata hai…Zaptra 12.5 ko chod deta hu toh sar dard karne lagata hai, sub kahate hai tumhe ibs hai aur ye mind ke wajh se infection ho raha hai. Doctor please say that true?
    Kya mai thik ho sakta hu Ayurveda me..?

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