Understanding Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)

Understanding Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)

The Heart Center at Nationwide
Children’s is dedicated to the unique needs of its patients.
One of the conditions The Heart Center supports is called atrial septal defect
also known as ASD. The most common type of ASD is called a secundum atrial
septal defect. A secundum atrial septal defect is a hole in the wall between the
two upper chambers of the heart. Before birth, it is normal to have an opening
called the patent foramen ovale in this wall. This opening usually closes shortly
after birth. Sometimes the wall between the chambers doesn’t develop completely.
As a result an abnormal hole called an atrial septal defect is left in the
middle of the wall. This opening allows blood to move between the upper chambers
which increases blood flow to the lungs. If the hole is large enough the
increased blood flow leads to enlargement of the heart and can also
damage the blood vessels in the lungs. It can also lead to abnormal heart rhythm
due to injury to the heart muscle. Most children do not have symptoms but those
with a large defect can have slow growth and rarely a condition called congestive
heart failure. Treatments for ASD may include medications for symptoms but the
definitive treatment is closure by either cardiac catheterization or surgery.
If the hole is large or hasn’t closed by age two to five years a catheter or
surgical procedure may be necessary. During a catheter procedure a tube
called a catheter is inserted through a small incision in the child’s groin. From
there the catheter will be threaded through blood vessels to the child’s
heart. Next the doctor will place a device called an atrial septal occluder
across the defect to plug the hole. The device will stay in the heart and
prevent blood from crossing between the upper chambers. Then the catheter will be
removed from the body. When the hole is too big or when there is no place to
attach the device, open-heart surgery is necessary to close the hole. To begin the
surgeon will make an incision in the chest. Once the heart is reached, the hole
will be closed with a patch. The incision will be closed and covered with sterile
dressings. Our Heart Center team at Nationwide Children’s is dedicated to
supporting your child. We are available to answer all of your questions at any
time at (614) 722-2530 and at Nationwidechildrens.org/heart

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  1. Sir I am a ASD devise closure patient. I want to take physically exercise. So what sort of exercise can I take and can not I take? please suggest me.

  2. Hello… Mam i had hole i my heart when I was small and did open heart surgery… but now… I m 19years old and scared that… Does the patch will… Reopens… Or is there any chance of getting hole back again in my heart….

  3. Hello Sir/Madam.   my wife got treatment ASD when she was at 8.now sh is 20 and she is pregnant. my question is , is there any change to have the same problem for our kids.? kindly reply

  4. Im already 18 and we just found out my heart defect hasnt been healed so im watching this and scaring my self cause im going to have a surgery this winter vacation hahaha im so nervous.

  5. I am 28from India .i have same problem. In this age surgery will b fine? And what the approx cost for this treatment. If anyone have idea pls share…..

  6. I was born with a big hole in my heart . It shrinked naturally after hospital struggle but i still have it up until now and im 21 now . I still get sudden shortness in breathing and my heart hurts suddenly sometimes to the point i suddenly almost faint completely. They checked on me and said i have it but small and it doesnt require any meditation . But how come it doesn't while im still suffering ?

  7. Hi, I have multiple secundunm defects are present; the largest one measuring 1.7cm at retro aortic area and 2 smaller ones 0.7cm & 0.8 cm. So, will you suggests me which procedure be good for me. Thank you

  8. ATRIAL SEPTAL DEFECT noticed at the age of 64 yrs ,and person is healthy without BP & Diabeties . Requested suggestions for surgery and after effects of surgery.

  9. Hi, my son is 3 months old and he is not feeling well .I'm very upset for my child.the doctors says that the of baby has holes .what I can do now.they says that it needs surgery.ASD problem.

  10. I have asd and my hole in my heart might actually be a little large I puked whenever I ate and got really car sick I would throw up and get so hungry I throw up more until I’m done I’m suffering the conditions to this day I haven’t had surgery I don’t think I have had surgery I hope I did.

  11. I was born with a double ASD but didn’t know it until I had a stroke after a vein was surgically removed from my right leg. Three days after the out patient surgery I had a stroke. My entire left side was paralyzed for hours but due to a good doctor giving me a shot of heparin I recovered. I spent 10 days in the hospital and after many test, it was discovered I had two holes. I went on blood thinners and returned to work. My overall health was excellent, except for reoccurring migraines. I hade them since my teens. After lots of therapy and paying over $7,000.00 out of pocket medical bills, my heart doctor referred me to a specialist at UVA hospital near me. He scheduled my cauterization surgery and patched the double hole. I have fully recovered and have no effects from it. I am thankful for the doctors that knew what to do for my situation. I am 68 years old, female enjoying my retirement after working all my life. My advice is see a specialist, don’t be afraid of the procedure and get on with your life. A stroke is devastating, even if you survive.

  12. I was born with an ASD (which was discovered when I was 3 months old) and I had the cardiac catheterization procedure when I was 10 years old (my [new] doctor noticed my heart was enlarging). This was back in the '80s. Yeah. I was only the second person to have this procedure as it was new and still being perfected. I have had no problems since.

  13. I was born with a hole in my heart, it may sound very serious but it's not. It is a really small hole which heals on its own. But when I tell my freinds that I were born with a hole in my heart, they never believe me. ?

  14. Assalamualikum my dear sister/brother.Please help me guys my brother is 29 years old .few days ago suddenly he feeling pain on he is heart.then he go near of our hospital but doctor said already hole in he is heart..now if have any specialist doctor for heart please let me know.or my email is ([email protected]) please please & keep on pray for him my dear all.

  15. Hi I'm emily, my 1month baby was diagnosed with asd she has 0.03 hole in her heart is it will closed or healed naturally? My baby was taking a medication. Pls i need your all opinion..thank you

  16. Great video! I had my surgery 2 weeks ago. I am on my 40's. I am feeling good so far. I am starting feeling some difference, incredible more energy to do things and not get tired.

  17. I've been told if I take my medication while pregnant this is likely to happen to my child.

  18. i was born with a large asd and a smaller vsd in 1977, went in for a catheterization thing in 1979, had and air embolism while i was under, had open heart in 1981, and my murmur was last heard at age 13. i am now 41 and still going strong.

  19. im so happy I’m not the only child that has this because it is really scary mine is that i have a hole in my heart as it says and the blue blood is mixing with my red and it makes it hard to walk and I’m 12 and I’m terrified that i will have to get surgery

  20. i am 37 ,i have ASD, its too late for me to get surgery because the ASD causing pulmonary hypertension 🙁

  21. Was born 2 months premature, no symptoms for 37 years but got ASD discovered after a routine echo test was recommended after my late father passed away from an unrelated open heart surgery complication 4 months earlier. Had a 22mm hole and had catheter surgery. Back home within a day and sensitive groin area for a few days. Had to be careful not to bleed through the wounds. Will know in a few months if my dialated heart will recover its normal size eventually.

  22. So this is why I dont really grow at all I was born with this and years later got Kawasaki Disease but I'm fine now and I'm living very well

  23. My dearest pals had deep-rooted trouble with her heart that used to beat in a nutty style, perhaps sometimes. She did take many medicines but none healed her. I suggested the net and so she searched there and she landed at Planet Ayurveda and got Heart Care Pack that made her heartbeat in a perfect way. Now she doesn't tire anymore and keeps working for 12 hours a day.

  24. Because of technology where the ECHOCARDIOGRAM & ANGIOGRAM introduced people came to know about this even DOCTORS finds it if an infant or a toddler goes below or underweight or has breathing difficulties or other signs and symptoms like over sweating or sweating from a head part like that even with normal vital signs like oxygen level in blood, normal respiratory rate, normal temperature, normal heart rate, and normal blood pressure, etc. everyone seeks for why it is happening, here I like to tell all should know about importance of proper breastfeeding to there babies or can be avoided by taking good diet during a mothers pregnancy time.

  25. My baby didn’t born yet she have one side heart baby left side it’s not developed so how is going after born do you have any idea please let me know

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