UniqueTV * Herbalist / iridologist – معالج بالأعشاب مداوى بالأعشاب مترجم للعربية | Ep14

I was finding myself but I was
lost in in Dublin working as a software engineer aaa ya programming software for companies like Microsoft IBM
and I enjoyed it I enjoyed both I enjoyed nightlife I enjoyed the kind of
lifestyle it was But really it was soulless for me and after doing it many many years I decided
once I met my now wife I left a very lucrative job travelled to
Australia and south America and during that year that I started
to listen to myself and started to hear a voice inside was a little familiar so big change for me happened around
this was when I was in Australia traveling in western Australia I was in a semi-desert called Nullarbor Plain we drove around Australia and when we
got to their we spent a week in the desert amm just living in the desert making some food supplies we bought and looking under those
southern skies at night surrounded by nature no signs no
noises except for animals and I started to hear part of me that
hadn’t been alive for a very long time part of me that loves nature real deep connection because when I was young I grew up surrounded by nature so I started to remember who I was starts remember Aaaaa that little boy inside and how I used to walk with my dog for
hours and hours every day after school so we returned to Dublin and I researched universities or colleges that
study plant medicine and I found one place and within a couple weeks I enrolled in a
course for four years knew I had to pay for the course so I
went back &done my Job as an engineer but I was still learning herbal
medicine and naturopathic medicine as well south American amazonian tree used in
ceremony to clean space clear kind of all bad energies naturopathic is kind of philosophy of holistic medicine you know
You know how to treat the person not their disease so herbal medicine plant medicine it was
just the start of the journey really That’s when I started to bring this part of me alive again and it
was I had a lot of fear a lot of apprehension a lot of doubts and I kept doing it by the end of my job my engineering
contracts my whole office was covered in plant medicine and I got called many names witch doctor weirdo really strange
person who sells kinabis or whatever you know but I didn’t care I really didn’t care because I just loved reconnecting with the plants & Nature and with people
people used to come to my office not to talk about the work
I was doing as an engineer but to talk about their illnesses their problems …..I think I was given
consultations before I even finished my course herbal medicine and after that when I qualified I got a job in health food store and
started doing the work started working consultation and after few years started
teaching again in the college that I was because I was so passionate and loved it I was able to teach it get up in front of lots of people and speak about it and inspire them the way I was inspired

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