urethral stricture cure with ayurveda (Dr sunil kahalekar 9422188788)

my name is balaji thakur i was suffering from uretral stricture. since 2009 to 2010. it was burning sensation less amout of urination. i consult with urologist ,he advised for opreation i undergone the opration but was not satisfied with the results. i feel again staring the symptoms of urethral stricture in 2011. then i decided to go to dr kahalekar
as he was experienced doctorin these cases. he give me confidence of treating the disease with uttarbasti therapy he started the uttarbasti treatment. in his 10 days treatment i feel the improvement within 2 days and as the treatment progresses i feel complete relief within 10 days i feel normal as i was 2 years before i am happy now. i would like to thanks dr kahalekar as he
bring back smile and happiness in my life

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