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  1. This video makes me glad that I am vegan and eat a Whole Foods Plant Based diet. The only diet shown to reduce the chances of getting any food borne diseases.

  2. This is interesting. I have heard about this before but the details in this video are great.
    Before I went vegan in 2013 I got UTI's all the time. I have had 2 since. Probably because my boyfriend had eaten some chicken.

  3. Thanks again for the update. I recently spoke to a government vet on chicken slaughterhouse duty in Spain. Apparently salmonella is pretty well under control however he admitted that campylobacter is endemic in chicken, a normal part of chicken gut bacteria. By the way the chickens going to their deaths that day were 32 days old. I passed on the link to nutritionfacts.org.

  4. Never had uti, but I know every time I ate chicken I'd stink pretty darn bad haha. Whether its #1, #2, or BO in general. Also would get pimples within 2-6 hours after eating to. For some reason chicken/eggs were the most pronounced I found compared to others (except bacon for acne).

    Luckily now I have completely clear skin and don't smell of anything at all after going plant based, even after working out – I just don't smell which is great. Haha nothing is more freeing than being able to fart undetected anywhere you want.

  5. Leider hat mir das nicht geholfen, als ich vegan wurde. Den E- Coli bekomme ich immer noch nicht weg. Mal sehen.ob die Aromatherapie hilft und die Urovaxccine, plus Darmfloraaufbau und Vaginalfloraaufbau.

  6. How can they even sell chicken when it is so bacteria and disease laden? Have you ever heard anyone say, “don’t eat that broccoli it’s undercooked and you can die from it!” Cut twenty different vegetables on the same surface and no problem. You can lick it clean if you want. Touch a piece of chicken and you have to call out a hazmat team. I used to eat an incredible amount of chicken and eggs before I went whole food plant based/vegan. I’m a 55yo male and I got a UTI just before I went vegan. My doctor was shocked and I never knew how rare it is for a man to get one. I’m surprised it only happened once.

  7. OMG: I'm not going to push a shopping trolley the same way again.
    I hope I don't end up like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator (2004)

  8. Dr greger this question is not related to this video can review about Irish sea moss as a source of collagen plant-based thank you!

  9. It's unreal that so many humans eat like lower animals. As if we are suppose to be eating the dead bodies of animals and drinking animal breast secretions.

  10. D-Mannose over antibiotics for some people who put it to the test:

    5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a fantastic supplement and I can't recommend it enough to women …
    July 21, 2015
    Verified Purchase
    D-mannose has been a miracle for me. I work in health care and have always been very wary of supplements and holistic remedies, so I was skeptical about this product. After a host of UTIs I really turned to D-mannose as a last resort because I was tired of taking antibiotics. I take this product every day, 2 tablets in the AM, and it has prevented me from getting UTIs. When I ran out of D-Mannose and wasn't taking it regularly I felt a UTI coming on and took 3 tablets every three hours or so and my symptoms cleared up in a day. This is a fantastic supplement and I can't recommend it enough to women who get UTIs regularly.
    255 people found this helpful
    5.0 out of 5 starsD-Mannose, where have you been all my life!
    September 12, 2016
    Flavor: (500mg)|Size: 120|Verified Purchase
    Got these for a mild UTI. Wasn't sure they would work, but they did! So much better than antibiotics! And now I use it 1-3 times daily to help keep from getting another one. I didn't think I would, but I found that I like the powder form best, but the capsules are nice to keep around for use at night, or when I am out about town. They are a bit hard to swallow, and I'm not a person who has trouble with capsules. But I still like them for convenience. Won't be without either capsules or powder now.

    One more thing, if you are taking doses especially for an active UTI, it's hard to translate the powder dosages to the capsules and many websites have it wrong. One teaspoon of powder is 2000 mg (or 2 grams) which is 4 capsules (not one, or even three). Most dosages for active UTI recommend a teaspoon of powder (2 grams) every 2-3 hours in very little water, followed by lots of water after about 45 minutes to flush the system for 2-5 days until symptoms subside. That's 4 capsules as equivalent to one level teaspoon of powder. And some websites recommend even more grams, 3 or even 5 GRAMS (that's two capsules for every gram – you do the math) for an active UTI, so sometimes I take five capsules at a time, but I simply can't swallow more. That's another reason I like the powder.

    5.0 out of 5 starsI feel bad for all the people who still take a Macrobid …
    February 16, 2017
    Verified Purchase
    I can't go without this! I take 3 just before and a few hours after 'play time' if you know what I mean. Do this and you will NOT have any problems! I feel bad for all the people who still take a Macrobid every time just like I used to when this is SO much healthier and works AMAZINGLY. Trust me on this one- it really does WORK. I've tried so many things and this is seriously awesome. It has made my life so much more enjoyable without having to suffer in excruciating pain or have side effects from so much antibiotic use. Try it- you WON'T regret it.
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    5.0 out of 5 starsD-mannose for UTI's instead of antibiotics
    January 7, 2018
    Flavor: (500mg)|Size: 120|Verified Purchase
    I really like the NOW brand products. When you look them up on lab reports for content, safety, and label correctness you always find them near the top. They are budget-friendly and often rank higher than top-end brands for ingredients. This is important to me. I prefer an item where you get the most for your money. I believe that the NOW brand really follows this, in general. I have PCOS. It is rather common to experience UTI's more frequently when you have PCOS. I also get interstitial cystitis as well.

    While I was a teen and early into my adult life, I just took antibiotics for them. I, honestly, didn't believe there was any other solution. You follow the typical regimen to prevent them of wiping properly, voiding as soon as you wake up, before and after sex, and before you go to bed, cleanliness, no bubbles baths (I don't do baths at all…which is depressing), limited sugar, I eat at least one salad a day (sometimes several) for my leafy greens, low stress life, and even cranberry supplements….I even reduced my sex life. I would void and after voiding I would still try to void for several minutes to get those last few drops out to ensure full emptying.

    But in all my research I was unaware of D-Mannose, until recently. I have been using this for a year now. Since using it, I have not had a single UTI. With my strict management of my UTI-Prevention regimen, I still got UTI's at least once a year. Even better, I have increased my sex life again, because I feel okay doing so. I know this sounds funny, but frequent sex introduces more bacteria into your body and greatly increases your risk of UTI. UTI's were a chronic thing with me that I often didn't know I had one until I was feverish with chills and bed-ridden with pain and sickness. It was miserable. It was tiring. It was life-limiting. D-mannose works to coat the walls so that bacteria cannot stick to them. This makes it easier to flush the bacteria out more completely.

    My research showed you needed about 2000mg a day of this to prevent UTIs. This product is 500 mgs each and their recommended dose is 1500mg (3 pills). I only take the 3 pills. It seems to be effective, for me, at 1500 mgs. This is naturally occurring in your body. Mercola had a post on their site on how D-mannose was equally as effective as antibiotics for getting rid of UTI's. Since, I haven't had one…I can't say if it does or doesn't work. In that study, there was less reoccurance with D-mannose vs antibiotic treatment…and less side effects. I haven't been able to find any side effect listings on d-mannose at all.

  11. I used to get UTIs so often when I was omni. Since going vegan I haven't had another. Im so glad to be vegan. IBS is another thing I am glad to have gotten rid of since going vegan.

  12. Go easy on the Cipro for some very good reasons: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkroll/2016/07/31/yet-another-warning-on-fluoroquinolone-antibiotic-side-effects/#2f11a41b1d45

    Ive been following fluoroquinolone antibiotics ever since I was a graduate student in the 1980s. We were working on a class of enzymes shared by bacteria and higher organisms called topoisomerases. One of the bacterial forms of this enzyme (called DNA gyrase) is the target of quinolone and fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

    Nalidixic acid was the first of these quinolone antibiotics, invented in the 1960s by researchers studying the antimalarial drug, chloroquine. The best known fluoroquinolone is ciprofloxacin (Cipro), first introduced in 1987. These antibiotics revolutionized the treatment of infections by stubborn, gram-negative bacteria. The World Health Organization includes ciprofloxacin on its list of essential medicines, those that meet the basic minimum for a healthcare system.

    I first learned of the unexpected side effects of fluoroquinolones early in my faculty career when I read Stephen Fried's book, Bitter Pills: Inside the Hazardous World of Legal Drugs. Fried's wife, Diane, suffered an infrequent side effect of mental confusion and delirium from ofloxacin (Floxin), samples of which were inappropriately given to her by gynecologist for a urinary tract infection.

    While central nervous system problems can occur with fluroquinolones, an equally puzzling side effect on the major tendons of the body can also occur in some people. I distinctly recall a pharmacist friend walking into our daycare center with immobilization boots on both feet because a fluoroquinolone antibiotic had caused her Achilles tendons to rupture. These antibiotics can sometimes cause collagen degradation in tendons, but no one can explain why this only occurs in a small percentage of patients. But the FDA has been warning about this side effect since 2008.


  13. Greger might get a uti in his vegan vagina if he ate some chicken. He needs to harden up and eat some meat -real men don't get uti.

  14. I just saw Dominion and one of the many things that got lodged in my memory is how all these animals are forced to live on top of their own feces for most of their short lives. It's not cost effective to actually sanitize their living quarters regularly. After realizing that, it is easy to come to the conclusion that it's not safe to eat any animal products. Plants have some safety concerns, but nothing like this.

  15. Thank You Dr Gregor, My mother is 87 and eats chicken all the time.  She has bladder infections all the time, seems like every month.  Each time, trips to the doctor and each time same result, nothing.

  16. Yeah, so maybe we should just stop eating everything. No more recalls from all those vegan foods either, listeria, etc. Or, we could just learn to wash our hands before eating. Then there is the idea that maybe keeping ourselves away from germs isn't such a good idea either. We need some immune resistance. Is our germaphobic attitude helping or hindering? There is probably some sort of balance needed. Do we ever see the dangers of vegetable disease spreading on this channel? I think what's amazing is the butchers at my local butcher store are healthy and have been working there all their lives. When you talk about the way we eat, it makes sense. When you use arguments like this, it's not very compelling, really. How many people die of urinary infections? Is it actually worth it to the people who like chicken? I have chicken about 3 times a week and have never gotten a urinary infection. I'm 67. It's so amazing I could have just touched someone else's shopping cart that touched chicken and gotten it.

  17. Yep it’s true. Plant based here but every time I ate chicken started out plant based I came down with this cause the body no longer was used to this bacteria

  18. Boosting your immunity with extracts of mushrooms might be suitable as well.

    I began to see the first ray of hope of relief from my chronic Lyme a week or two after I began taking this. I have since added other supplements but I will continue to take this for the foreseeable future.

    How do you really measure results? As near as my wife and I can tell we have experienced increased energy. You're talking about an 80 and 86 year old!!

    I have some autoimmune issues related to a mast cell activation disorder and I used to feel tired constantly. I take Cordyceps daily now. It really helps boost my energy. I actually have the energy to do the things I've neglected for months. I, also, like the sports/exercise performance enhancement it gives. I notice that I can work out harder and longer than I ever could before taking it.

    I have chronic bronchitis and taking these really seem to help. I have had no side effects except good ones.

    This along with Turkey Tail, Mitake and Chaga are my mushroom supplement to boost my T cells. Since I started taking these my cancer has not,progressed.

  19. Wow. Scary for wfpb vegans. And if this strain is antibiotic resistant…..what do we do???
    Time for a vegan only grocery store.

  20. Firstly Dr. G. You're a legend secondly I think I might play this at a Halloween get-together as it really is horrific info. I have always questioned the handles on shopping trolley or baskets that is why my Mum always said to wash your hands as soon as you come on from the shops.

  21. Another fear mongering video. 99 percent of the population eats chicken and have normal lives. Greger obviously has a political agenda to propagate and cherry picks his studies. I think I'll head over to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch.

  22. For many years UTI's were a regular problem for us. I am sure it is no coincidence that it has not occurred again over the past 2.5 years since we have adopted a healthy vegan diet. Eating no oil is hard, but eating no chicken is easy. Especially since learning about this connection. Dr. Michael Greger is awesome and humorous.

  23. I was talking about this recently! I used to get UTIs rather often (once a month). When I went vegan, I stopped getting them completely. My doctors always told me I wasn’t drinking enough water so I upped my water intake (still eating meat). It still didn’t help. So when I went vegan I assumed I was consuming more water and that’s why I stopped getting them. I slipped up at the beginning of my vegan journey and had a burger and got a UTI. That’s when I made the connection. I’ve been trying to find research to prove this but there wasn’t very much out there. I wish doctors would have told me to stop consuming meat years ago. It would have spared me from all those days of discomfort. Sorry if this was too much information but I needed to share because I think it’s amazing that people are doing more research to prove this plant based diet helps not only heart disease, diabetes, so many other illnesses, BUT UTIs as well. Thank you Dr. !

  24. When you vegan''s are done patting yourself on the heads for not eating meat. Chow down on the fact of plastic cabbage, genetically modified every plant sold in the U S.. for food consumption. Understab that the risk of being unhealthy due to the food we consume is still great with very little nutrient value due to depleted minerals in tbe soil, contaminated h2o, chem trails and those genetically modified favorites!

  25. The notion that you must avoid touching contaminated surfaces, in my opinion, is flawed. If you are plant based and healthy, you are will unlikely to become infected. And even you are infected, your recovery will be quick and the symptoms would be mild.

  26. After I showed my daughter the videos you did a few years ago, talking about the link between eating chicken and getting UTIs, she quit eating chicken, and her chronic UTIs went away and haven't come back 🙂

  27. + Good video but this style of video is harder to watch than your pre-highlighting videos. Especially problematic is the word-by-word highlighting. Either let me read or let me listen, don't force my eyes while I'm listening. Liked it better when the exert was just shown. You can read at your own speed and gleam the data. Block highlighting is fine, just not the slow bits, thanks. Also if I watch at a faster speed I need the block not the slow highlighting to watch. Just present the data don't stand in the way of how I watch. Let me follow the narrative myself, not how you think I'm following.

  28. Thank you for sharing these videos, they have inspired me to do a vegetarian challenge on my YouTube channel, I will make all information public for anyone who wants to try with me,you are most welcomed to join

  29. Wow! Thank you so much for this video! This explains it all! No more chicken in my house. And I love the Daily Dozen Ap. It’s been my life saver ??

  30. Before I went vegan, I had them every month. Even had antibiotics for a whole year… It was horrible, so glad I saw the light. Not only for my own benefit but also for this planet and the animals.

  31. I did ketogenic diet & urinated frequently, got UTIs, flu/colds & my feet swelled. I am now gluten-free vegan & have never felt better. My weight is slowly going down too. TFS ?

  32. People around me think I'm like an alien. I avoid touching the lift button, doors especially in public places, and I washed my hand like 10 times per day. They think I overthink all these stuff but the germs is for real man. The worst thing thay I saw was my friend was touching the lift button and then she ate with her hands and licking and sucking the leftover on her fingers. It was a nightmare to watch someone did that. Regarding my diet, I'm trying to eat firsh more than chicken nowadays. I know eating too much fish is not good too but I can't eat vege alone(I'm not vegan). I learned that chicken causes more inflammation than fish so I'll go with fish. ???

  33. I had that bladder infection and it reoccurs once a year for a few years after. I believe it's VRE which kills most people. Came up from Florida and Texas and paralyzes kids. That or gives them a brain infection called autism. That or chronic migraines that are so bad you commit suicide.

  34. How do you explain it???

    Not a scientist have ever doubted FECAL DUST's existance and its role in microbe dispersion, however no hygiene measures are imposed or any relative medical advice is given.

    “ FECAL DUST: It comes from fecal residue, left after incomplete wiping. Through drying and friction it turns out to dust, going to all surfaces. That is more intense in hospitals, as the patients are usually debilitated, weak, with mobility restriction etc, particularly if there are hemorrhoids or hair. It could cause Hospital Infection, UTI, food contamination.

    It seems to me the fecal dust theory is so evidently right, that needs not any proving. ”

    “Is it a good science to have so many research done on how to kill e.coli etc and not ONE on how to prevent fecal dust forming, which disperses around those microbes? Isn’t it CDC's or WHO's duty?”

  35. Women’s bathroom was worse? Probably because women do most of the shopping— while men are working most of the time.

  36. You have to wash your chicken once you get home removing intestines feathers and all other types of stuff then Ziploc bag and freeze it rewash your chicken

  37. When I moved to Ireland I have UTI all the time! So annoying and depressing And this little monster is resistant every antibiotics, no one is working for me… At home (Hungary) have UTI just every 3-4. year and drugs was help, and I was eating chickens and eggs a lot! It could be the irish chikens are contaminated? I am thinking about be vegetarian after this….

  38. The intelligent solution to most of these food-born diseases is:
    a/ stop eating all animal meat products,
    b/ stop eating factory-created and processed foods of any type,
    c/ eat only genuine organic produce,
    d/ if you have a garden grow your own food produce without chemicals.

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