Using Eye Drops to Treat Glaucoma

Using Eye Drops to Treat Glaucoma

[MUSIC] Hello. My name is Henry Jampel, and I’m a faculty
member in the Glaucoma Center of Excellence, and
a practicing glaucoma specialist. In this video we are going to be talking
about how to use your eye drops. Although glaucoma can with operating room
surgery and office laser treatment. Most glaucoma patients, at one time or
another, will need to use eye drops for their
disease. Many eye doctors and patients
underestimate the difficulty involved in instilling an eye
drop. The most important errors that we observed
were touching the tip of the bottle to the skin or the
eyeball itself. This can result in contamination and
possible infection. We also observed individuals who miss the
eye entirely with the eye drop and others who
squeeze the bottle forcefully enough so that many
eye drops instead of one are instilled in the
eye. One should always wash one’s hands before
placing an eye drop Assume a comfortable position, either on
the sofa or on the bed. The point is to get the face pointed
towards the ceiling. Grab the bottle with your dominant hand
between your thumb and your forefinger. After removing the cap from the bottle,
grab a tissue with your other hand. Pull down on your lower lid. This creates a pocket or target for you to
aim for with the eyedrop. With some bottles the drop, when the
bottle is inverted, will spontaneously leave the tip, and will hit
the surface of your eye. With other types of bottles, you will need
to apply gentle pressure, blot any extra fluid that you
feel on your cheek. If you’re using eye drops in both eyes,
repeat in the other eye. Remember, just because you Feel fluid on
your cheek does not mean that you did not get the drop in your
eye. Glaucoma eye drops are medication and they
do have the potential to travel from the eye into the back of the
mouth and nose. From there they can enter the bloodstream
and potentially cause side effects that affect
the whole body. Although there’s only a small percentage
of patients where this will occur, you should ask your
eye doctor whether he should perform eyelid
closure to reduce the amount of medication that gets into
your body. [MUSIC]>>How many drops need to go in the
eye?>>Although some pharmacists and some
prescription pads will want a specification of one or two drops, the
answer is always one.>>If I am using more than one bottle of medication, how long should I wait
between bottles?>>You should wait at least 3 minutes. However there is no reason to space the
drops out throughout the day.>>How do I know if I get the drop in
the eye?>>You know you’ve got the drop in the
eye, if you feel something on the eye. Perhaps stinging, or burning or just
redness.>>Why are some bottles harder to use? So, the bottles and bottle tips are not
regulated. For that reason, some bottles may be
easier to use than others.>>What about the generics? We largely support the use of generic
eyedrops for glaucoma Food and Drug Administration has
required that both the active drug and all the other
components of the drops be identical between generics
and branded drugs.>>What if the bottle of drops runs out
before I am ready for a refill?>>This is a common complaint of
patients, their three month supply of eye drops is gone after
two months. Fortunately, many states including
Maryland have passed laws that require prescription plans and pharmacies to
refill early for this very reason. However, you maybe asked to ask pay that
co pay.>>What if I am still not sure that I
am using the eye drops correctly?>>If you are not sure that you are
doing it correctly. Please tell your eye doctor or one of his
or her staff And they will be happy to watch you and still the
eye drops and make suggestions. Successfully using eye drops is a complex
process. However, if you keep your appointments
with your doctor. If you make sure that you do not run out
of your eye medications. If you take care to instill them properly. And if you inform your eye doctor about
any side effects you can greatly reduce your risk of blindness
with minimal effect upon your lifestyle. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. sir, my glucoma pressure 41 to 42, continuos since 2 months, and last 2 years it was 22 to 28, i am using eyedrop, TRVATON(1TIME IN NIGHT),AND AJOPT (3TIMES DAILY),I CANT EAT Sulfa drug. so i can't eat any medicine, pls help,assistance me,  [email protected]

  2. I've had glaucoma 34 years. Using eye drops (betoptic, timoptic ,pilo pine gel and others) has only led to laser eye treatment and it was unpleasant each time.The price of the medicine was unbelievable. Doctor's are puppets  of the drug makers. I prefer to grow my own medicine since after years of experience I found out what works and what does not. Doctor prescribed glaucoma eye medicine does not work well for me.

  3. Hello sir i have one doubt and my brother is suffering from scarf the eye is there any treatment for……………?

  4. I'm currently suffering from Steroid Induced Glaucoma following a Corneal Transplant. Unfortunately I'm on Latanoprost & Lotemax which are not reducing my eye pressure and now I'm taking Timolol as a last resort before needing another surgery. I'm also Asthmatic, but luckily it's not being affected by the Timolol.

  5. my mum has claucoma the dr tested her n said she has to go get drops n treat it be 4 she gose blind does that mean she needs to get treated she has her apointment on the 1st dec

  6. sir,i have glaucoma 14 years,I was laser surgery 2 times and use drops now tension is 20,doctor said normal,but I have pain in some times regularly,why pain comes?and now doctor said I have cataract, why I have cataract suddenly can u explain sir, and give suggestions from me for cataract why comes and also glaucoma treatment

  7. This news article brings hope to the community.

  8. Good day Dr. I'm from the Caribbean and I've been diagnosed with glaucoma for over twelve years. First I were visiting a private Dr. but then the cost was a bit too much for me so I'm in the hospital clinic where I don't have to pay. Ever since I'm going there they have completely changed all the eye drops which I was using privately. At the private I was using Azarga and Lumigan, now in the hospital clinic it's Azopt, Timolol, Alphagan in 3 times a day and lumigan, Xalatan or Travatan at night and right now I'm using Azopt 3 times, Brimopress T twice a day and Xalatan at night. For some time now I realized I have been getting lots of headache when I explained it to the Dr. she said that I supposed to be using Timolol together with those. Could you help me please. Oh I also used at times Cosopt with Alphagan 3 times and Xalatan at night.

  9. I was prescribed Latanoprost for glaucoma which I took for 2 weeks.I had a terrible reaction to this drug and ended up in the emergency dept. The morning after I took my first dose I awoke to excruciating pain in my right shoulder, I thought it was work related, ignored the pain for 2 days until I couldn't, then took some aspirin with no relief. Then my neck and back started to ache, over the course of the second week I had shortness of breath and my chest felt tight, as it progressed I had difficulty swallowing and food going down my throat felt as if I was swallowing a tennis ball, very painful! The pain in my chest increased to the point that I thought I was having a heart attack! I was so tired during all this time I just wanted to lay down on the floor, any floor! I finally went to emerg where they diagnosed Gerd, believe my as I have had Gerd that it was not Gerd! I put two and two together as it finally dawned on me that these innocuous eye-drops could be to blame. I stopped taking them and the following day my symptoms had largely disappeared with the exception of the tightness in my chest. I was not warned at all by my ophthalmologist about side-effects except for eye problems like irritation and discolourment of the eye and eyelashes and eyelid. I am now very fearful, anxious and discouraged to take any drops! What a horrible experience and what a terrible drug!

  10. Me I have glaucoma 2 month now I drop very helpful for me my eye
    The problem is don't like to work i like sleep 12 hours the best I'm happy

  11. I lost the vision in my right eye due to glaucoma NLP now my visual field in the left eye is under 20 central acuity I use travitan, alphagan , glaucoma is built up eye pressure the disease comes from no fluids, get out town with the bullshit about surgery if your cornea fucked up like mine were the cadaver and my DNA complete failure I'm statutory blind under social security rules there still fighting me ?

  12. I like to add a question to that list of questions okay so what if you miss a dose and forget to instill your eye drops? . I've been in that situation before where my eye drops run out before the next refill although I can't say that my 90 day supply runs out within 2 months usually there's about a 3 to 5 day Gap is that still okay To be without the eye drops that long ?

  13. My dad suffers from this disease. Doctor says the condition of the eyes is not very good. His right eye is 2% good and the left eye is 12% good. An operation has already been done to decrease the pressure of the eyes. My question is, is it possible to get his sight back as before?
    Plz answer me sir.

  14. I suffer high eye pressure in both eyes that range between 26-30. I use eye drops to treat this raised pressure that I use 3 times daily. It’s a pain but it helps, I think. My pressure goes down to 21-23 after I use the eye drops so still unsure if that’s good or not. My Doc says below 20 is good.

  15. I am so disappointed, after a follow close up of getting my eyes monitored for the last few years it was finally decided that I need an iridotomy, I went ahead and did it, six months later a tan follow-up visit they said the pressure is still up? I thought the laser penetrating the iris helps the fluid release question mark isn't that what's supposed to happen it supposed to relieve the pressure? Someone please help

  16. Watching from United Arab Emirates i have glaucoma i to take the 1 morning and 2 in the night and eye drops name of (Cosopt MSD) and (TRAVATAN )before the 8 years we need more information please comments

  17. Just like the medical community. We will help you with our product but we won't tell you how or why you have what you have. Glaucoma? Your face is to close to your cell phone or your microwave oven.

  18. Hi doctor, do you know how many time does it take to be blind with this decease. Im dropping my eyes and a láser treatment, but I have this question

  19. I suffered for over 20 years with hypothyroidism/  Graves Disease. with symptoms like Anxiety and irritability and so much more i Complained all that time of symptoms , i tried several treatment including Synthroid, and no doctor clued me in, i was Sent to all kinds of specialists because my symptoms were worsen each passing day,  It has be a constant struggle. till i meet DR. GEORGE online because someone recommended him, He is a naturalist/ herbalist,( he doesn't use voodoo) he treat several eye problems such as the followings 
    Night blindness, Cataract, Glaucoma, Dyslexia, Nearsightedness. and other eye related problems. 
    I sent him an Email about my eyes problems and if he could help me, he asked me a few questions which i answer and he prepared a herbal solution which was liquid in nature and after three weeks of usage all my symptoms were gone i was happy and told him about my cousin with night blindness his treatment made him to see at night, you can also try his treatment contact him at, WhatsApp or call  +234 810 844 4654 or  [email protected], i believe you also will be happy within a few weeks.

  20. Blue Lights/Ray, Ultraviolet Ray, Electric magnetic[Radiation Can Cause damage Eye Tissue from: Laptop, Computer, Iphone, Android Phone, Television, Leadlights, cable wires, wifi] Protect your Eye by wearing medical eyewear click

  21. Is any doctor here , i have question i take one drop at night only is that fine. Latanoprost ip, timolol maleate ip, chloride ip.

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