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  1. I WANT TO DO THIS!!!! I have IBS-D, working as a nurse, nurse practitioner student is killing me by having to worry about my stomach all the time, the pain, multiple bathroom visits, worrying where I am at all times and so much more. I have to find some yummy poop NOW!

  2. Medical research study: "we can professionally transplant fecal matter to help resolve medical conditions"

  3. Hello! I was wondering if you could do a video on chiropractors? Just wanted to know if their practices are based on pseudoscience or if spinal adjustments actually do lead to potential benefits! Thanks

  4. I have been diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) by two miserable tilt table tests. I am on fludrocortisone, a mineralocorticoid. However, in the mornings before I take my medicine (or the completely avoidable and awful days when I forget altogether) if I transition from sitting to standing my blood seems to drain out of my head and I can't see at all for about five seconds until everything returns to normal. I was wondering if episodes like these occurring throughout my life could have some long term effect on my brain or other parts of my body.

  5. This was on greys anatomy. It was about a lady who she always thought that she had an illness and eventually she took antibiotics and kill all healthy bacteria so they had to take poop from the husband to give to her lol

  6. On the point of making sure the donors poop is healthy…

  7. Hey Dr Mike

    Im 15 and i just started watching your videos . Btw very entertaining .
    I have a question about the fecal transplantation , why does the transplantation involve all the unwanted cellulose in the feces . Why isnt it turned into a bacterial culture then transplanted.

  8. Till the end of the video I was expecting a bag full of bowels results (“poop”) in one of those parcels!!! …. LMAO!!!!!….

  9. You need to reexplain how the transplant works because us researchers do not just “put the poop in another individual”, for it takes a lot of steps to prepare the solution. It isn’t just poop going into another individual because that would seriously risk another person’s life. It’s a lengthy process

  10. I'm a nurse in LTC – I literally had to fight for a patient to get her poop transplant to interrupt her c.diff infection. She was demented and kept running around the unit screeching about wanting her new poop.

    The life of a nurse.

  11. I was talking to an older man that told me when he was younger he had stomach problems. His doctor gave him a milkshake and told him to come back in a few months. When he went back he let the doctor know he was better and his mom asked what was in the milkshake. The doctor said poop 💩.

  12. Well… Rumen fluid transplantation is done in ruminants for ruminal disorders/pathology. So why not in human🤣
    Kinda same principle I think

  13. Hi Dr. Mike, I was thinking about getting HPV vaccine. Please tell me more about it. And is only effective when taken before becoming sexually active?

  14. Could you do a video about the 5:2 diet? There's mixed feelings about it and would like to know if it's truly something beneficial or not. Thanks

  15. I just showed my boyfriend how tight your shirts are and he said, "Jesus Christ". Lol, he's just probably jealous 😂😂

  16. Everytime i see one of your videos it reminds me of my Uncle you look like him and he's studying to be a doctor. I just get a big smile

  17. I have IBS, have for over 13 years and it is the most aggravating thing in the world that there is just nothing I can do to stop the pain and other issues. But that being said I also don’t think I would ever consider a pop transplant.

  18. My doctor wanted me to do it but being 15 at the time I couldnt get comfortable with the idea of someone elses poop in me lol. 18 now and still dont know how I feel about it, but I'm sure its beneficial for others

  19. My mother actually has IBS and I have never seen her out of pain. I made a promise to her when I was 5 that I'd be a doctor and find a cure for her and this research is absolutely THRILLING to hear

  20. Oh my god i have had IBS for years and i was so worried (i have amxiety as well) i tried googling it but didnt find anything. So doc mike what can i do to at least minimize IBS

  21. Actually there's a vet show and the vet was explaining that the poop helps this parrot with something, I wasn't really listening. The vet had her own parrot (donate) poop and took it and..fi guess and put it in him? or inserted it in a smoothie, yuck!

  22. I know this is very good and all but it's disgusting af thank god I declined to study medicine and decided to study international trading

  23. Doctor mike: posts video with fecal transplant
    My school: today we will be learning about fecal transplants.

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT

  24. late to the game, but is it possible that the screened package was checked due to the fact that it's to a Doctor AND from Canada? As in possibly trying to illegally import Rx drugs?

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