Vaccination: Parents Conclude Vaccines Are Not Safe For Their Children

My story is I’m the mother of 2 young girls.
I have a 7-year-old and a 3-year-old. I began researching the ins and outs of vaccination
about 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest. I looked at every single issue.
I looked at the safety of vaccines, the side of vaccines. I looked at the pros. I looked
at the cons. My husband is a paramedic and firefighter, so he’s exposed to sometimes
really sick people and potentially exposed to a lot of different things at his work.
We were very conscious of what disease could do and the potential of being exposed to that.
We really weighed the risks and benefits very, very closely. I sat down. I wrote every single
shot down on a list and really broke it down bit by bit. For me, the conclusion that I
came to and my husband came to both of us together that the vaccines that are currently
on the market were not safe for our children. It was a long process. Initially we knew we
were going to decline the hepatitis B vaccine. We knew we didn’t want to have a sexually
transmitted disease going into our children being vaccinated against that 12 hours after
birth. It was just totally ridiculous. For me, it was really looking at the schedule
because when I was a kid, I got about 8 shots over the course of my lifetime and my kids
were expected to get 36 hours in the first year of life, and that schedule has never
been tested. Not even once. For me, that was a huge red flag. I wanted to know why and
why were kids being recommended to get these shots that hadn’t even been tested collectively
together. I wasn’t willing to let my kids be a science experiment. However, at that
time, whooping cough was really prevalent in the news. We were cautious that the kids
might be exposed to potentially my husband bringing something home from work.
We came to the agreement that we would delay vaccination until they were a year and we
would possibly do the DTaP vaccine. With my oldest, she didn’t have any vaccines until
9 months and prior to that point, she was perfectly healthy baby. No ear infections.
No rashes. Very, very healthy child. She did receive one round of the DTaP vaccine. Almost
instantly she got her first ear infection. That was enough for me to just stop and we
ended up treating it, and that’s the first and only time she’s ever had to take antibiotics
in her life. After that, we completely stopped vaccinating her.
Then with my youngest, again the DTaP issue came up. My husband felt that that might be
a good choice to maybe try again and we were in a pediatrician’s office at that time that
was very pro-vaccine. Every single time we went to the well-baby checkup, we were bullied.
They would bring out a form basically saying I was a bad parent if I didn’t vaccinate my
child. At 3 months of age, I went in for the well-baby visit with my youngest and was completely
bullied. Against my better judgement being an exhausted mom, I hadn’t slept in a couple
of days, and I just was by myself. My husband was at work. Against my better
judgement, I let them vaccinate her with the Hib vaccine. From that point on, she did not
sleep. She literally wouldn’t sleep longer than sometimes 20, 30 minutes at a time for
almost the fist 14 months of her life. You can imagine that that [Rectavit 00:03:30]
on my health as well as her health. We completely stopped vaccinating after that point. She
also developed some skin rashes which I was able to heal naturally, but it was enough
for me to just say, “I should have followed my gut and listened to my motherly instincts
and not continue with either of my children.” We ended up switching pediatrician’s office.
We found a fantastic pediatrician that was on board with our philosophy and completely
supported every decision that we made as parents and gave us the power to make the decisions
for our children which I think is very, very important. It wasn’t until about a year after
my daughter started sleeping that I was doing some more in-depth investigation into vaccines
where I actually realize that her sleep disorder was caused from that vaccination.
Even though I had done hundreds and hundreds of hours of research prior to that, I had
never put the 2 and 2 together which for me was huge because I know there’s so many parents
out there that are dealing with issues with their kids and we’re not connecting the dots.
For me, even knowing all the different things I did know at that point about vaccines, I
had never connected that her sleep disorder was associated with the vaccine that she received.
Now there’s no doubt in my mind that it was and it just solidifies the belief that I have
right now that there is not one single safe vaccine on the market. My children will never
receive any other vaccinations and neither will I or anyone in our family for that matter.
We are pregnant right now with our third and this child will be completely unvaccinated,
and I’m not scared to say that at all because I will work daily to boost my child’s immune
system naturally by organic food, proper nutrition, breastfeeding, all of the things that nature
provides us to give our kids strong immunity. That’s my goal and that’s what I’m going to
do to protect my children against infectious diseases, not with vaccines. If my child happens
to get an infectious disease, then we will treat appropriately at the time.
We will get it the proper medical treatment if needed. If it’s something mild like even
measles, people are really afraid of measles, but measles is a mild 4-day rash for most
healthy children. Measles can be treated naturally with large doses of vitamin A. With chickenpox
and all of those things, we will do everything we can to just make the symptoms comfortable.
We will get them through their period of illness and we will get them back to health using
the appropriate means necessary, not with a bunch of drugs and vaccinations.
I opposed mandatory vaccination because vaccination is a medical procedure, and there is no one
size fits all for any human being. For the government and state to decide what is best
for my child’s body or my body is absolutely unacceptable and I refused to live in a country
and in a state where those medical procedures are forced upon us. I will do everything in
my power to fight against SB277 or any force vaccination bill that might come down the
pipeline after this one. If you’re a parent and you’re on the fence about vaccination
and you don’t really know what to do and you’re confused, I know that feeling.
I’ve been there myself. I know thousands of us have been there and what I would tell you
from the bottom of my heart is do research like your child’s life depends on it because
it does. Don’t just take the word of your doctor and the CDC and the government to protect
your child because at the end of the day, the only person that is going to be responsible
for the well being of your child if your child is damaged from a vaccine will be you. I would
say start with documentaries, watch Trace Amounts, watch [Pot 00:07:17], do your due-diligence,
look into the fraud that’s going on in the CDC, look into the fraud that’s going on with
the vaccine makers. Just pull up the list of ingredients on the
CDC website and go through each shot and see if you feel comfortable injecting things like
aluminum formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, thimerosal, monkey kidney cells, human DNA in the form
of aborted fetal tissues. Just look at those things and ask yourself, “Do I feel comfortable
injecting that into the bloodstream of my developing child?” If the answer is no and
you don’t, then you should listen to your gut and you should find medical professionals
that respect your decision and your opinion, and surround yourself with people that supports
you because that’s the most important things. It’s how you feel and the choice that you’re
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