Vaccination: The Hidden Truth – Chapter 2 part 1 – Did vaccines really save us?

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth – Chapter 2 part 1 – Did vaccines really save us?

So to start with, let’s have a look to see if vaccination really can be shown to have saved lives Dr Isaac Golden is a prominent and experienced homoeopath, teacher and author of several books, including one on vaccination. Let’s hear what he, along with many others in fact, have found out. Before I knew what natural medicine
was, I used to vaccinate my own children and one of them, my eldest
daughter, was quite severely damaged and that led me to question whether or not what I was being told by doctors was really accurate because I was told time and time again to go back and keep vaccinating her despite the reactions that she was having Eventually the penny dropped and I realized that there was a direct cause between the symptoms that she was experiencing going from a completely healthy young child to someone who wasn’t, and vaccines because the symptoms
were intensifying after each vaccine That led me to really start looking
further than what I was just told by doctors and where I started was basically with the health departments in England America and Australia because my original professional training was in economics and statistics. So I wrote to the governments and got figures And then I realized when
I started plotting the figures on charts that in fact there was a lot
of information that we were being told by the orthodox
medical profession which wasn’t true And it also made me realise that
a great deal of information given to medical students was probably very misleading Let me give you an example on the overhead We have here the figures of deaths
from whooping cough in America from the time that vaccinations
were introduced to around about the late 1980s These were the figures that I got from the American government themselves And what they show when
you look at those figures is quite clearly apparently, that the introduction of vaccination caused to a great fall in the deaths from whooping cough However, what I also got were the
figures for 40 years before vaccines were introduced You can actually see where the arrow is where vaccination was introduced And so it is quite clear that the majority
of the reduction in deaths from whooping cough occurred well before the
vaccination was even introduced. So the claim in this particular case that vaccination was responsible for eliminating most of the deaths from whooping cough in America is clearly statistically false The pattern with whooping cough is, of course, not unique to that disease as Dr Viera Scheibner will show us She is a retired
Principle Research Scientist, who by now has studied well over 60000 pages of orthodox medical research articles on the subject also culminating in a book It is a well documented fact that the incidence and
mortality from infectious diseases like measles, whooping cough, rubella, mumps, fell by 90% before any vaccine has even been introduced This is the mortality from diphtheria between 1900 and 1960 You can see that there was
a steady downward trend in mortality from diphtheria long before
any treatment was introduced. The toxoid is the vaccine And you can see that even after
the treatment and the vaccine the downward trend simply continued This is the death rate
from measles between 1900 and 1960 Again you can see steady downward
trend in mortality from measles without any vaccine then comes then vaccine here and it was already at the tail end of the mortality from measles So there must have been other factors than vaccines that caused the
observed fall in mortality from infectious diseases Also, as you can see from these graphs the introduction of the vaccine was
not followed by any acceleration in the decline And sure enough, an analysis of figures for outbreaks since does not show the vaccinated to be any more protected than the unvaccinated For example, in an epidemic of
whooping cough in Sweden in the late 70s 84% of the population were vaccinated and yet the percentage of cases known to be vaccinated was at least 84% So, as an explanation, vaccinators
speak of a principle of “herd immunity” Their definition of this term,
which is quite different from what it originally meant is that at least 95% of the population must be vaccinated to prevent an outbreak But does this work in practice? To find out, we need only look at the United States,
where vaccination is compulsory for school entry Dr Scheibner will describe a situation which actually occurs very often soon after a vaccination program In this case it was in Corpus Christi, Texas where they had just ensured that 99% were vaccinated of whom 95% developed antibodies. An outbreak of measles occurred in adolescents in Corpus Christi, Texas in the spring of 1985 even though vaccination requirements for
school attendance had been thoroughly enforced And of course this is not
some kind of a rare occurrence Epidemics in fully vaccinated
populations are a rule rather than an exception But many doctors say that we must have had great success with the Hib vaccine because Hib has dropped
since it was introduced a few years ago Well let’s have a look at a breakdown by age relating to its phased introduction in the United States. This is the incidence of Haemophilus
influenza meningitis in children less than 5 years old This is between 1980 and 1991 Here you have the incidence of Hib meningitis in children younger than 1 year These are 1 year olds and these are 2 to 4 year olds The fluctuations and particularly the fall in the incidence of
meningitis in children younger than 1 year and in 1 year olds had nothing to do with vaccination because the vaccine was only introduced here meaning the vaccine that was licensed for use in these age groups Finally, let’s have a look at what happened in Hamburg in Germany without any intensive active prophylaxis And this is pertussis (whooping cough)
in Hamburg between 1956 and ’70 You can see a steady fall in incidence of whooping cough and this is whooping cough with complications at the time when the rate of live births increased in a substantial way. So what DID cause the decline?

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  1. You would benefit from far greater awareness of medical politics. Polio is described as a 20th century disease because the first recorded epidemic was not until 1887. This was soon after mass smallpox vaccination began. It is vaccines and other intramuscular injections that provoke polio, often called provocation poliomyelitis in medical research. Polio deaths in Australia fell from 346 in 1951 to 30 in 1955. In July 1956 polio vaccination began and deaths increased again that year to 57…

  2. … The same problem occurred in the US and elsewhere when polio vaccination began. So polio was then renamed, by the CDC's own admission. Its now viral meningitis, cerebral palsy, Guillain-Barre, lower motor neuron disease etc. Thats how polio has been all but eradicated not by medicine but medical politics. If modern medicine was so wonderful, the death rate would not drop every single time doctors go on strike. Coloured glasses are very dangerous when viewing the medical system.

  3. Robert Sorge wrote 'In ancient Egypt, the priests practiced Sorcery. Medicine and Sorcery were interconnected. Sorcerer/Priests were not only responsible for healing the sick, but preventing diseases. This was an act of religious faith, a belief system in the ancient gods of Egypt. Vaccinations were part of their religious practices. Some of the ancient Sorcerers mixes included donkey dung, locust, fish eyes, mud from the mother river Nile, camel hair, fly wings, etc.' Would that surprise you?

  4. What is insane is to be confident that vaccines cant cause polio without investigating it. Even our governments admit it, at least with the polio vaccine (see Australian Immunisation Handbook). Youll find at the end of my polio article on our web site (video shows home page URL) 30 odd references to orthodox medical research articles about various vaccines causing polio. The admission is in many of the titles, e.g. ironically, Circulation of a Type 2 Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus–Egypt, 1982-1993

  5. It seems youve forgotten the argument flow. You said vaccines and other intramuscular injections cant be the cause of polio because polio occurred in ancient Egyptian times which you assumed were pre-vaccination. So I referred to a piece that states that vaccination was indeed practised then, which would contradict your assumption that forms the basis of your argument. To pursue this line of argument you need to provide very strong evidence that vaccination was not practiced then. Good luck.

  6. Surely the time you spend making unsubstantiated offensive judgments about others, could be more productively spent looking up the Australian Immunisation Handbook for yourself? Just Google it and go to Appendix 6: Definitions of adverse events following immunisation. You will see in the list acute flaccid paralysis and even the well-used term vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis. Any more replies you post before you check that and/or the other references I described may be deleted.

  7. I said It is vaccines and other intramuscular injections that provoke polio. I was not specific about the type because many or all kinds can provoke it. I provided some evidence that in ancient Egyptian times they administered some kind of vaccines or other intramuscular injections. If you want to counter that, then you need to come up with some counter evidence. If you dont have any, just give up instead of trying to twist what I said. In science as in law, evidence must precede judgments.

  8. It is easy to find. If you cant, no wonder youve done no research in this area. I would provide the link but Youtube disallows a post containing a URL. And yes its the current (and past) vaccines. Indeed thats why the injectable WAS discontinued; now its back. Just saying something is obvious is not a scientific argument, particularly in the face of my contrary evidence. If you still wont read my polio article on the Vaccination Information Service site your post might be deleted, so beware.

  9. Where to start?
    1st A homeopaths are not scientists, but people who believe that water has a memory. Think about it the next time you go to the loo
    2nd The good old fraudulent showing of DEATH toll charts instead of INFECTION rates. Of course less people died before the vaccine, thanks to modern science, the very thing those people deny
    3rd Viera Scheibner is a PALEONTOLOGIST with no qualifications in medicine and a fraudster.

  10. @rebelq1 Not completely. Depending on the germ type and the pathogenesis that it takes you may lose your immunity. Different pathogenicity islands within a gene can modify certain aspects of it that would allow it to pass by your supplemented immune system. But this happens whether you earned immunity from a previous infection or by immunization. Update your research.

  11. @ecuadmail

    Have you ever heard of the 'If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!'

    Drugging yourself with dead germs making you immune? Now, come on! Even common sense tells you that's it's a load of BS!

  12. @rebelq1 So everything everyone understands about the immune system is wrong. Thanks for shedding that light on the rest of us. Go back to flipping burgers.

  13. @ecuadmail Indeed. I give thanks for your honesty. The immune system changes constantly. Any knowledge that is static is wrong in a system that constantly changes. My immune system has just changed and will continue to change constantly while I live.

  14. @rebelq1 Indeed. Have you ever heard that the man that boast about the goods is the one that profits from the goods?

  15. @ecuadmail Indeed. Understand the truth about the cause of infection and the truth of the cause will be the medicine and the implementing of this truth is the cure. Dis ease is the cause of infection. If a life has ease then no dis ease can occur. Immunity is the ability of a life to find its own ease. To heal one is to give life immunity. All is forgiven.

  16. Immunity comes from within. For if something is put in then the life is fooled into believing that protection of a life comes from taking what is outside and taking it in. The dis ease still remains. Human vaccination creates dis ease in every life so that the norm of life is disease, this then becomes the ease; the fact that all are in dis ease. 95% must be vaccinated. For dis ease to be the ease it must be the majority. To know death is to know dis know dis ease is to be vaccinated.

  17. Bronwyn Hancock = Viera Scheibner's pet. Bronwyn's not allowed to talk unless she has Viera's permission.

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