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  1. Wild caught measles offers lifelong immunity (vs spreading to others via vaccines ,and contracting again) and offers natural immune system strength,with very rare complications (contrary to what the cdc fda and pharma pro vaccinators say.),while the adjuvents and pharma derived measles offers 100% neurotoxic,immune damaging,cancer causing risks as well as death and paralysis and more.What we need is non pharma third party real science based studies,after all these decades and damaged children.America has the highest infant mortality rate of developed nations and that is a screaming red flag being silenced and ignored.We also have a near 50% childhood chronic illness epidemic.Keep telling us that injecting neurotoxins is safe and protects our children.Day one a newborn is given a hepatitis B and vit K vaccine.ASK WHY parents ! What reason could there be to give a baby on day 1 a Hepatitis B vaccine (that is protection for sexually active and IV drug users and is good for 7 years? Please ask why parents and please explain why cdc and why pediatricians who make 400 dollars per head per blue cross.Ask WHY ?

  2. Time to return liability to the vaccine manufacturers, where it belongs, especially if vaccines are so safe.

  3. If you trust big pharma you haven't a clue. the IOM has even said that studies to date have not proved or disproved vaccines causing autism. the IOM said there isn't enough evidence to say vaccines don't cause autism. autism is only the tip of the iceberg of vaccine injuries. time to sever ties between big pharma industry and the regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect us, like the CDC. the corruption is rampant and so are the vaccine injuries. not fair that the taxpayers have paid over 4$ billion in vaccine injury compensation. put the onus back on big pharma

  4. Thank you Luke and News 4 Investigation Team for your coverage of some of the real issues and concerns raised by those who are questioning vaccines and vaccine policy. We need more reports like this on TV. I hope you will continue investigating this issue. I recommend you learn more by watching The Highwire Show with Del Bigtree on YouTube.

  5. The studies on the link between vaccines and Autism only cover one vaccine (MMR) and one ingredient (Thimerosal (Mercury)). Therefore scientists can't truthfully make the statement that "vaccines do not cause Autism".
    The IOM (Institute of Medicine) is an independent research group that is occasionally asked to research questions for government agencies. The IOM was asked to look into research to support or reject that hypothesis that vaccines can cause Autism. The IOM concluded that; "Research does not exist to confirm nor deny the link between vaccines and Autism"

  6. As a mother of two vaccine injured autistic children, I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart for doing this report. Please do more. Please visit https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ for some excellent information. The HighWire with Del Bigtree on YouTube is also excellent. You can also google https://sharylattkisson.com/2019/01/dr-andrew-zimmermans-full-affidavit-on-alleged-link-between-vaccines-and-autism-that-u-s-govt-covered-up/ to read an affidavit by Dr. Andrew Zimmerman. He's a top pediatric neurologist who was the expert witness for the US Department of Justice when parents were trying to sue Health & Human Services for vaccine injuries. He said there is a connection between vaccines and autism. Pay special attention to items 8 – 10.

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