Vaccine Myths: What’s Real and What’s Fake

Vaccine Myths: What’s Real and What’s Fake

– Authorities have declared
a public health emergency. – We do not need that many vaccines. – There’s a lot of
misinformation out there. – The measles is back, almost 20 years after it
was considered eliminated in the US. And it’s tied to a decline
in vaccination rates. So why are so many parents choosing not to vaccinate their children? (upbeat music) – Hey guys, you’re watching Trackback. Today we’re debunking
common myths about vaccines and trust me, there’s a lot. One common for false belief is that the MMR vaccine causes autism. MMR vaccinates against
measles, mumps and rubella. There is no proof it causes autism. One study on the MMR vaccine reviewed a huge amount of research involving 14.7 million children
who received the vaccine. And they found no link between
the MMR vaccine and autism, or any of these other diseases. Asthma, leukemia, hay
fever, type 1 diabetes, gait disturbance, Crohn’s disease, demyelinating disease or
bacterial and viral infections. – This myth originated in a 1998 study, but it was later retracted. The study was done by Andrew Wakefield, but the UK’s General Medical
Council found him guilty of serious professional misconduct, and he lost his license to
practice medicine in 2010. – Beginning in the 30s, vaccines used the mercury-containing
compound thiomersal as a preservative. This makes some people think
that vaccines are toxic. But hundreds of studies proved
the amount of thiomersal in vaccines does not
pose any risk to humans. Plus, in 2001, thiomersal was removed from
most children’s vaccines. Next, some people believe too
many vaccines at a young age can overwhelm the immune system. But there’s a reason
why vaccines are given to babies and toddlers. They have a very active immune system. They’re exposed to hundreds
of foreign substances that trigger their immune
response every single day. That’s a good thing. Plus babies are exposed
to far much antigens from a common cold than
they are from vaccines. Another belief is that a parent’s decision to vaccinate their child is personal and makes no difference to anyone else. We get why people think this, but if you choose not to
vaccinate your children, you’re also putting everyone
around them at risk. In communities with
high vaccination rates, diseases don’t spread as quickly due to a process known as herd immunity. If everyone in your
neighborhood is vaccinated, an outbreak is likely to be
contained rather than spread, but when people voluntarily
stop vaccinating their children, the herd is broken up, allowing diseases to
spread much more quickly. Herd immunity is critical for people that legitimately cannot be vaccinated due to a medical condition, like a life-threatening allergy. Another concern is vaccine injury. Yes, vaccines do come with risks, but the reality is you’re much more likely to be seriously injured by a
vaccine-preventable disease than a mild vaccine side effect. From 2006-2017, there were
over 3.4 billion vaccines given out in the US. But the National Vaccine
Injury Compensation Program, which awards money for vaccine injuries, only paid out 4,300 cases. This means for every one
million doses of a vaccine, there was just one reported injury. So while you may experience soreness, redness, swelling or mild fever, that’s nothing compared
to contracting measles. – Since January 2019, there have been 1,123
cases of measles declared in the United States. That’s the highest
reported number of cases since the disease was
eliminated almost 20 years ago. – At the end of the day, parents believe they’re doing
what’s best for their children but the stakes are really high here. So make sure you and your
family use credible sources when searching for medical
information online, like the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. Trackback tip. If you know somebody that
has doubts about the safety or necessity of vaccines, research shows that positive
messaging from trusted sources works better than shaming someone. So just send them this video. (Trackback theme music) Today, we’re debunking
common myths about vaccines, and trust me, there’s a lot. (man laughs)

28 Replies to “Vaccine Myths: What’s Real and What’s Fake”

  1. Seriously…? I just saw a comment which was politely & rationally disagreeing with this point of view~ not offensive whatsoever~ then closed the video to come back to see whether there were any new comments, and…it's magically disappeared! Shocking, lol….. 🤔 Wonder how my comment will fare.

  2. Perhaps we should reintroduce smallpox to teach these antivaxxers a lesson. Sometimes you have to put entire populations under hostage just to make them see reason. We know how cruel smallpox can be.

  3. sad truth is that people believe a 5 min google and articles by "all naturalist" vs peer review medical case studies done by medical professionals. I ran into my pediatrician the other day and she was saying how parents believe the vaccine cause autism. She vaccinated some of these said parents and they dont appear to have autism. #vaccinescauseadults

  4. With a little reason I should think the conclusion is obvious. Before vaccines: polio, mumps, whooping cough, diphtheria. The flu or chicken pox were practically a death sentence. After vaccines some of these things are practically nonexistent and the others are completely manageable. Vaccinate yourself and your children. And you’re at it flow more money to education for obvious reasons.

  5. OK this wasn't smart of you guys to come out with a video and the #1 myth is that vaccs cause autism. Just like Monsanto who said glyphosphate doesn't cause cancer, and they're paying out hundreds of millions to people right now who have cancer because of roundup. I'm not %100 about vaccs causing autism but what I do know is there hasn't been enough studies done to conclude if there is a connection or not. All they keep saying is "There's no proof". I know a plenty of criminals who beat they're charges because "There was no proof". Stop saying things that have not been proven or disproven. And there are OBVIOUS ingredients ingredients those vaccs that are harmful chemicals. So who's to say that the way vaccs are formulated or where those ingredients are being sourced and produced could have a direct affect on autism. Of course every person is different so what affects you, might not affect me. The same is with parvo for puppies. Some puppies can be in a litter with parvo and not get it while others do.. the same is true after vaccines. Every body is different. I just hate when people spew information that hasn't been proven. No they haven't on paper "Proven" that vaccs cause autism, but they haven't disproven it yet either. Either way we won't be hearing the last about this for another 15-20 years from now when conclusive evidence has been brought forward.

  6. Thumbs down! I want to know the connection is between buzz feed and the CDC. Herd Immunity = Sheepole on there way to slaughter. CDC was a big supporter of Monsanto aswell. Buzz feed your loosing respect in the journalism world doing videos like this.

  7. Can you guys do a debunk video about the Seth Rich Murder and the Russian
    Hacked the DNC server theory? Cause I want to believe Hillary that
    Russia Hacked the DNC server but there's all these right wing or Russian
    conspiracy videos on YouTube that are really making me question things?
    and if they're true then that means the whole Russia Hacked the DNC
    narrative isn't true. I'd really appreciate if you could address these
    points: there's this guy named William Binney who apparently worked for
    the NSA and he was saying he checked the time stamps submitted by
    crowdstrike and he says according to the download times it would be
    impossible for them to download that amount of information that quickly
    across the fiber optic lines from the US to Russia and that the speed of
    the download would only be possible from a local thumbdrive, and please
    can you try to find the actual report by crowdstrike and the download
    times and see if this is true instead of just attacking Binney? They
    also say they traced the hacking back to a Russian IP address, but if
    someone was a skilled enough hacker to hack the DNC server wouldn't the
    first thing they do, be to hide their IP address and make it look like
    it came from somewhere else? then they were also saying how US
    intelligence has the ability to make an IP address look like it came
    form somewhere else? Also people say that Julian Assange put out a big
    reward for any information about Seth Rich's murder, and Kim Dot Com
    said that he has proof that he can show to the government that Seth Rich
    was the leaker. Then also they are saying that the police said Seth
    Rich's murder was a robbery but that they didn't take his wallet or
    watch or something basically they didn't take any valuables. If you
    could do this I would really appreciate it, I know your unbias and thorough
    investigation and reporting will get to the bottom of this, I think
    you'll also get a tone of views just because of how popular the subject
    is especially with Assange's trial coming up & please contact me to let me know when you release the video.

  8. What's real: hundreds of thousands of sick migrants crossing every month, who have brought back a host of medieval diseases back to California homeless.
    What's fake: Democrats say it's a fake crisis while California is swimming in human fecal matter on the streets, and has more homeless than the bottom 48 states, combined.

  9. Vaxinate your kids people.. Its like not feeding your baby because you're scared it's gonna choke on food.

  10. Oh I'm suppose to listen to he bimbo in the video because her good looks and take her word for it? Vaccine Propaganda! No Thanks! Vaccines are dangerous and anyone with a brain will still away from them and information from credible sources such as the CDC.

  11. You keep telling us that but I know 3 people who have been hospitalized over the DTaP vaccine THIS YEAR. FAKE NEWS!!!!!

  12. There are people out there who have experienced their kids developing normally then regressing after the MMR jab. Whilst there is no evidence that this is caused by the MMR jab, you also can't prove it's not, so your speech is misleading. You could say it lacks credible evidence. It could well be a coincidence, but one thing is true. A lot of what we know now will change in 20 years. If you read The Rise And Fall Of Modern Medicine
    by Le Fanu, Dr. James, you will learn about why this is so and the long history of drugs that were once thought safe and now taken off the market. (The most famous one being thalidomide) Now, what to do? The UK is trying to ban social media from spreading 'fake news' about vaccinations, but at the same time, their spoke people who are being interviewed on Sky News and BBC news this morning are spreading misleading truths. Example from this mornings news….: in a class of 30 children unvaccinated, if one was introduced with measles, 23 of the class would catch it, and 2 of them would develop life-threatening side effects. What they are not saying is that this is based on world statistics including third world countries where malnutrition exists and many children have poor immune systems. That ratio is not possible in the UK if you look at the 1000 plus cases every year in the UK and the history of people harmed (3 people dead in 30 years all underlying immune problems) The spokesperson also said that its myth vaccines are dangerous. Well, that's also manipulative and incorrect. For some people, bee stings nuts, gluten, and kiwi fruit and just about anything can kill them and we have a yellow card system in the UK for a reason. We also have a vaccine injury compensation scheme which has paid some cases out. We have had a certain strain of MMR ( Urabe strain) recalled and taken off the market after injuring kids. How are we ever going to trust in vaccines when the government spokespeople twist the truth? I don't believe we didn't go to the moon. I don't believe Princess Dianna was killed or that the 911 towers were an inside job, but I can see the vaccination push is probably driven by money. Why when measles have only killed 3 people in 30 years all with underlying health problems wouldn't the government do something like ban cigarettes and make a huge difference? Money talks in my opinion because the statistics just don't add up

  13. How do i put everyone around at risk if everyone around is vaccinated? Are really that stupid with this question? Extracting some herd immunity claim case to promote unsafe vaccines is low.

  14. Everybody in the comments seem to think they have valid opinions on this subject, yet no one notices that they misspelled and mispronounced Thimerosal as "Thiomersal". That right there invalidates the reporting and the opinions of the commenters on either side. Do some more research and really understand a subject before posting opinions on it.

  15. The issue with the "safety" factor is that the tests conducted are in groups of people that include grown adults. Exclusive Newborn baby studies have never been conducted. I'm not 100% against vaccinations, but the schedule for children is insane. If you read CDC documents, the "safe amount" of aluminum for an infants size is 10-15 micrograms, and the Hep B vaccine alone contains 250 micrograms (a disease that is an STD). I got my information from the CDC to ensure I got the best information, and that is what scared me the most. I urge everyone to skip past the easy read articles on the homepage and actually read the studies conducted. Connect the information. It's scary and truly seems unsafe. The better of two evils is to probably vaccinate, but protect your kids by spacing the doses out when it's actually safe to do so.

  16. Don't fall for vaccine BS
    #vaccines King Of Vaccines Comes Clean! Aborted Babies In Vaccines

    Dr. Stanley Plotkin, MD – The world's leading authority on vaccines details the use of aborted babies in vaccines while under oath.

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