Vaccines do not cause autism, they save lives

Vaccines do not cause autism, they save lives

In the early part of the last century hundreds of thousands of people got whooping cough every year. It wasn’t always lethal, but it was always miserable and we figured out a way to solve that.
We got a vaccine. We started giving people the vaccine and
sure enough by the 70s only about a thousand people were getting it per year but it’s ticked back up since then and it’s
now fifteen times what it was in the 1970s. There are a lot of
reasons for that but a big one is that people have just stopped vaccinating their kids. Studies have shown that in areas where a lot of parents don’t vaccinate their kids they’re significantly more likely to see
outbreaks of things like whooping cough or measles. Measles was officially
eradicated in 2000, and yet there have been 288 cases of it so far this year. That’s way beyond anything in recent memory but its part of a trend. There are a handful
of celebrities who have committed themselves to telling people the vaccines present saving lives are
really unsafe. “The vaccines… that push children into this
neurological downside… which we call autism.” The doctor who started all this in the late 90’s has been thoroughly discredited. He’s actually barred from practicing medicine in Britain because he made up his numbers. But that doesn’t stop unqualified celebrities from spreading fear. And fear matters. The Anti-Vaccine Body
Count counted 128,044 vaccine-preventable illnesses including
1,336 vaccine-preventable deaths in the US since 2007. But in the
rest of the world vaccines have been nothing short of a miracle. According to the Gates Foundation, about 2.5 million lives are saved every year by vaccines. A lot of that is just small pox alone, which used to kill about 2 million
people every year. And today it kills zero because we vaccinated everyone against
it. So when it comes to vaccines stop listening to the kooks. Start
looking at the evidence. And just vaccinate your kid.

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  1. The fact that Wakefield lost his license should speak volumes about his credibility. So, how come, certain people would rather believe in this crazy notion than to face the truth that he's a FRAUD!?

  2. "Most people who get measless are vaccinated". False.

    [Insert quote by self proclaimed PhD]. No that's just some Bs

    "if you believe this you are brainwashed" If you believe that, you are brainwashed

    "Vaccines contain Mercury" not anymore

    "Vaccines cause autism" no

    [Insert made up quote]. Check your sources please

    [Insert words that are put out of context] no

    "I don't vaccinate my kids and they're not dead". It's called herd immunity. The people around you are vaccinated so if you're around them, you have 0 chance of getting infected. Just go to Africa and see your body die

    If you don't vaccinate your children, they have a huge chance of dying young

    The whole vaccines=autism thing has been Debunked multiple times.

    Do your research

  3. Yes but the diseases themselves or man-made they create the problem so that they can create the solution the rabbit hole goes deeper do some homework

  4. Lol they save lives you elite puppets selling your souls out on this channel selling lies giving others idea vaccines are safe how stupid do you think we are tons of proven facts vaccine's cause autism see YouTube deleted bunch of videos to show truth next you'll be telling them taking the RFID ( chip, mark of the beast) the Antichrist here now will be safe. Bull crap your sold yourselves out and many buy your lies

  5. k what is causing autism????????????????????im 40 and we never heard this when we were kids………….so what is causing this ……its something we need to talk about ….what is causing this

  6. Dear anti-vaxinaters,
    We stopped using mercury in vaccines a long, long time ago (1960's to be exact)
    Autism is a genetic disease that cannot be spread nor caught. And it's not a terrible death sentence.
    Google exists

  7. If you got an anti-vaxxer and took them in a time machine to the 1950's where they could observe the polio epidemic, that would vaccinate. Since that is impossible, the only thing that can turn these people now if a child dies of preventable disease (Through lack of herd immunity) or if there is another outbreak of measles.

  8. The video is good but i can't hear what he is saying..he lowers his voice at the end of every sentence.Bad choice.

  9. Bottom line, vaccines are poison. Feel free to give them to your babies but keep them tf away from mine. They

    Challenging What You’ve Heard about the Herd
    “Herd Immunity” is a concept purported by those vested in the vaccine program to try and increase vaccine uptake nationwide. It’s also used by the pharmaceutical lobby in support of their push for legislators to remove informed consent and mandate vaccines across the states. But what exactly is herd immunity, and why does it remain one of the industry’s most widely used talking points?

    In very simplistic terms, as it’s presented today, herd immunity is the theory that high vaccination rates at a specified threshold within a community can prevent disease outbreaks. This is the theory that continues to be stated as fact by industry reps, CDC officials, pharma lobbyists and the media (who repeatedly echo the talking points their sponsors have fed them) when promoting vaccines. However, when closely examined, the assumptions required for this theory to stand up prove to be illogical and lack evidential support. Let’s take a look at several of the roadblocks that ought to make the concept of herd immunity questionable at best.

    Roadblock #1:
    Vaccination vs. Naturally Acquired Immunity

    Dr. Kelly Brogan discusses one of the earliest assertions of the herd immunity theory, stating that, “it has no basis in vaccine-induced antibody production and heralds from an observation by A.W. Hedrich, in 1933, that measles outbreaks in Boston between 1900 and 1930 were suppressed when 68% of the children contracted the virus.” So the original theory had nothing to do with vaccination. It was based on an observation of suppressed outbreaks based on 68% of the population having acquired lifelong, natural immunity by catching – and recovering from – the actual virus. Applying Hedrich’s original theory today would actually support allowing exposure to childhood illnesses so that a percentage of the population could build their natural defenses and establish the presence of natural immunity within the community.

    Hedrich’s theory, which, again, had nothing to do with vaccination, was used to promote mass vaccination campaigns against measles in the late 60s (campaigns that failed to achieve the herd immunity they anticipated). In order to make the theory fit their agenda, without any supporting evidence, public health officials just presumed vaccinated individuals to have precisely the same immunoprotective status as individuals with naturally acquired immunity. This bold assumption is problematic as we know from basic biology that vaccine-induced antibody responses are acquired very differently from natural immunity. Vaccines completely bypass the immune system’s primary lines of defense (in the skin, mucosal linings in the respiratory system and digestive system), and instead force an irregular immune response by activating the production of antibodies against the antigens that have been injected. Given vaccination does not allow the body’s immune system to function as it was designed to – by running through its entire immune response – it is illogical to assume the same end results.

    Roadblock #2: Documented Vaccine Failure

    Outbreaks of measles, chicken pox, mumps, and pertussis have occurred in highly vaccinated school populations, and those getting sick have primarily been the vaccinated. (See sources here, here, and here.) In a recent article discussing MMR vaccine failure rates, Dr. Gregory Poland, Editor-in-Chief of the medical journal Vaccine, stated that we have this “paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized.“ The CDC and many peer-reviewed journal articles warn of waning vaccine-induced immunity (several sources can be found here, here, here and here), hence the recommendation of multiple doses and additional boosters of most vaccines sold today.

    Even if you ignore the fact that vaccination does not generally equate to natural immunity and choose to believe that a predetermined vaccination rate (usually reported to be 75 – 95%, depending on the disease) protects an entire community from that disease, the recurring disease outbreaks among vaccinated children in communities where these thresholds were met or exceeded completely disprove the theory of vaccine-induced herd immunity. Also, if the vaccines aren’t able to protect the people who actually received them, under what plausible scientific theory are the vaccines protecting others in that community? And, why is the answer to repeated, documented vaccine failure always more vaccines? It just makes no logical sense when you stop and critically think about what you’re being told.

    Roadblock #3: Adult Vaccination Rates

    As of 2017, the government estimates that children make up 22.6% of the U.S. population, meaning a whopping 77.4% of the U.S. population is adults. The CDC acknowledges that national vaccination rates in adults are extremely low and that, for most adult-recommended vaccines, coverage is somewhere in the 20 – 30% range. Given these low adult vaccination rates and the fact that the effectiveness of vaccines received in childhood wane over time, what we’re left with is the vast majority of Americans being what the CDC would consider unvaccinated or, at best, under-vaccinated.

    Roadblock #4: Current Childhood Vaccination Rates

    In stark contrast to adult immunization rates, childhood vaccination rates across the country are quite high. In the state of Texas, less than 1% of children go to school with any sort of vaccine exemption. Even in the school district with the highest vaccine exemption rate, more than 95% of the children are fully vaccinated. With such high compliance rates, why all of the news reports warning of outbreaks on the horizon? Why the need to propose legislation that threatens Texans’ rights to informed consent, medical privacy and individual vaccine choice? Again, even if you believe that we obtain herd immunity at thresholds of 70 – 95% vaccine coverage, then why all the hoopla over the less-than-one-percent that opts to forego even one of the many childhood vaccines on the schedule? It just doesn’t add up.

    In spite of all of these roadblocks to its reasonableness, the application of Hedrich’s theory to vaccination persists. As with many other claims made to support mass vaccination, with no supporting evidence, somewhere along the way it stopped being cited as a possible theory and began to be promoted as generally accepted fact.

    So who’s promoting herd immunity…and why?

    The ‘who’ is simple. The ones using the idea of herd immunity to promote vaccines are those with vested interests and financial ties to the vaccine industry. These include the industry itself, the CDC (who actually acts as a subsidiary of the vaccine industry, holding dozens of vaccine patents of their own), medical professionals, including pediatricians, who receive industry funding for promoting vaccinations, and, of course, the media, whose biggest advertiser by far is the pharmaceutical industry.

    The ‘why’ is a little more calculated. You see, those tied to the vaccine industry have to rely on a tactical public relations campaign in an effort to keep as many folks as possible on board with blindly trusting them and their recommendations. I recently wrote about one aspect of this sadly effective PR campaign, mentioning that the campaign has to be aggressive enough to offset the number of parents telling how their previously-healthy babies were permanently injured, disabled or even killed by their vaccines. When a theory like herd immunity is touted as fact, it becomes instrumental in pitting parent against parent. This scientifically unfounded message that one parent’s choice puts another’s children at risk creates great conflict resulting in added social pressure in an effort to coerce compliance from more people. Additionally, this message further vilifies those who don’t dutifully fall in line and blindly accept whatever the CDC recommends. Finally, the threat of losing herd immunity is a scare tactic that has been instrumental in selling legislators on laws that remove individual freedoms through vaccine mandates and other laws aimed at restricting informed consent and medical privacy where vaccines are concerned.

    Bottom line: the idea of herd immunity is strategically being used to force an untested, bloated vaccine schedule on parents by publicly shaming anyone who doesn’t fall in line and to push for vaccine mandates using a one-size-fits-all approach. The goal is to apply enough peer pressure to make people believe that choosing what they inject into themselves or their children is no longer a personal choice, and that exercising their rights to informed consent makes them selfish and dangerous. But when you really dig in, and look at the actual facts and figures behind the theory you’re being sold, you soon realize that it makes no actual sense – and it never really did. As well-known author and neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock puts it:

    “If we listen to present-day wisdom, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95%. Yet, we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50% or less of the population having vaccine protection. That is, herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.” (what is in this article is above)

  11. The latest attempt by the media and conventional health authorities to keep vaccination rates high is by pitting parent against parent using the concept of herd immunity.
    Herd immunity is based upon the idea that 95% of the population must be vaccinated for a particular illness in order to prevent epidemics. Some are even arguing that 100% vaccination is necessary for a protective effect.
    With vaccination rates continuing to fall each and every year as more parents delay or forgo shots entirely for their children, authorities are blaming unvaccinated children for putting the population at large at risk or worse, for outbreaks themselves.
    This relentless blame game being played out in the media and at doctor’s offices has caused some parents of vaccinated children to fear and look down on unvaccinated children as potential harbingers of disaster for society and even lash out in rage at parents who choose not to vaccinate.

    Most alarming about an irrational comment like this is that it is based on completely wrong information – a myth which is being perpetrated and perpetuated for the sole (financial) benefit of the pharmaceutical industry.
    What better way to keep Mr. and Mrs. Jones vaccinating Junior than through good old fashioned peer pressure? The fear that their next door neighbor won’t let Johnny come over and play because Junior isn’t vaxed is a very powerful influence of behavior is it not?
    Herd Immunity Never Applied to Vaccine Induced Immunity
    The original definition of herd immunity applied to the protective effect that occurred when a population contracted and recovered naturally from infections. Natural immunity lasts a lifetime whereas vaccine induced immunity does not.
    Short term and highly inferior vaccine induced immunity in a highly vaccinated population cannot in any way be compared with natural immunity acquired by the same group of people.
    The herd immunity myth as it is applied to vaccine induced immunity took hold decades ago when vaccination proponents argued that vaccines provided lifelong immunity in the same way as natural immunity.
    When this was shown not to be true, booster shots were introduced to keep vaccine immunity from “wearing off”.

    By : admin | Comments : 1 | Category : health
    Dr. Blaylock is a board-certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. He attended the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana and completed his internship and neurosurgical residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Those who are observant have noticed a dangerous trend in the United States, as well as worldwide, and that is the resorting of various governments at different levels to mandating forced vaccination upon the public at large. My State of Mississippi has one of the most-restrictive vaccine-exemption laws in the United States, where exemptions are allowed only upon medical recommendation. Ironically, this is only on paper, as many have had as many as three physicians, some experts in neurological damage caused by vaccines, provide written calls for exemption, only to be turned down by the State’s public-health officer.

    Worse are the States, such as Massachusetts, New Jersey and Maryland, where forced vaccinations have either been mandated by the courts, the state legislature, or have such legislation pending. All of such policies strongly resemble those policies found in National Socialist empires, Stalinist countries, or Communist China.

    When public-health officers are asked for the legal justification for such draconian measures as forcing people to accept vaccines that they deem either a clear and present danger to themselves and their loved ones or have had personal experience with serious adverse reactions to such vaccines, they usually resort to the need to protect the public.

    One quickly concludes that if the vaccines are as effective as being touted by the public-health officials, then why should one fear the unvaccinated? Obviously the vaccinated would have at least 95% protection. This question puts them in a very difficult position. Their usual response is that a “small” percentage of the vaccinated will not have sufficient protection and would still be at risk. Now, if they admit what the literature shows, that vaccine failure rates are much higher than the 5% they claim, they must face the next obvious question – then why should anyone take the vaccine if there is a significant chance it will not protect?

    When pressed further, they then resort to their favorite justification, the Holy Grail of the vaccine proponents – herd immunity. This concept is based upon the idea that 95% (and some now say 100%) of the population must be vaccinated to prevent an epidemic. The percentages needing vaccination grows progressively. I pondered this question for some time before the answer hit me. Herd immunity is mostly a myth and applies only to natural immunity – that is, contracting the infection itself.

    Is Herd Immunity Real?

    In the original description of herd immunity, the protection to the population at large occurred only if people contracted the infections naturally. The reason for this is that naturally-acquired immunity lasts for a lifetime. The vaccine proponents quickly latched onto this concept and applied it to vaccine-induced immunity. But, there was one major problem – vaccine-induced immunity lasted for only a relatively short period, from 2 to 10 years at most, and then this applies only to humoral immunity. This is why they began, silently, to suggest boosters for most vaccines, even the common childhood infections such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, and rubella.

    Then they discovered an even greater problem, the boosters were lasting for only 2 years or less. This is why we are now seeing mandates that youth entering colleges have multiple vaccines, even those which they insisted gave lifelong immunity, such as the MMR. The same is being suggested for full-grown adults. Ironically, no one in the media or medical field is asking what is going on. They just accept that it must be done.

    That vaccine-induced herd immunity is mostly myth can be proven quite simply. When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades.

    If we listen to present-day wisdom, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95%. Yet, we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50% or less of the population having vaccine protection. That is, herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.

  12. Hail to the herd! The herd is all!

    The concept of herd immunity (protection for the population) is often used by vaccine addicts as a way to push guilt at people who don't line up their children for shots.

    "Your unvaccinated child is a danger to my vaccinated child!"

    Excuse me?

    Protecting children who are already vaccinated? Really?

    Little Jimmy, whose parents have decided not to vaccinate him, will pass diseases on to kids who are already vaccinated? What? Oh, you mean those immunized kids aren't really safe? Then why did you vaccinate them in the first place?

    What actually protects people against disease, or enables them to recover from disease with no lasting ill-effects, is the strength of their immune systems.

    If a person has a chronically weak immune system, he will get sick again and again, and it doesn't matter how many people around him are vaccinated against how many diseases.

    The health of populations has everything to do with good nutrition, adequate sanitation, and an absence of toxic elements in the environment.

    There are many doctors who know this, but they refuse to speak out, because they know they'll suffer consequences.

    Vaccination, as a propaganda strategy, is used to medicalize the population—to assert that good health is fundamentally a medical matter.

    It isn't.

    If tomorrow, two things happened, they would change the face of health in any industrialized country:

    One, millions more people buying healthy food and/or growing their own food, in yards; and in inner cities, growing food in community gardens;

    And two, the courts delivering justice in the form of billion-dollar fines and long, long prison sentences to corporate employees (including CEOs) for severe and real pollution.

    Comment: Not to mention going on a paleo or ketogenic diet, detoxifying, and taking crucial supplements.

    Note: That justice would eliminate GMO crops which rely on toxic pesticide use.

    I'm not spinning rainbows. I'm just pointing out that, with these two changes alone, hospitals and clinics and doctors' offices would empty out, and the medical cartel would finally experience vast comeuppance.

    Health and life are not medical functions.

    Any science that claims they are medical functions is false science, and the people who make those claims are liars or morons or criminals, or some combination of all three.

    Host resistance = strong immune system.

    Go to any poverty-stricken Third World country, and you will find: contaminated water supplies, starvation, lack of basic sanitation, over- crowded living conditions, stolen farm land—and large vaccine programs. The outcome? Chronic illness.

    It doesn't matter which disease labels are placed on this illness; it persists. And it will persist until these factors are remedied.

    Take a wealthy community like Beverly Hills. How many doctors would dare tell a parent, "Look, your child needs fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and he needs to stop eating junk food and playing video games ten hours a day. Until that happens, there's nothing anyone can do for him."

    A doctor insisting on non-medical solutions? Forget it.

    The basic elements that promote a healthy and strong immune system undercut vaccination and other medical interventions. People can rail against that fact; they can attack it; but they can't change it.

    Naturally strong immune system = you don't get sick, or if you do, you recover without lasting ill-effects.

    Weak immune system=you get sick from many possible causes.

    So, soccer moms, try applying a little common sense and intelligence to the situation. What should you be doing to strengthen your child's immune system, and why are you so worried that unvaccinated kids are a danger to your vaccinated child, if he is protected? Face it, you're acting as a dupe for the gigantic socialization strategy called vaccination.


    Let’s start with the origin of the term “herd immunity,” during the pre-vaccine era. Herd immunity was first discussed in the 1920s, but the researchers at the time were actually referring to naturally-occurring herd immunity. These researchers discovered that a number of children at the time had naturally developed immunity to the measles virus, as the amount of new cases lowered, even among children living in higher risk conditions (source).

    Naturally-occurring herd immunity takes time to appear in a population. For example, when measles first enters a population that has never been exposed to it before, herd immunity is zero. Measles can be transmitted from person to person, so it’s easy to imagine how quickly it could spread during the pre-vaccine era.

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    Fast-forward a few years, to when measles has circulated the general population a few times, and natural exposures will eventually lead to long-term immunity. It’s pretty incredible to think that our bodies can adapt and evolve just to keep us healthy. The developing immune system contracts a disease, mounts an immune response, resolves the illness, and is left with lifelong immunity to a specific virus.

    Essentially, it wasn’t uncommon at the time for someone to get it, get better, and then be immune to it for the rest of their life. Death via measles was rare, which remains true to the present day, yet people largely attribute this to vaccination. The truth is, measles vaccine failures have been documented for a quarter of a century around the world. One study even found that individuals who had been vaccinated twice for measles could still contract the virus. You can read more about that in a CE article we published about it here.

    Gastroenterologist and vaccine expert Dr. Andrew Wakefield explains that naturally-occurring herd immunity will develop in natural disease cycles within unvaccinated populations after going through 2-yearly epidemics. Wakefield maintains that with each rapid spread of disease, herd immunity rates increase significantly. As he explains: “As a consequence of natural Herd Immunity, in the developed world measles mortality had fallen by 99.6% before measles vaccines were introduced.” (source)

    Of course, not every single person will reap the benefits of herd immunity. If your immune system isn’t strong, which is often the case with newborn babies, seniors, and cancer patients, it’s far more difficult to generate immunity.

    So, somewhere between now and the 1920s, society started to correlate herd immunity with vaccines. Big Pharma and immunization supporters took the concept of naturally-occurring herd immunity and used it to market vaccination programs. All of a sudden, people started to believe that mass vaccinations equated to mass disease eradication and that vaccines were better for our bodies than its natural ability to strengthen our immune systems and fight off diseases.

  14. This is a load of crap and if you believe this then I own a bridge in NYC I’d love to sell you ? The Rabbit hole goes deep but it’s gate keeper channels like this one who want to keep you all mis-informed because they don’t want you doing your own research,they just want you to take their lies for face value.

  15. I am not saying don't vaccinate. But lets get the facts correct. The reason whooping cough is way up is because the vaccine is no longer working properly and the pertussis bug has modified itself.

    Then video says that the doctor who started the, vaccine causes autism scare is the English Doctor Wakefield back in 1998. Sorry, you got that fact wrong as well. this shows that way back in 1976 they were concerned about vaccines and autism.

  16. I am disopointed that now we have to actually prove that vaccinations don't cause autism.WHAT WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN?

  17. They are very dangerous and immunization theory has never even been proven effective. It's funny watching people make fun of the truth because they're so very well indoctrinated.

  18. All the moron parents out there in conspiracy theorist who think that vaccines cause harm in some way other reason we have a measle outbreak in 21 states currently.

  19. You want evidence? Ask me?! My kid got Autism 3 weeks after his MMR shot. You are all up in the Kool-Aid but you don’t know the flavor.

  20. BS you're insulting the parents whose children were injured they know when their child was injured my grandson was inoculated with Mercury called the Marisol and hid it away to sprain and gave him schizencephaly he could not see or walk he was healthy before that 10 years later they made an announcement that That vaccine caused schizencephaly. What you're doing to Children you people like you responsible for lying I responsible for children and you going to see them in heaven you are responsible for making them have these horrible birth defects by supporting a lie.

  21. Zika vaccines spread the disease believe me when I was a kid we didn't have these diseases because nobody vaccinated you want to stop whooping cough you want to stop polio stop allowing people into the country that have these diseases where it's been eradicated make sure those people go through a battery test make sure they have the temperature taken don't stick 60 some needles into your child have them stick it into a foreign person that wants to come here to make sure that they're clean and clear of disease.

  22. How about we stick you for 60 some needles with Mercury and aluminum and Damaris all and Roundup and see how you feel after that. You can't even express an opinion till you have those 64 needles going to your skin and see how you feel

  23. Alot of people are not anti vaxers some people are ex vaxers they vax their children something happens to that child in correlation or timing with the vaccine so they stop getting them. Vaccines should be a choice thing, not forced.

  24. This video is wrong. First of all there were not that many vaccines from the 20s to 76. The amount of neurotoxins in the vaccines and the number of those vaccines went up tremendously after 88 year by year. For those illness numbers to go back up is because of those not vaccinating is crap. Most people in the usa vaccinate. Its been found that some people who get vaccinated come down with deseases like the measles anyway. Since 1988 autism went from 1 out of 10000 to 1 out of 50 according to the cdc. The CDC projects this trend to reach 1 out 10 sometime around 2030. The number of Vaccines double every 10 years and the aluminum amounts in them increase yearly. Aluminum is found as exit waste in your body. It is not supposed to be injected in your blood. All scientific and government institution state openly that aluminum in your brain will cause autism and tumors. Yet they don't tell you directly that your brain is fed by your blood for its development. Hmm that's called medical knowledge

  25. People act like autism didn't exist before vaccines. It did exist. The only reason people think vaccines cause autism is bc of a paper published that was highly inaccurate and has been debunked since then

  26. Daily cause other diseases it doesn't matter it's bad it's toxic look at all the sick people in this world and we're going to vaccines and medication

  27. Vaccines are part of the TI program (targeted individuals) and the autistic and other vaccine damage is intentional. This should be obvious, as the vaccine makers haven't corrected how dangerous they are by now, which anyone who can read can find out just how deadly they really are. The most damaging aspect of vaccines is the nano sized particles. Some are disclosed but there is also an undisclosed amount in vaccines as discovered by independent scientists. What people don't realize is that the smaller the more dangerous when it comes to particle size. Vaxxed children have nano poisoning. There was a healing regimen called GcMAF but it was taken away from everybody all over the world because the globalists don't want us to be healthy. Vaccines were never for protecting against disease it's impossible for a substance to be injected through the skin and immunize the person or animal from said disease, all a complete scam. Chemo is a scam it doesn't work, chemtrails are a scam it is warfare and laden with nano particles, and 5G is a scam it activates the nano to grow faster inside us it's not for 'faster internet'. Some of these comments are disturbing what they are really saying is 'do what you're told' and 'follow everybody else' and, my favorite, 'it's the science' evidently over-vaxxed people have lost some ability to reason.

  28. In the 1950s Autism Rates in the US were about 2 in 10,000.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims the Autism Rate is 1 in 59 in their latest reported data.  In 1950 children received 7 vaccines by age 6.  As of the year 2013 children received 36 vaccines by age 6.  The US 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act gave vaccine makers full immunity from injury liability.  The administration assigned Health and Human Services (HHS) with various tasks to ensure vaccine safety.  They were required to send reports to Congress addressing vaccine issues.  A 2018 lawsuit found that HHS could provide no evidence of the existence of such reports for the 32 year period they were tasked with this mission.  The decision of the court was against the US Government concerning this matter.  These are all factual matters, not sheep like blind belief in the opinions of so-called scientific experts and the ill-informed.

  29. Babies should be kept home until immune system is more developed if you want to give whooping cough vaccine. Just like you do with new puppies.

  30. ???Dr. William Thompson CDC leaked information where if you watched the VAXXED movie, you would understand there has never been an advantage from vaccinations. They have manipulated the information from the very beginning. The only advantage is that the poisons they put in them cause an immune response in other words it revs your body up to get rid of these toxins which lasts for months. Measles mumps and rubella began declining when sanitary conditions we're just becoming recognized. These greedy corporations rode the natural decline of these diseases and claimed it was the vaccines. Look at the research, the renaming of these viruses and diseases have the same exact symptoms they are just renamed so these evil greedy corporations can push on the stupid public that it was the vaccinations. Do not blindly believe what the mainstream tells you you fool. Do not insult my intelligence, I will put you in your place anywhere anytime with documentation. Vaccines never worked, and not only weaken your immune system for a lifelong client, but the foreign substances and foreign DNA put in to the vaccines cause cancers later in life. Search Tenpenny vaccinations on YouTube and watch vaxxed, and know the truth. 100% autism is caused by vaccinations from certain circumstances for example not having enough natural bacteria in other words not being old enough through protection of your microorganisms in your gut. Many autistic children we're given antibiotics at the same time as their vaccinations, causing autism, that is just one of the many situations which will cause autism in one way or another. It is unconstitutional, unnatural to force anyone to do anything to their body except become knowledgeable in High School about true health and trace minerals and monatomic elements which is your cells batteries. Search food of the Gods, elixir of life, David Hudson to find out the human body's true abilities. If you only knew what a few of us already know. Humanity deserves to know the truth. If you do not research what has been presented in front of you, Karma will give you what you deserve. Increased health is increased intelligence which is power, which takes away the power from the corrupt Elite. I could go on, but this war has just begun, death and jail is too good of a punishment for these greedy animals. They deserve to feel what it's like to be autistic and trapped in your body. WAKE UP, BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.???

  31. Dear anti vaxxers may I have proof of your claims if you cannot find proof because the government controls everything then explain why autism is so bad

  32. Try and prove to me that vaccines don't work. Don't respond by stating all the chemicals that are "harmful". Just tell me simply how they don't work. I probably won't be persuaded though.

  33. Nice presentation from Vox while receive huge amount of money to shut the mouth,

    By the way can someone tells me which news a d press is telling the truth?

  34. Antivaxxer: I have proof that vaccines cause autism and kill children!

    Sane person: Allright, show me.

    Antivaxxer:dO YoUR OWn ReSeaRCh

  35. anti vaxxer logic:
    hmmm this apple is healthy but it can kill if you eat way too much i guess i'll starve my child

  36. The logical argument for a link between vaccines and autism ——– using government info. You will find this hard to refute because I'm using government information.

    Take the DtaP vaccine as an example. The Centre for Disease Control in the USA lists the possible side effects for this vaccine. Scroll down and look under DtaP (severe problems). There you will see permanent brain damage listed.

    They say it's a one in a million per dose thing but don't go into details about how they arrived at that figure. They also say that seizures / staring /comas both long term and short term can occur but are 1 in a million or maybe 1 in 14,000.

    So what does this tell us so far? It tells us that even the government departments accept that a DTaP vaccine can cause brain damage. Seizures and comas are also brain related issues. If you go to the MMR and MMRV side effects you will also see brain damage listed there (and also lowered consciousness) . Ok , so far there's nothing debatable then? It's all government info. Now , back to DtaP. Consider that the schedule for DtaP is 4 doses by 15 months then that would bring the chances of permanent brain damage down to 1 in 250,000. Then throw in the MMR as well and you can easily bring that down to 1 in 200,000 chance of brain damage given that the chances of brain damage from MMR are high enough to be worthy of being listed.

    Now factor in that these estimates for adverse reactions are largely based on VAERS which is a passive reporting system that even they accept is vulnerable to underreporting (read it yourself). So 1 in 200,000 might be potentially a bit high if we take VAERS as underreporting? So far reasonably logical?

    Now , let's think about what brain damage , seizures , comas might imply. It's totally reasonable to assume that if a chlld's brain can be potentially affected in such a way then it might lead to neurological or developmental issues like language , social skills etc Sound familiar anyone? A…….m? fill in the blanks yourself.

    Now what this shows is that even the CDC are implicitly admitting that there is a potentially causal relationship between these vaccines and autism ( but without actually naming it). It's not fanciful or outrageous to think this based on this information. Given that they don't do inert placebo control trials either , then it's not possible to say that vaccines are not contributing to autism. Vaccine specialists under oath have admitted this

    Remember , all I have used is governemnt departments , their stats and their expert witnesses. The question is how much further could we go with this? VAERS tends to discount SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) as something that cannot be related to vaccines. However , this is not logical because they do not know what causes SIDS so it cannot be discounted as a possible vaccine reaction. This then is all without considering any of the other vaccines or considering the effects of combining these vaccines in one visit or multiple visits. They simply do not know the effects of putting DtaP and MMR together in the same baby or with other vaccines. Statistical studies of VAERS have shown that babies who have multiple shots in one visit are much more likely to have severe reactions or hospitalization

    So here we are in 2019 with all this information in front of us all. The government is admitting that vaccines CAN affect the brain and if it can affect the brain then it can cause some autism. If 1 in 200,000 or so can get permanent brain damage how many others might end up with developmental issues? They just don't know. Have they looked at why this brain damage occurs? They are not following up cases and 1000s of parents are putting their stories out there and saying this is happening much more often than the authorities are saying. The most honest thing they could say would be "it's possible". They cannot say that "vaccines cannot cause autism" They don't have the science or the stats to back it up. But they say it anyway , because they know you will believe it without questioning it. Will you

    (100+ videos on this one link alone) hear this well VAXXED TRAILER I was pro vax Pharmacist and doctor toxicologist mum the prosecutor Nurse Kaitlin HPV

  37. It's sad, even if vaccines cause autism they protect against illness. My father has never been vaccinated and is autistic, and a friggin genius who's now writing books. I'm vaccinated, autistic and happy about it. I'm smarter than most my peers, I struggle with chaos, I'm generally kind and empathetic. I don't see what's so bad even if there was a risk. Autism has two explanations which have solidity currently, genetics and high organo-mercury in the pituitary gland. If anything I should dread vaccines, I had a bad batch and went to hospital for two weeks, I almost died! But I'm happy I had it, because I won't catch those things as badly as before. Autism is fine if a child is raised in a healthy environment where order is present, we don't shoot people because its in games (millions on my in game kill counts and I'd rather take a bullet than shoot someone else) we aren't all stupid, we aren't selfish and we're not evil. The mind is dangerous but I'd rather think like I do instead of dying from a horrific sickness as my family watches in horror with a sense of failure.

  38. It's not the immunization that is unsafe, it is the mercury and other toxins in the vaccines that are unsafe and can cause autism. Vox is compromised… Evil media…truth is in the pudding folks, 1980 autism number :1 in 5,000, today's number, 1 in 166…. Combined with Flouride and entertainment technology addiction.. It's no wonder mentall health is FUBAR. We are all being poisoned…society is toxic

  39. Herd immunization is beyond medical science. If your vaxxed. Why would worry about non vaxxed? Your immune remember?

  40. Oh really you can’t say they don’t cause autism because in every autistic child they have heavy metal toxicity and guess what adjuvants in the vaccines have aluminum and mercury in them. Also there has never been one safety placebo controlled study to prove if any vaccine is safe or effective which is pseudoscience to say the least. I’m pro immune system would think vaccines would be ok only if they take all poisons out of vaccines but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

  41. I was just thinking about this today after having to have a week off work from a bug I caught at a swimming pool. Alot of people might not think that the vaccination cause is important or that those not getting vaccinated are only risking their own lives but these people are taking away our ability to use and share public spaces safely.

  42. It wasn't the vaccines that stop disease it was the technology that started to clean the water and people were drinking cleaner water there for they were getting less disease it wasn't the vaccinations it was the fact they didn't have crap in their water that they were drinking

  43. All vaccines don't cause autism Mercury and aluminum causes autism just don't take the vaccines that contain mercury and aluminum don't take those ones Dumbo brains forgive my grammar my mother vaccinated me when I was a child

  44. Companies that make vaccines cant be sued,, there's no civil liability,, so there's zero guarantees .. Nobody sees issue with that?,, thats not OK to force upon people by law something thats immune to the law itself., thats psychotic ..your being conquered basically whether you can see it or not.. Stop evangelizing vaccines as if its the cure all .. To me whats suspect is the rather condescending way people that look into it are treated.. And quickly labeled some new word .. When all they're doing is basic research beyond the narrative ????

  45. Vaccines send a weaker and harmless form of Measles into the body so that it is combatted and defeated, making your immune system more experienced

    Autism is (probably) caused by neurological flaws due to prematurity, it has been linked and i, not Autist but slightly on an offbranch, was 3 days premature

    Source: World Health Organization

    Fight me Karen, Susan, Lisa and Jennifer

    Edit: Mercury was in vaccines, but a non-toxic varient was in Flu-Shots only, and it was banned due to uproar on vaccine label ingredients in 2001, it still can be found in adult flu-shots in private vaccine-manufacturers but that is rare and harmless

    Edit: Another piece of evidence

    In 1802, Smallpox had killed more than the 7.7 Billion people on Earth since it's first documented appearence in Egypt around 1000 BCE and India around 500 BCE, so why did after 1802, did is suddenly decline until the final death by a British woman in 1980

    In 1964, Polio had streaked havoc along the US, 500,000+ was infected, many was paralysised, young children was it's victim, so, why after 1964 did Polio suddenly decline

    In 1979, The Flu was a childhood disease, it killed over 100,000 in the US alone, it spread a lot out of America and plagued India and Europe, so, why after 1979 did The Flu suddenly decline

    In 1991, The Flu and Cold were still things, the Cold was another childhood disease, still common through the world but in 1st and 2nd World countries, it was a thing everyone got, i got it, so, after 1991, why did the Cold end it's deadlieness dramatically

    It was the release of the Smallpox Vaccine in 1802, the Polio Vaccine in 1964, the Flu Vaccine in 1979 and the MMR vaccine in 1991

  46. If these people are gonna keep spreading Many dieases WILL come back or become stronger examples

    Turberculois, Small pox, Measles, Spanish Flu, AND HELL MAYBE EVEN THE PLAGUE AND BLACK DEATH (Other dieases mutate)

  47. Unvaxxed kid:: My parents are smart. They don't vaccinate me. I've never had measles or anything like it.ive never had the flu, I'm fine. I'm totally alive since I'm writing this. If you don't vaccinate make calls to the government now! Vaccines are trying to be mandatory. My parents will NEver Vaccinate me! We will move anywhere to be safe!

  48. Vaccines don't cause autism, but regardless, if you're not prepared to take care of your child with autism then you are not fit to be a parent

  49. if you think the flu vaccine is there bc the gov and pharma care about whether or not you get the flu chicken pox or measles for that matter, these companies care about one thing $$$$ and that’s what the push for vaccines is more to do with. Vaccines had to go to congress and have liability for harm done removed not bc vaccines are safe common sense should tell you that. Look beneath the surface to find the truth. Claiming injecting babies with aluminum . Glyphosate and Mercury is safe is a lie and your just towing the line for the big money commercial interest pushing out fear that you have to get vaccinated to keep you safe it’s classic

  50. Vaccines are dangerous. Look up what’s in the vaccines. Stop lying to people vox. Think for yourself and do your own research. But if you are so silly to get vaccinated or vaccinate your children more power to you.

  51. Hey guys don’t listen to these vaccine lovers follow your instincts they won’t steer you wrong don’t get vaccinated don’t vaccinate your kids and you’ll live longer trust me 🙂

  52. I was told on Youtube to get a flu shot . I did that yesterday. Now I am running a temperature. Am I autistic or is it measles? Can I sue Youtube?

  53. Dangerous and ineffective. Full of toxicity. Gooble is brainwashing you by showing only the results the big corporations want you to see. We're all censored now. Also when you see a Wiki definition you know you're being mind controlled.

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