Vata Imbalance: How to Balance Your Dosha [Ayurvedic Tips]

Hi! I’m Corinna Maharani. I’m an Ayurvedic practitioner based in Santa
Barbara for over 17 years. It seems like everyone is overstimulated and
distracted these days. Hello, vata imbalance! My constitution has a lot of vata so it’s
naturally very easy for it to become elevated. My preference is to stay in the moment, stay
present, but when I’m feeling extra vata in my body and mind, I become anxious and
worried, playing future thoughts over and over. It’s exhausting! The first thing I do when I notice a vata
imbalance is to get some rest. Quality sleep is crucial for healthy vata. I make sure to eat a light dinner, do my evening
oil massage with Vata Massage Oil, and get to bed early– I set a timer for 10pm and try to turn out
the lights before then. High vata makes me feel like I’m running
from one thing to the next all day. To preserve energy, I say “no” more often. Anxiety and stress are signs that vata is
getting the better of you. A simple way to create softness and ease is
by focusing on your breath. When I want to give extra attention to my
breath, I head to the beach. I feel connected to myself and to nature,
and it brings me back to this very moment. To ensure that vata stays nourished, I use
a rice cooker to easily prepare warm and moist meals. I start a batch of stew in the morning and
by lunch I have a hearty dish that’s ready to go. I add ghee and spices like cumin and fennel
to keep my digestion regular. Two triphala tablets at night help with that,

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